Widget Manager v4.1.1

Release Notes

4.1.1 (2012-03-19):

  • changed: button styling on advanced widget settings
  • changed: add tab is now a tab instead of a button
  • fixed: group admins can not add/edit widgets on a group profile page
  • Thank you so much for fixing this - very much appreciated!

  • Excellent plugin, the solution I was finding to custom the main page. It works fine on Elgg 1.8.3, many thanks for your work!

  • Excuse my bad english, the word is "searching" no "finding" :)

  • Hi again

    I'd really like to be able to add an activity view to the custom index - is that possible at all?



  • Things you may want to know about this plugin (after some initial testing):

    1. There's (currently) no Group Activity widget. I'll be happy to contibute one once I learn how (see #5).
    2. 3rd-party group profile modules don't appear as widgets. Plugins like event_calendar/polls add group modules by extending the core "groups/tool_latest" view, but the widgetized view bypasses this entirely: you only get widgets that come with the plugin.
    3. Unlike user profiles, a newly widgetized group profile will start with no active widgets. Thankfully the user-level integration is slicker: the plugin just adds more available widgets for your users to choose from.
    4. Although the admin can set group profiles to to use widgets by default, existing groups will not become widgetized until the group settings are re-saved. Group owners just intending to, say, update the group desc. will be surprised to find themselves with a widgetized group profile (and no active widgets). Users don't like surprises :)
    5. There's no documentation explaining how to programmatically create or disable group widgets.
  • 6. Group owners may want to be aware of: Core group modules appear whether or not the user is logged in, but just like user profiles, group widgets have their own access control, and may default to being hidden when not logged in.

  • FYI I've created a page showing how to create group widgets (3rd party plugin devs should consider creating a group widget if your plugin already has a groups/tool_latest view extension). There's also a pull request to add the missing group_activity widget.

  • I'm running 1.8.3, configured for multiple dashboards. When I create a new dashboard from a group, the "Add Widget" button doesn't work. Widgets are no longer sortable. Otherwise, excellent module! Just what I've been looking for.

  • If I want to register a new group widget or unregister some that ship with this plugin, what is the best event to do that (so that plugin order doesn't matter)? 

    Is there a way to unregister a widget just for the group profile but allow it to be used on user profiles, or vice versa? Do I have to edit the $CONFIG->widgets->handlers[$id]->context array?

  • You can add the new widgets just as you do normaly with widgets http://docs.elgg.org/wiki/Widgets

    For unregistering widgets is an admin option available. "Manage Widgets" allows you to disable specific widgets for each context. You can also unregister the widget init functions or use elgg_unregister_widget_type

  • Getting This plugin has unmet dependencies and cannot be activated. Check dependencies under more info.

    Requires Elgg version >= 2011123101 2011122100 error

    I am obviously running 1.8.2 --> Do I NEED to upgrade to 1.8.3 for this?

  • Hi, this plugin is working for me on elgg 1.8.8 but only it seems on the dashboard page and not on the groups pages as I don't get an add widgets button. I am using the group tools plugin which supports your plugin http://community.elgg.org/plugins/736791/2.4/group-tools. Any ideas why this isn't working?

Jeroen Dalsem

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