Widget Manager v3.9

Release Notes

3.9 (2011-11-22):

  • added: messages widget (show new messages from inbox)
  • added: entity_statistics widget (index only)
  • added: images to rss feed items (only if showing excerpt) in rss widget
  • added: flexslider as a new slider type for image slider widget
  • changed: content_by_tag widget now also available as group widget
  • changed: activity widgets can be filtered by multiple type/subtypes

  3.8 (2011-11-09):

  • added: new widget header layout (getting used to Elgg 1.8)
  • added: optional filter for index_activity and river_widget to filter content based on type/subtype

Jeroen Dalsem

Owner of ColdTrick IT Solutions, developing social networking sites for the dutch market


  • Category: Widgets
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2022-8-24
  • Downloads: 43511
  • Recommendations: 99

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