Widget Manager v3.6

Release Notes

3.6 (2011-06-21):

  • added: auto cleanup for broken widgets (if broken -> delete)
  • fixed: widget edit link is not showing if a widget is loaded collapsed
  • fixed: with broken widgets on some widgets crash the site
  • fixed: group widgets settings not being saved
  • fixed: fancybox ie alpha functions url

3.5 (2011-06-17):

  • added: group news widget
  • fixed: the_wire extend should not be visible when not loggedin
  • Smith

    Hi, is it compatible with explorer 9? Someone tried to move widgets on IE9?  it works?


  • This is my favorite plugin! I m very happy about group widgetisation! Awesome!

    How can i register more plugins for groups? I d like to have:

    group messageboard

    group documents

    group albums

    group pools

    group videos

    group news

    Do i have to create new code, or just register those if they exist already for profile page... Many thanks for help!

  • The "Edit Page" issue hasn't returned with version 3.6, i.e. adding widgets seems now possible on all profile pages - although I can't be sure if this is only on my test installation as I'm still worried to test it on my productive site.

    I found some other issues though:

    • Once "group widgets management" is enabled for a group it seems not possible to disable it anymore via group settings but only by disabling it totally in admin section.
    • There seems to be a CSS / permission issue when visiting the profile page of the site admin as a regular user. CSS is completely missing. I'm not sure it this might be due to the next issue as least partly:
    • Configuring widgets via "Manage Widgets" (to set up if widgets can be removed and / or allow multiple), "Default Widgets" (to make them sticky and / or update timestamp for existing accounts) seems at least partly faulty for the Messageboard Widget. I wanted to disallow removal of Messageboard widget (but didn't allow multiple widget). I added the Messageboard widget to the default widget and updated the timestamp. On the site admin's profile page the Messageboard Widget appeared twice after that - and I wasn't able to remove either instance. So, setting up default widgets without interferring with existing profile pages seems a bit tricky right now.
  • How can i add more widgets for group page????

  • Found an error from actions/widgets/reorder.php (line 37): "Invalid argument supplied for foreach()"

    The return value of get_entities_from_private_setting() is not checked before supplying it to the foreach.

  • Hi,


    How can I change the size of the widget , am facing an issue with my theme that in groups widgets does not add up right seems thier is not space for two widget on the same coloum

    Thanx in advance

  • It would be nice if I could add a free HTML widget to the dashboard and profile page!

  • Very nice this plugin, without a doubt one of the best. Only Ntende No, and how do I change the image of the slide. I tried everything and nothing. can anyone help me?

  • hi. a very nice plugin indeed

    I am using elg 1.7.11, index widgets are working perfect but how to add/remove widgets on profile pages? there are no links for edit this page/click here to add widgets on user profile pages. Also when I try to add widgets via admin they did not appear, please help.

  • but I can't add widgets to dashboard.. actually they add but when you go back to dash board you see nothing there at all...   :(


  • @Jagat: are you adding the dashboard widgets in the admin section or on your own dashboard? Via the admin section you can configure a default layout for new user accounts. Only if you update the timestamps there it will also change the dashboard layout of existing accounts.

  • Does this support IE9? It does not move by drag & drop in my IE9.

  • Under profile widgets, I am getting the following error for Friends:


    Fatal error: Call to a member function getFriends() on a non-object in/home3/aromazon/public_html/friendiggs/mod/friends/views/default/widgets/friends/view.phpon line 22

  • I would love to use it with 1.8

    are you planning to update it aswell?

  • @cabotine Elgg 1.8 has native a lot of widget features, so we need to redesign this plugin, but we will definitively update it for 1.8. However i can't give you a timeline yet.

  • Is it the intention of widget manager to manage widgets on a new page in the user dashboard? It seems that I cannot just add an empty page and place widgets on it. The widget manager is frosen when I try to add widgets. Adding a shortcut to a group is working fine.

    I use Elgg version 1.12.4.

  • I am experiencing the same problem.

    As soon as I activate widget manager 4.7, the widgets in the profile members are stucked in the left column of the profile and I cannot edit them or change parameters... Moreover, the access to the add widget button is frozen (nothing happens when I click it.


    Elgg version: 1.12.4

    I tried to desactivate all my plugins but still the same issue. Actually I only got few core widgets activated:

    Notifications 1.9

    Members 1.9

    Profile 1.9

    Messages 1.9

  • @Fred and @Klass The recommended version of Widget Manager for Elgg 1.10 and 1.11 (I might add also for 1.12 even if this info isn't included yet) is version 5.1. Why are you trying it with version 4.7 or even an older version? Does the same error occur also with version 5.1? You might want to try that first.

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