Widget Manager v2.1

Release Notes

2.1 (2010-01-24):

  • added: indicator for widget without header for admins
  • added: option to disable widget content styling
  • added: twitter_search widget
  • added: content_by_tag widget
  • added: first row on front page
  • added: custom_index widget links
  • changed: fronpage layout to div layout
  • fixed: widget edit options now more secure

    2.0 (2011-01-13):

  • added: option to design custom index with widgets
  • added: custom index widget layouts (in admin options)
  • added: custom index widgets
  • added: hide widget title (on custom index only)
  • added: custom widget title (on custom index only)
  • fixed: issue with context when hiding broken widgets
  • @JD: stunning upgrade to draggable widgets! Much appreciated

  • first: this is one of the major plugins ever, i loooove it

    second: i stand a little bit on the tube ;-) because i cannot figure out, how to use the plugin with a 2 column profile-page

    only select 2 columns in the general settings menu of the plugin does not works
    i think I must change the canvas-layout for the profile-page
    but where !?
    i have no plan
    help needed!

  • Thank you Jeroen for the great plugin!

    I have only one problem and settings panel doesn't help ; widgets admin or users adds to their profile , can't be removed. Please l need your help . I need to know where is the error and if it is possible to fix it.

  • Royal, try to re-enable simple cache, should help, if you still have problems...

  • First off, I definitely admire this plugin, it's much more "polished" and user-friendly than the stock widget manager.  However, I do have a couple of issues with it.

    1.  It doesn't seem possible to permanently delete widgets from, for example, the dashboard.  When I re-visit the page all items I removed by clicking the red/white "x" button reappear along with the notorious "Form is missing __token or __ts fields" error message (would just like to point I don't have any caching whatsoever active on the site at the moment, and I empty the browser cache before every reload).

    2.  It doesn;t seem to be compatible with the Context Switcher plugin (more recent version of the Tabbed Dashboard plugin).  The Context Switcher developer is already aware of this but thought it was worth mentioning in case support for it could be added to this one.

    3.  The features "Choose a widget layout" & "Show a top row" are only applied to the index/homepage, while the dashboard page has the default 3 equal-column layout, it would be really nice if those features were available for the dashboard page too (and others if possible)...would also be nice to allow users to choose from different page layouts for their widgets.  Just a thought  ;-)

    Other than that I'd love to keep using this plugin, but had to deactivate it while it's incompatible with the Context Switcher plugin (apparently a future release of Elgg will feature tabbed dashboard/profile pages by default, so those upgrades may also make this plugin incompatible with a fresh stock install)...



  • I tried once more to get the Widget Manager plugin working...

    Unfortunately, I still have an issue: the widget list on my profile page was empty - both using Lightbox and without Lightbox. This only happened with one account (site admin) and only on my main site. It also seems not to be a browser issue (tested in FF4 and Chrome). The widget list on the Dashboard seems okay, too. It also seems to work alright with a test account, and works on a test installation.

    What could cause this issue? I would like to solve this issue before activating it again as I'm worried other accounts might have the same issue and any removed widget can't be added again or any widgets at all. For now I'm back on Draggable widgets. I would really like to switch to Widget Manager!

  • P.S. a bit annoying is also the fact that the CSS layout both in the admin panel and also on the Profile/Dashboard pages is only shown correctly after flushing the cache at least once after activating the Widget Manager plugin.

  • wow this sounds interesting. Can't wait to test it out!!

  • I'm having the same problem as iionly; widget list is blank white when displayed either as lightbox or standard.

  • Thanks so much!  one of the cleanest plugins ive ever seen.  works great!  great job!

  • Works fine, but one error:

    Using the RSS widget will destroy the view. Because in


    line 40

    the ">" sign of the div is missing:
     $body .= "<div class='widgets_rss_feed_item'";

    should be

    $body .= "<div class='widgets_rss_feed_item'>";

  •  Hi, In admin Elgg 1.9 after activated widget manage, it created a link in the right side call "Manage Index" but when I click on redirect me to the dashboard. The link show when you put the mouse on is http://myside.com/?override=true. How fix that?

    Thanks in advance

Jeroen Dalsem

Owner of ColdTrick IT Solutions, developing social networking sites for the dutch market


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