Widget Manager v2.0

Release Notes

PreviewReplaces 'Edit your page' on the profile and dashboard with the igoogle style drag-and-drop of widgets. Adding, reordering and deleting won't require a refresh. New widgets will appear on top of the right column.

Works for Elgg 1.5

Version History
- drag only occurs when dragging the header of widgets
- added REALTIME adding of widgets
- minor code cleanup
- added move icon when hover on widget header
- Added delete widget confirmation

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  • @ Jeroen - Appologise for the time between posts, somewhat bogged down with too many saved bookmarks and hard to keep checking everyone for new comments etc lol.

    Back to Biz - yes my site is in a subfolder of domain.com/subfolder and you mention the below, so I took it where you have placed the words dirname that stayed as is and didn't need my actual directory names (As at first I thought maybe it did) and yep it now works a charm and fixes one big issue I was having with draggable widgets and also interferring with default profile and dashboard plugin too.

    I changed as directed in add.php in the actions folder
        require_once($_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] . "/engine/start.php");
        require_once(dirname(dirname(dirname(dirname(__FILE__)))) . "/engine/start.php");

    Thanks for the fix, always appreciated. :)

    As trademark has mentioned, any thoughts yet Jeroen on being able to make another version of this plugin, to work in the Admin Tools>Plugin list yet so we can simply re order our massive plugins list?


  • @ Jeroen - Great Plugin!!! I seem to have a problem with widgets that have youtube videos in them for some reason are not draggable all other widgets move around perfectly. At the bottom of my browser it shows "Error on page" everytime i want to move a video widget! Not a big issue! just wanted to find out if there is anyway i can fix this! Thanks Jeroen

  • Would it be possible to make the widget list disappear once a widget has been added? It's behaving like a drop down list when it appears but a drop down list would roll back up when something in it has been chosen.

    A minor UI quibble but a great plugin. Our students find draggable widgets much easier to use.

  • added "$('#widget_menu').slideToggle("fast");" to the end of function saveNewWidget(name) and it did this

  • Would there be a way to set either using draggable widgets or the basic edit widgets system a per-user choice? Some users seem to prefer the draggability; others prefer ordering, then saving.

  • Odd thing I just noticed... might be a browser issue, though. In Chrome, the widgets are only draggable if you refresh the page after opening it. IE, if you click to your profile, default behaviour remains; then if you refresh, the "edit page" changes to the draggable_widgets "add widget", and widgets become draggable as normal. Prior to refresh, the edit page thang still appears and functions as normal.

    Definitely didn't have that behaviour in Firefox, though, which is odd.

  • Hi, i have installed your great and useful plugin in my site.

    Work fine when i add a new widget but, if refresh the page after i drag o delete a widget, the changes dissapear (the drag o the delete hasn't effect).

    Sorry for my english (i'm from Argentina). I hope that you can help me.

  • Bug fixe, to prevent IE6 from choking over Widget titles like "Page's"

    $wTitle= htmlspecialchars( $value->description, ENT_QUOTES ); // prevent troubles in IE6 to list with ' or "
                    $widgets .= "<a title='" . $wTitle . "'href='javascript:void(0);' onclick='saveNewWidget(\\\"". $key . "\\\");'>" . $value->name . "</a><br>";

  • Addition to sort the widgets in the table on their name:


        $widgetArr = get_widget_types();
        uasort($widgetArr, 'widgetcmp');


        function widgetcmp($a, $b) {
        if ($a->name == $b->name) {
            return 0;
        return ($a->name < $b->name) ? -1 : 1;

  • One problem though.

    Either duplication shouldn't work, or drag-back should work.

    I find no way to remove a duplicated widget.


  • @shillog the titles of the widget should contain a remove option (to remove the widget from your profile or dashboard)

  • has this plugin problem with another ???

    i delete a widget without problem, but when i refresh the page, the deleted widgets appears again...


  • @ Jeroen

    Sheer oversight, friend.

    After posting the last note here I found Corner X can be used for removal.

    I have some good news too. Normally a change in the 'Edit' doesn't seem to work. It goes on loading loading loading with no end at sight (several users experience the same), but after Installing the plugin, i see it working well. Cheers!

  • Ok so I have this installed and it is WAY cool, however, I have one small(ish) issue, when I click on the link to add a widget it does nothing, but if I disable the plug in, the choosen widget appears! Strange, and as I am a mere mortal, oddly magical to me.

    It seems as though it's missing the part at the end where it all refreshes and tells you the widget is activated. HELP ME! PLEASE!

  • Its funny.

    Was working before and suddenly stopped working. Dragging the widget around the page is ok.

    But to add widget when you drag it shows the No Entry sign. Tried on all 3 browsers. Has anyone encountered this issue. Have moved the plugin to the bottom and also reinstalled the mod

    I love this feature and would like to make it work.

  • Betty Jones

    Hi.. I Just tried this... plugin.. its awesome.. But i have a small problem with this plugin.

    When I  delete the widget using the X button at the right side of the header of the widget. When i try to How to add new widgets to the page? I tried to add widgets using the Click here to add a widget

    I clicked there and also clicked on the widgets i want on my profile,  but nothing happens..

    Help me please... Urgent

  • Betty Jones

    With Elgg 1.5 - added REALTIME adding of widgets.. is not working... Please help

  • This is a VERY nice plugin. Just installed it, and it's Exactly what i've been looking for. I havent played with it much yet, but a BIG THANKS for your time.

  • Same problem as everyone else--doesn't add widgets.

  • @Tom

    Where do i put that code to organize the widgets alphabetically?



    $widgetArr = get_widget_types();
        uasort($widgetArr, 'widgetcmp');


        function widgetcmp($a, $b) {
        if ($a->name == $b->name) {
            return 0;
        return ($a->name < $b->name) ? -1 : 1;

  • For everyone that cant seem to get this working, it seems it might have something to do with the order of the plugins. Try moving the draggable widgets plugin around in the admin section and see if that might fix your problem.

  • If you would like the widgets sorted by name this is what you can do. You can add these lines to the metatags.php file under the mod directory for draggable widgets:

    $mywidget = $CONFIG->widgets->handlers;

    below this line:

    $widgets = "";

    Then you can change this line:

    foreach($CONFIG->widgets->handlers as $key=>$value){

    to this:

    foreach($mywidget as $key=>$value){


    If you have any questions feel free to message me on here.

  • ahh thanks a lot. That worked perfectly.

  • Wow! I love this plugin! Only not everything seems to be working as it should on 1.6.1

    Any chance this is gonna get an update to 1.6.1

    My guess would be that some javascript is not working properly (library issue?). Dragging works, but the dashed box is a line instead of a box when dragging, and the add a new widget button opens all the options, but clicking the links doesn't work

    Any ideas?

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