Widget Manager v2.0.2

Release Notes


 - fixed: js adjustment appending delete button on #widget_table to #widgets_left etc.

 - fixed: init of sortable -> forceplaceholder = true (Elgg 1.7)



 - split metatags and css

 - fixed: bug with add.php and including the engine



 - added: drag only occurs when dragging the header of widgets

 - added: REALTIME adding of widgets



 - minor code cleanup

 - added: move icon when hover on widget header



 - added: delete widget confirmation

  • i  have a question to add a widget all goes well, but turns and leaves the option to add the same widget.

    how I can fix this

  • Thank you - that's very neat.

  • I noticed an issue with the title of a plugin's widget not showing correctly after adding it to the Dashboard (vazco_subscriber widgets). Instead of the title the translation tag was displayed. It seems to depend on the order of the plugins if it works or not, i.e. the vazco_subscriber plugin has to be placed below the Draggable Widgets plugin. Then it shows correctly but only after the Dashboard is reloaded at least once.

    Vazco said the issue is caused by the way the Draggable Widgets plugin handles translation tags. I don't know if other plugins are also affected by this issue.

  • Depending on the order of plugins in the admin tools list and also in the order the plugins have been enabled after each other it seems that not all widgets are offered by "Click to add a new widget".

    I had the problem with vazco_subsriber widgets not showing the widget title correctly on the dashboard but showing the language tag instead. Then I noticed that the same problem occurs with the "Photo Albums" widget of the tidypics plugin. I tried to place the tidypics album below draggable_widgets, but still the language tag was shown. When I removed the widget to add it again I noticed that it wasn't offered in the widget list. Only after I disabled/reenabled tidypics it was shown. After adding the "Photo Albums" widget to the profile page the language tag was again shown as widget title. But this time a page reload helped to show the correct title.

  • Nice plugin!

    But, I am not being able to add a new widget. When I click on 'Click to add a new widget', the list of the widgets are displayed. But, clicking on those options doesn't do anything.

  • I tried this in 1.7.2 and the widgets that were already on the profile can also be added.When you add the duplicate wiget it calls a fatal error

  • @adclose did you download the latest version? Because you commented on the 'old' one

  • @adclose you checked wrong. Latest version is 1.0 beta and the plugin has been renamed to widget_manager. Previous draggable widgets can be disabled/removed

  • @jeroen, this is confusing!  The link here is for 2.0.2 and if I go to 1.0beta, it says that the author reccomends 2.0.2...  Which one should we be using??  PLease confirm again.

  • For production use 2.0.2. I did not want to lose the history so i renamed the project and restarted the version numbers

  • maybe 3.0 was a better alternative

  • Question regarding 1.0beta:

    Does Integration of Eager Widgets / Default Widgets / Widget Titles mean that these three plugins can be removed or in case of the core Default Widgets at least disabled? I would like to test your Widget Manager plugin but it might be good to know before installation about the details of the plugins installation procedure / requirements.

  • ... one more question, Jeroen: could you fix the problem of version 2.0.2 showing the language tag instead of the actual widget title, for example for the Tidypics Latest Albums widget?

  • @jeroen,   I see your problem... tricky.  Many thanks... clear now.

  • @jeroen, can you please mod this to enable site admin to set widget categories and assign widgets to them and for widgets to be listed in their categories? we would be willing to fund this. 

  • Jeroen Dalsem  I want the plugin that you show in the pictures... I see that in aministrative tools you have two options about widget configuration. Where can i find this  ??

    I have download the plugin here but i got no widget managment as in the photos you have here. I want to have predifine the position of the widgets and the state for the users .. and give them limited abilities only to add one or two widgets...

    Is that an other plugin ??


  • @webbuilders you need to download the latest version. It's the 1.0 beta. There has been a change of projectname and a reset on the versioning, so that could be a bit confusing.

  • I can not get it ..

    I install draggable_widgets_v2.0.2 plugin ... At administration i see No extra menu item to show up like the "Dashboard  Widgets" that i see in the photos here. I need that .. Is that an other plugin ??

    am i doing something wrong ??

  • Jeroen, your plugin (The new one: 1.0 beta) is all we need to a forthcoming project.

    But we have issues with tidypics plugin too. The widget is added, but the albuns is not showed. Only a blank widget.

    Do you have any release date? Can we help you with something? Maybe doing intensive tests and showing our site instalation profiles?

    By the way, congratulations for the excelent job.

    Ray J, Brazil

  • Jeroen, putting your plugin in the last position of the plugin list resolved my issue. Plugin working for now.

  • It´s e again. Sorry.

    Disable Lazy Loading must be set to "yes" to widgets works. With lazy loading enabled, all the widgets keep blanks here.

  • hmm.. where do i find the option for 'lazy loading'? is that only in the new beta version? I'm not seeing any admin option for this plugin.

    (I haven't installed the updated beta yet).

  • Tunist, its in the 1.0 beta. But the version worked well until now, since you turn off lazy loading.

    BTW, 1.0 beta is newer than 2.0.2.

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