Widget Manager v2.0

Release Notes

PreviewReplaces 'Edit your page' on the profile and dashboard with the igoogle style drag-and-drop of widgets. Adding, reordering and deleting won't require a refresh. New widgets will appear on top of the right column.

Works for Elgg 1.5

Version History
- drag only occurs when dragging the header of widgets
- added REALTIME adding of widgets
- minor code cleanup
- added move icon when hover on widget header
- Added delete widget confirmation

ColdTrick IT Solutions
(C) 2009 ColdTrick IT Solutions

  • 2.0 was uploaded before, but contained an error. I reuploaded, so if you downloaded this version before 2009-04-07 13:25 please download again.

  • jeroen, is it possible to create a widget for the river!

    to display the river as a widget!?

  • I love this mod, it should be in the core structure of elgg,   Thank you for making it :)

  • It works great. I just had one minor issue. I have Elgg installed in a folder called app15 under my document root so I just had to modify the add.php file.

    So instead of

    require_once($_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] . "/engine/start.php");

    it is

    require_once($_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] . "/app15/engine/start.php");


  • @jeroen yes, it's possible. If you're interrested in funding it, I can implement it :)

    @Deon I had the same problem. Changing this line to the one below should fix the problem on all Elgg installs:

    require_once(dirname(dirname(dirname(dirname(__FILE__)))) . "/engine/start.php");

  • @vazco did you mean @zanzoon instead of me? If so, i contacted him also :)

    I'll change the require once in my next update. Are there any more feature requests?

  • Super:)

    Jeroen, could you put css in seperate css.php? It would be easier for us to override with our own theme. Now we have to strip "metatags.php" for each version...

  • @Tom i meant to do that in version 2.0 but will do it in the next version.

  • @Tom

    All you need to do is add { include('metatags.css'); } at the top of the metatags.php file  within the <?php   &   ?>   tags,

    copy the css from metatags.php file, create new file and name it metatags.css, paste in the css you copied and save.

    remove css from metatags.php, save.

    upload both files to /mod/draggable_widgets/views/default/draggable_widgets/ and thats it.

    You can name the css file to anything you like as long as it matches the name in the include tag on the metatags.php file.


    **** Always backup before changing any code ;)  ****

  • @trademark: thanks,  but the idea was to increase multifunctionality

    @jeroen: I've installed on local host; works great. Then upload to hosted server, which carries exact same code and now ...  no new widget is added; only the existing header of the top-right widget gets more delete/edit buttons...(D&D works fine)... any idea ?

  • I am using theme_simplebluewhite and, although functionality is great, the appearance is off.  The menu is not inline with the layout. 


  • Not sure if this has been mentioned, but I've been trying to find that when the user clicks to add a new widget it brings up some sort of organized menu the user can search through.  I plan on adding a ton of widgets, some in house, and some third party through the API. I know once you start to get a lot of widgets available it will look pretty silly having a huge list with no details about what they do or who developed it.

    Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

  • @crusader you are using a custom style so maybe you css make it position a little weird. Try modifying the css provided with the plugin to position is straight.

    @tom did you find out what the problem was?

  • No, sadly it does not work.

    • We installed on 2 different dev servers: perfect (some css tuning)
    • tried on our production and test server (Leaseweb) - nada :(

    Any ideas?


  • Same Elgg version? Same plugins active? Same CSS? Try position draggable widgets on bottom of the plugin list..

  • We just tried again:

    • empty 1.5 install
    • ALL plugins disabled, only enable: Profile, Draggable_Widgets (fresh download & upload to Leaseweb) and Bookmarks (test widget)
    • Still same problem...

    It seems not to call the add.php... really confusing...permissions and all seem ok...

  • I have only been using elgg for 36hrs since finding out about it, getting truly excitied about the boundless possibilities and whilst I have this plugin working great guns in my site for end users, is there anyway to make the Admin Site>Tools Admin (Where plugins stored) have this ability of this plugin?

    It's so awkward when we have 50+ plugins and I am now learning some have to be at the top, the bottom or beneath one another and that is like 45mins+ to move them by clicking the , top, up, down, bottom links, frankly fiddly and a pain :(

    Still an amazing platform though. :)


  • @Jeroen: Thanks for your effort:

    I replaced in add.php as per your directions:

        require_once($_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] . "/engine/start.php");


        require_once(dirname(dirname(dirname(dirname(__FILE__)))) . "/engine/start.php");

    and it runs fine now:)


  • Ah ha, I have finally found out of the exhaustive list of widget's my site now have, where the "Add a new Widget" it doesn't action the user click, can anybody help guide me as to why this maybe happening or how I can find out?


  • @Rob is your site  in a subfolder? like domain.com/subfolder

    If that is the case then you need to change in add.php in the actions folder
        require_once($_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] . "/engine/start.php");
        require_once(dirname(dirname(dirname(dirname(__FILE__)))) . "/engine/start.php");

    Let me know if this solved it

  • @jeroen: just an idea for extra functionality:

    What about two extra input lines in the setting of D&D where admin can list:

    1. List of all the Widgets that users are not allowed to dragged/move
    2. List of widgets that users can not delete (makes widgets sticky)

    Sounds easy way to have a little control of add-placing widgets, must-see newsletters etc.

  • @tom

    great ideas, would be nice to see those function on this mod.


    just a quick thought, would it be possible to extend this mod to the module list in admin, so they could be reordered by dragging up and down?

  • I just wanted to add a big +++++++++ plus for this widget

    Great plugin, great work, a big Thank You from all our members

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