Widget Manager v1.0 beta

Release Notes

- replacement of Draggable widgets

- introduction of Widget Manager as new plugin

- developed on 1.5, but also tested on 1.6 and 1.7

  • This is not the recommended release yet, because it is a beta. Please test and let me know how it works.

  • Jeroen - installed on 1.7.2. Works well - however discovered a conflict with tidypics (version 1.6.6. After adding a profile icon and creating an avatar tidypics seems to be setting the profile page context to front... which breaks your add widgets link

    The offending code is in tidypics/lib/tidypics.php

    function tp_get_latest_photos($num_images, $owner_guid = 0)
            //$prev_context = set_context('front');
            $image_html = tp_list_entities('object', 'image', $owner_guid, null, $num_images, false, false, false); 
            return $image_html;

    As you can see I commented the set_context lines and everything is fine. Not sure yet if this breaks something tidypics is trying to do. I need to upgrade to tidypics latest version - but seem to remember a display problem with that version - so it may be a while for me.

    Anyway - love the plugin. Any other fixes I should know about?

  • I cannot make it work on my Elgg 1.7.1.


    Nice plugin!

    But, I am not being able to add a new widget. When I click on 'Click to add a new widget', the list of the widgets are displayed. But, clicking on those options doesn't do anything.

  • The existing widgets can be moved. But, new widgets cannot be dragged to the profile-page.

  • tested on 1.7.4..

    a) drag and drop is smoother and more easy to use than the previous version.

    b) the icon that is now being used at the top right looks really poor on my site as i have a dark colourscheme.. it looks very pixelated and really like nothing that can be identified! i'd prefer to just have the 'x' and the 'edit' links always shown as before. 

    c) renaming widget titles doesn't work.. I can type the names in but the widget name remains the same.. even after a page reload (the previous version didn't change immediately but did change after a reload of the page).

    d) the dropdown 'edit' menu doesn't close properly when 'save' is pressed on some widgets (such as 'subscribers'). some are ok (such as 'aaudio'). this was also the same for me with the previous version of the plugin.


  • I tested on 1.7.5. It's a very useful plugin, but

    a) I can't find where to edit the Widget titles.

    b) You can't create new widgets on dashboard when using "tabbed_dashboard" plugin.


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