Tabbed dashboard and/or profile v0.3

Release Notes

Users can add tabs, rearrange tabs and delete tabs from their dashboard and/or profile.

The tabs can each have the following characters "< X >" to carry out the following actions:

< : move the tab left (this is only possible if it is after the second tab, you wouldn't be able to move it left otherwise)

X : remove the tab and all the widgets on it (will prompt for confirmation)

> : move the tab right (this is only possible it it is not the last tab, you wouldn't be able to move it past the last tab)

The "Dashboard tab" and "Profile tab" cannot be moved or removed, this is the standard dashboard/profile which is shipped with and your users already have. Therefore all the tabs other than the one named "Dashboard" or "Profile" have the "X".

To change the name of a tab, select the edit page. For the profile you can also set the access control for each tab.

The currently selected dashboard is marked in bold.

There is a maximum number of tabs set, the default is 6, it can be changed by the administrator using the tool properties.

Best used with "View enhancements", but it is not required. All it does is provide a hover over title for the delete area.

For developers and theme makers, there should be ample opportunity to change the look and feel using the CSS and view files. I hope that the structure is clear, if there is anything not clear, leave a comment.


0.1: 24 March, 2009; baseline package

0.3: 3 March, 2009; added support for tabbed profiles, there is now an admin option to set the maximum number of dashboard and profile pages to 1 which will in effect make the dashboard or the profile behave the way it does in default Elgg. Thereby allowing you to have either multiple dashboard pages and/or multiple profile pages. Note this has not had as much testing as 0.1


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