Release Notes

This is not an official release of the groups plugin. This has bug fixes and minor enhancements on the groups plugin that was released with Elgg 1.5. As always, it is best to test plugins before using them on a production site.

A Partial List of Changes

  • group forum picks up site default permissions
  • can edit dicussion title and status
  • more consistent group menus
  • better group discussion html page titles
  • better notifications on group discussions

To upgrade: copy new code over old code.

This does not change the underlying structure of the groups plugin or its database entries so it will not prevent future upgrades or reverting to the 1.5 version.

  • Like I said, I don't have it anymore.

  • Ok, I understand. Thank you anyway.

  • Is anyone having problems with the access for 'Group: xxxxx'?

    Any discussion, group album, group calendar that is restricted to 'Group: xxxx' only is invisible to all group members other than the person who created it.

    Anyone know of a fix?


    I am still having the same problem with a closed group. New members to a group cannot see the 'older' material. It's like there are no files or pages or anything in the group.

  • @Woodward - known bug in the core plugin. I don't recall seeing it fixed in svn but I might have missed it.

  • Is there any way for an admin to remove members from a group?  I can't seem to find that option :(

  • @Kane - no way to do that currently. Please add as feature request at

  • Hi all,

    Is this the same for everyone else - try this :

    Create a new group.
    Upload a file.
    Set Access to 'Group:<name of group>'.
    Edit that file.
    Click the Access drop down list, 'Group:<name of group>' is no longer

    If you then change the access to one of the other options and save,
    its still no longer there when you go back and edit the same file.

     'Group:<name of group>' seems to be only available on a uploading a
    new file, not when editing an existing file.

    Many thanks for attempting and getting back to me.

  • I cannot seem to get the "request membership" link to show up. Any ideas?

  • Apologies to all if this has already been solved, but reading through some of the posts above it seems some people have encountered similar problems.

    I have setup a fresh install of V1.6.1 and created both open and closed Groups. I have two ADMIN users who can see all the Groups that I have created.

    However, I also have two 'NORMAL' users, who when they log into the site can see none of the Groups that have been created.

    I have upgraded one of the users to ADMIN, and when he logs in is then able to view the Groups, and I have signed him up for one of the Groups.

    However, when I revert him to a 'Normal' user and he logs in again he is again unable to view any of the Groups, even the one that he became a member of when he had an ADMIN account.

    Rightly or wrongly, I have installed this Mod, and it has made no difference whatsoever.

    So, for the safety of my laptop and front window, I wondered if anyone had any ideas of how I could resolve this problem.

    Many thanks in advance.


  • I'm having a groups access issue that might be similar to some of those above, also on a 1.6.1 install.

    My group is closed in terms of membership, but much of the content is public. So when non-members (or more importantly, non-logged-in people) visit the group page, I'd like them to be able to see the public content. When clicking on sidebar links for Blogs, Bookmarks, Calendar, this works. When clicking on sidebar links for Discussion, Files, and Pages, nothing happens. Links to individual public file and page posts still work for non-members. Public discussion posts I can't get into at all.

    I would also love for recent public content to show up on the group page when non-members view it. But if I can get the sidebar links working I'd be happy for now.

    This is a course website and I'd like to work properly for public viewing. Any ideas about a fix? See

  • All - this is not the version of Groups distributed with Elgg 1.6.1. This was based off of the plugin for Elgg 1.5. Please do not submit requests for help with the Elgg 1.6.1 groups plugin. Thank you.

  • hi there,

    thanks for this module.  does anyone know why the groups module sends out notifications on the 'annotate' event rather than the 'create' event?   it seems (from annotations.php) like the annotate event is supposed to give modules the ability to veto the annotation.  if the annotation fails then the groups module will have already sent out its notification.  i am sure there must be a reason for this, does anyone know what they might be?



  • @Andy - There does not appear to be a good reason. If you'd like to see this changed in the groups plugin, reporting this in the Elgg plugins Trac is the way to go:

  • Nice pluggin! But I can't see the images when I am logged in... As soon as I login, all images disapear. At the beginning, I thought it was a cache problem and I understood that the file icon.php was not generating the same code (when you remove the header content type). 

    in brief:

    "/pg/groupicon/457/small/default.jpg" is giving me two diffent images codes depending on the state of the user "logged in" or "logged out".

  • Looks like the issue is gone. Must be a cache issue with simple cache.

  • Hi,

    I need to create a new group called "managers" automatically for new members. after registration, new member then should have this group created and then his managers could join this group. the goal is all members must have the group "managers".


  • I wonder if you might be able to help answer a question for me regarding groups. I've created a dozen or so example groups on my site. I noticed that when looking at any one group, I see the same blogs and videos as all my other groups.  I want a group to only show content created for that group. I know I can specify that content I create be for a specific group.  But what I also want is that  content created with other settings (public, logged in user, etc ) not show up on group pages.  Is there a group plugin that does that.

  • could be  conflicts/anomalies introduced by foreign plugins. you've not given any s/w versions, etc - except posted here on this specific flavor of the groups plugin (and a rather dated one). also there's no idea whether you're using any/how many foreign plugins that could cause conflicts anyways, the traditional approach in such a situation would be to roll up your synapses and do some heavy duty code reading, reviewing and debugging to find the culprit(s),, overall... from the skimpy evidence given.. tis could take some time and effort... take a vacation from your day job ;-) the extra features you've mentioned i do not believe are delivered ny existing plugins ;-( roll-your-own-code... ;)

  • I did a clean install and got the same results.  I just wanted to know if this was the way it was supposed to work.

    But I'll do some more research.

  • Dhrup, the problem turned out to be vazco_groups. Disabling it makes the groups work as I expected it should.


  • 2 comments above = "..conflicts/anomalies introduced by foreign plugins" ;-)


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