Release Notes

This is not an official release of the groups plugin. This has bug fixes and minor enhancements on the groups plugin that was released with Elgg 1.5. As always, it is best to test plugins before using them on a production site.

A Partial List of Changes

  • group forum picks up site default permissions
  • can edit dicussion title and status
  • more consistent group menus
  • better group discussion html page titles
  • better notifications on group discussions

To upgrade: copy new code over old code.

This does not change the underlying structure of the groups plugin or its database entries so it will not prevent future upgrades or reverting to the 1.5 version.

  • Thanks, Kevin. Good to know that has been fixed.

  • Is anyone having problems with the access for 'Group: xxxxx'?

    Any discussion, group album, group calendar that is restricted to 'Group: xxxx' only is invisible to all group members other than the person who created it.

    Anyone know of a fix?

  • "The admin-needs-to-join-the-group-to-view-discussions bug was fixed in SVN some time ago, so no need to add that to Trac."

    Which file in SVN trunk /groups and what line the code is on would be useful, does anyone know how I can find it out, dont want to overwrite the whole SVN Groups file over mine, as I'm using Cash's version.

  • 980 is the Trac number. Which just tells me :

    group_gatekeeper() now has an admin override if the admin is logged in

  • @munkee - the change is in the core (engine/lib/group.php), not the plugin.

    See function group_gatekeeper()


                if (
                        ((!isloggedin()) && (!$group->isPublicMembership())) ||
                        ((!$group->isMember(get_loggedin_user()) && (!$group->isPublicMembership())))
                    ) $allowed = false;



                    // Admin override
                    if (isadminloggedin()) $allowed = true;


  • @Cash Cheers for this.

    Is there an easy way to know which file the fixes are included in on the SVN trunk, if it doesnt mention it, like in this case?


  • In the case of 944 how am I meant to know what file has been changed, so I can get my installation to work - without installing the possibly unstable SVN trunk.

    Sorry to be tac'ing this on to your groups thread, but it all to do with the Groups feature.

  • @munkee - Curverider has given us limited permissions with trac. Trac does show this information if it is opened up more. The better way to do this is to install an svn client. See here:

    Please create a thread elsewhere if you need to ask more questions on this. Thanks.

  • @Cash -- At this point, should I go with the Groups plugin in SVN, or stick with your 1.5.1 mod?  Your mod is working well, but I'm concerned that I'm missing out on some key bugfixes in SVN.


  • @Mike - I think the bug fixes in svn are related to permissions (letting an admin edit a closed group for example). If you're doing development, I'd use svn. If you have a live site and your users have gotten use to mine, I'd stick with mine.

  • @Cash - We're in kind of a tough spot.  We're using your Groups 1.5.1 (very stable, you're awesome), GroupsExtended, and GroupEmailer... AND on top of that we need to implement some of our own code.  It looks like we'll generate a number of diffs against the files in all 3 modules to keep track of our work, and to ensure we can stay current with what's in SVN.  Thanks for your feedback!

  • I've had poor luck getting my patches accepted. If they were, this wouldn't be as much of an issue for you.

  • (Grunt.)  If we don't want to repackage our customizations as modules, is it possible to share the patchfiles with the community?  We really want to participate and share our code, but don't have the internal capacity to author everything that might be useful to others as a module.  Your thoughts are welcome.

  • I certainly haven't come up with a good solution. I think it comes down to not enough core developers to handle patches. I think this can lead to frustrated developers who try to work through trac and to others who give up feeding their changes back to the core.

    The general Elgg admin cannot handle patch files and I don't want to be overwhelmed with support requests for a patch.

  • For those who want to track the progress on getting these changes into the core, you can do that here:

  • Hi there,
    i can`t understand why the groups mod uses different style class names then the other mods.
    The groups mod uses "two_column_left_sidebar_boxes" for the sidebar class or id.
    Most of the other mods uses "owner_block_submenu".
    Normally it dosen`t matter, but i never found the "two_column_left_sidebar_boxes" in the groups mod source.
    So please tell me in which file i can change the "two_column_left_sidebar_boxes" to "owner_block_submenu".

  • @michi - you'd have to ask the original developers of this mod why they did what they di.

    This link to the docs should provide some help on how to find what you're looking for:

  • A big request of mine would be to have the ability to have 'fans' or 'followers' of a group who are at a lower level to actual members.

    This would be good in the instance that a group is a company or sports team or something.

    I've been trying to work on this this afternoon and then completely broke my development elgg environment :S

    Anyone done anything like this?

  • @Andy - no one has done that as far as I know.

  • @cash thanks, I've moved on from this for now and will perhaps return to it as a plugin :)

  • Hi Cash,

    On the feature you added:

    • can edit dicussion title and status

    Have you noticed, that if you rename a discussion post, all the comments are lost ? unless you rename it to the original name. Maybe that's why titles were disabled in the first place.


    Uddhava dasa

  • Sorry, Uddhava dasa, unable to reproduce your problem.

  • @Cash: I'm dealing with the subject issue on notifications about discussion posts. In the groupforumtopic_notify_message() funtion at your start.php version, there are some commented lines that mention "uses my hack to notifications for better subject lines".

    I tried to find that hack, but I couldn't. Could you please point where is it.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @morgar - I misplaced that code. It was a modification to engine/lib/notifications.php

  • Hi Cash. Yes, I understood the hack is for the notification engine, but where can I get it?


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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