Release Notes

This is not an official release of the groups plugin. This has bug fixes and minor enhancements on the groups plugin that was released with Elgg 1.5. As always, it is best to test plugins before using them on a production site.

A Partial List of Changes

  • group forum picks up site default permissions
  • can edit dicussion title and status
  • more consistent group menus
  • better group discussion html page titles
  • better notifications on group discussions

To upgrade: copy new code over old code.

This does not change the underlying structure of the groups plugin or its database entries so it will not prevent future upgrades or reverting to the 1.5 version.

  • The page source renders as follows; clearly the links themselves aren't being formatted correctly either.

    <a href="http://localhost/pg/file/group:751" >Group files</a></li><li ><a href="http://localhost/pg/pages/owned/group:751" >
  • (sorry to keep adding on...)

    I determined that the definitions are being pulled from the language files of the "file" and "pages" plugins.  After that my ability to read the code falls off.  Sorry I couldn't be more helpful...

  • @db - to summarize, the Group files and Group pages links are added by the file and pages plugins so if someone wants to create a language file for groups, they also need to do so for the files and pages plugins (if those are enabled). For example, the "Group files" string is defined in mod/files/languages/en.php as 'file:group' => "Group files",

    Is that the same conclusion you came to?

  • Yes, I eventually figured it out.  I was a bit perplexed by the colon in the URL string (as above), but after I entered in some dummy data I discovered it worked. 

    I'm mostly frustrated that I didn't know how or why it worked, but it's not the only thing of which I'm ignorant!  :-P

    Thanks for responding....

  • @db - MediaWiki uses colons in URLs also. I remember finding something that broke because of the colon in the url with Elgg, but I have now forgotten what it is. Remember that many of the urls get rewritten using .htaccess and then processed through page handlers.

  • i have a problem where groups created by admin are not visible to regular users - is anyone else seeing that ?? i have tried a few times and created a vanilla site with 1.5 and this plugin and nothing else but cannot get it to work..

  • @sunirmalya

    Check that your Group membership permissions is set to Open when creating your group.

  • @Cash -- Thanks very much for this update!

    As an aside, I had tried to use "groupadmin," but it caused too many odd issues (see the discussions with that plugin).  I tweaked your code to make CREATING a new group admin-only, and used Kevin Jardine's "forms" plugin (found here) to create a "Request a new group" form.  I wonder if we might consider adding some of this functionality directly into the Groups 1.5.x plugin...?

  • Hi, Mike - the guys behind Elgg are the maintainers of the groups plugin. I've been submitting patches to their bug tracking system without much success. That's why I uploaded this plugin - I figured other people would benefit from those patches.

  • Hi, all -- I would like the "picker" to display ALL site mebmers when inviting others to a group, not just one's friends.  I'm pretty sure the picker implementation is a function of the "friends" mod, but does anyone have thoughts on how I might pull this off?


  • Hi there!

    Sorry for off-topic post, but i`m wondering, if someone could provide me with some hints, or even help, how I could create a custom group plugin. The problem, I'm facing, is, that I need to build a site with the standard group functionalities AND with customized group functionalities (more fields, customized  widgets, etc.) running side by side.  Though excellent work, as your plugin, the Group extendend Plugin and/or Flexgroupprofile are not giving me what is needed.  I even tried to play around with the core group.php (yes, I know, a no-go), in copying&customizing it, along with customizing the standard group plugin and adding a further core entity to the database (again, a no-go), without any success.  Surely I'm going into the complete wrong direction, as being new to elgg. Maybe someone is around here, who is able to put me on the right track. Hints/Help aremuch appreciated! Thanks in advance.

  • Thanks Cash, the new upgrade solves the 3rd of following questions.

    1. Topic in a group cannot be deleted completely. A topic is still on riverdashboard after being deleted, click the link and can be commented.
    2. In a group, A topic's tags and access right cannot be edited any more afte it's been posted.
    3. A group member cannot view topics that posted before his joining with access right for group member only.
    4. If not join the group , admin cannot view the group discussion but can edit the group.

    and can the other questions be solved?

  • hi to all

    i've this problem in groups plugin : when a new user request to access a group, and after the join request is confirmed he only see ONLY NEW DISCUSSION.

    somebody can help me?

  • @jdleung - This should fix #2. I don't understand what you mean by #3 - that shouldn't happen or do you want that to happen. I haven't looked at #1 or #4.

  • @Max2 - hmm...I guess that must be was jdleung is talking about in item 3. Interesting problem. I wouldn't have thought that possible since joining a group doesn't have a time stamp.

  • @Cash: Max2 said what I meant. Maybe interesting, your upgrade had fixed this. And how to fix #2 ? and otheres two?


  • @Cash: I have found the key how to edit group tags and access right. :-)

  • Cash, Admin must join to view a group discussion?

  • @jdleung - An admin should not need to join a group to view a discussion. If that is so, it's a bug that was inherited from the Elgg 1.5 groups.

  • @Cash - Inherite? I have installed your plugin. Anything more I need to do?

  • @jdleung - This plugin is just the original Groups plugin that comes with Elgg 1.5 with a bunch of bug fixes and some minor enhancements. If there are other core problems they are most likely coming from the original plugin. I am not very excited about the possibility of maintaining a separate hroups plugin so the best thing is for these bugs to be reported to the Elgg trac and fixed in svn.

  • Cash, the Elgg trac is broken, cannot register. Do you have time to fix this little bug? Give us a new upgrade with more fixes?

  • @jdleung - registration in Trac should be fixed

  • The admin-needs-to-join-the-group-to-view-discussions bug was fixed in SVN some time ago, so no need to add that to Trac.


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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