Release Notes

This is not an official release of the groups plugin. This has bug fixes and minor enhancements on the groups plugin that was released with Elgg 1.5. As always, it is best to test plugins before using them on a production site.

A Partial List of Changes

  • group forum picks up site default permissions
  • can edit dicussion title and status
  • more consistent group menus
  • better group discussion html page titles
  • better notifications on group discussions

To upgrade: copy new code over old code.

This does not change the underlying structure of the groups plugin or its database entries so it will not prevent future upgrades or reverting to the 1.5 version.

  • cash, thenks for this !!

    you ever make exelent thinks..

  • @antifmradio - no, you'll have problems if you call it "groups2".

  • Nice one Cash, its fab, just what I was after - cheers..

    I've tweaked a little bit of the code so you get icons, rather than text.


    If your interested let me know..

  • @munkee - I'm sure others will be interested if you'd like to post your mod here or upload a modified plugin.

  • <!-- @page { size: 21cm 29.7cm; margin: 2cm } P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm } A:link { color: #000080; so-language: zxx; text-decoration: underline } -->

    Thanks Cash for the great plugin. But in the groups -> Latest discussion, I can't translate "topic" . Where I can translate this ?

  • @keaman - I'm not quite sure what you're asking. Most, if not all strings, should be localized through Elgg's language files (see groups/languages/en.php). Are you saying that there is a hardcoded string somewhere?

  • Yes, this one is very hardcoded , I looking and looking and I can't find this. I translate this 'groups:topic' => 'Topic', but not happend.

  • @keaman - it is a bug in the original groups 1.5 plugin that I didn't see. You should add it to trac. In groupforumtopic.php, there is a line that begins with

    $info .= "<p>" . elgg_echo('topic')

    It should be

    $info .= "<p>" . elgg_echo('groups:topic')

  • You are amaizing! It work now !Thanks very much Cash !

    I send this to the trac.

  • Thanks for the upgrade

    I uploaded it but I still have a problem

    When going to Group's Pages, the menu loose some opcions. I can only see Videos, and other options like Files and Photos dissapear.

    This happen to you?

  • @Juan ED - not quite sure what you mean but feel free to change the code for the menus as much as you want. The code in the original plugin for creating menus was a mess to begin with. I moved some things around trying to make things consistent. I'm sure more work can be done on that.

  • I´m still not able to edit the discussion title... any idea?

  • Oh, I found it... I can edit it when reading the discussions list, but if I edit the discussion when reading one it just let me change the body.


  • i freakin love you Cash - this is so much better - thank you..

    my only suggestion is more sorting and searching capabilities .. i would like to be able to sort by country, province and then town, for members and group and search likewise. The whole tag thing i find extremely cumbersome and user unfriendly ..

  • i am still going with the tag thing -  i can search only on tags but i cannot add tags when i create a group.. why is there not a search that looks up titles, brief description and descriptions ? i can see it being a bit slower but surely not much - tag searches if they are just for speed were useful about 20 yrs ago - is the other reason for tags for search engines, well i dont see them coming up anywhere in the meta tags.

    you are not the problem, you are the solution, but i am having trouble with this design element. Everything else is so smart but this i dont get at all..

  • cash - there is a list_entities_sorted in the browse plugin but i cant get the plugin to work in 1.5 but i am pretty sure that is the sort of thing i need - the list_entities does not give an orderby parameter

  • sunirmalya, I hear you on search but this has absolutely nothing to do with Cash's groups plugin.

    If you would like full text search in Elgg, then I encourage you to develop a plugin to support this, either by writing it yourself or hiring someone to do this.

  • no i know Kevin - Cash has fixed this perfectly and i am not blaming him at all. My problem is i dont have the skills and i have a lot to learn.. but i dont really get the schema design

  • i am still having problems guys - for some reason i cannot see all groups as a regular member, i have to be an admin to see all groups.. is anyone else having that issue?

  • Hi,

    I can't find the groupforumtopic.php in the file to change as above. Can you please give the path?


    While I am writing I need to find a way to make the groups so only adim can create them. Is this possible. I am looking at the group extention but not sure if they cover this. Thanks.

  • Hello at me a small question on a plug-in groups 1.5 and 1.5.1

    When you create group open for Join, then you create page with reading \writing only for this group -> all ок.

    But when you create Closed for Join group and you create page with access on reading/writing only for this group-> then all users of this group except the founder cannot view \edit this page.
    If to put on page access "Registered users" then it is possible without consisting in group will edit\view page (knowing the link to it)

  • Cash, do you want us to run possible bugs by you first, or just enter them into trac straightaway?

    Bug: side menu does not reflect language file.

    To Replicate:  Change the English language file 'groups:pages' and 'groups:files' to something else. Those changes will not be reflected in the side menu, but will remain "Group files" and "Group pages".

    I can't seem to find where the group files/pages is rendered at all in the start.php file, so I'm at a loss to figure out any further direction...

  • Of course, the changes should be to the value of the variable, not the variables themselves.  Just to be clear...


  • Category: Misc
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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