Simple Poll Plugin v1.6

Release Notes

This version of my original Poll plugin is built to target Elgg 1.5 ONLY.


  • Version 1.3 includes a fix to the river, so that the name of the poll is displayed.
  • This version fixes a bug in the object view.
  • This version patches an issue discovered with the add & edit functionality. The original implementation had a flaw that caused bad meta-data to be created.  (fix revised)
  • An issue wherein the content assignment drop-down wasn't appearing, has also been addressed.

Updates, courtesy of my friends at Team Webgalli (

  • More modifications in css for making the appearence neat
  • Fixed some missing languages
  • Added some translations
  • Widgets Appears more neat.
  • Fixed the river issue in v1.5
  • Created a new river support for votes
  • Poll owner or admin can view the result without need of voting


  • This version accomodates apparent changes in the river for Elgg 1.5 [With contributions from User, Webgalli + a fix of my own for displaying the poll title ($poll->question) in the river)]
  • This version also revises the display CSS.

What it does:

This plugin lets a user create and manage single question polls. The poll postings show in the river as do any comments. There are pages to view one's own polls, friend's polls, and sitewide polls (that are set accessible to 'logged-in users' or 'public'). It also includes a widget for displaying one's polls on their profile.


While every effort has been made toward testing, I still consider this to be 'in development'. Of course, that's not to say it isn't useable. I have implemented a version of this for a project I am working on and it appears to be stable.

There's always room for improvement, so feel free to suggest additions, share bug-fixes, or extend and modify.

  • It works great now. Good job!

  • I seem to have lost the ability to view site polls in the widget (just my own) or is it my site? I have been reordereing some plugins, so maybe something else is going on. But I only am able to edit the widget to see my own polls at the moment

  • @elggboy: Thanks!

    @malaga jack: I have added the 'latest polls' widget, you are referring to, back into the latest version of this plugin (1.4).  My wellmeaning collaborator Webgalli, was apparently working with an older version of my original Poll plug-in, when he modded it for Elgg 1.5. I think that is why it was missing, I took the latest files he sent and posted them not noticing it. He's done awesome work though. The latest build also has river support for voting (thanks to Webgalli). 

    Anyway, I also have updated the paging on the Friend's Polls & Site Polls pages so it should now work properly. It will show 10 polls/page and has a total retrieval limit of 999.

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