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  • version 1.2 - uploaded version 1.1 linking to the wrong file.. oops! corrected for 1.2
  • version 1.1 fixes a bug in the poll editing screen, wherein submission of changes failed.

The Poll plugin was built to target Elgg 1.2 and has not been tested against 1.5.

This plugin lets a user create and manage single question polls. The poll postings show in the river as do any comments. There are pages to view one's own polls, friend's polls, and sitewide polls (that are set accessible to 'logged-in users' or 'public'). It also includes a widget for displaying one's polls on their profile.

While every effort has been made toward testing, I still consider this to be 'in development'. Of course, that's not to say it isn't useable. I have implemented a version of this for a project I am working on and it appears to be stable.

There's always room for improvement, so feel free to suggest additions, share bug-fixes, or extend and modify.

  • The plugin works great,Im am seeing one more little issue, with the proile widget and how it displays. See attached image and you will see.


  • @John: Some bugs I noticed... (both with 1.2 and 1.5):

    If a user adds two polls then the second add leads to a white screen. The poll does get added... but after this "My poll" displays nothing. I can use "All site polls" to see the two polls. Similarly the widget shows the second poll displayed displaced to the right.


  • nice plugin, is there a way this can work on the group feature. Thanks


  • When you put a second Poll, there is a bank page too

  • hi John,

    I hv not tried your plugin yet. But it's nice to hv user to be able to attach a poll of theirs to their own blog.

  • I have a confict with the profile_nagger progress bar and the % bar.  The poll plugin will now shift the page elements to the right.  Any idea on fixing would be great as I love the plugin.

  • Great plugin. I am trying to see how i can integrate poll into blog and group discussion. Any input?

  • @socialtrak guru: I have resolved this issue in v1.3. Thanks for the good catch. ;)

    @caledosphere: same as above, see v1.3 for fix.

    @sadistic intent: Since my 'poll' plugin is actually loosely based on the 'blog' plugin, I am not sure how well they will integrate with one another or how an interface to facilitate that would look. I'll give some thought to it, though.

    @ash & @elggboy: I've addressed the 'blog' integration issue above. As for group integration, I do have an idea of how that might be possible. It is a reasonably meaty modification, however, so this isn't something I'll be getting to immediately. @everyone: Anyone out there that wants to take that task on, feel free..

    @everyone: Thanks for all the great bug-catching and suggestions!

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