blogextended v1.3.1

Release Notes


 -Compatibility with Elgg 1.5
 - Extend the edit blog view to support before and after description fields.
  - Add support for blog types
  - Add support for assign blog 'ownership' to a group
  - Widget for show blog posts in the profile
  - Overwrite post icon with the group icon (if it is associated to a group)

In this version:

  • Fixed problem with blog preview
  • Compatibility with the itemicon plugin
  • Great plugin!

    But I have one problem. I cant seem to find where to add/edit the "Content types". I was hoping to have a simple interface for it like you have with categories.

    But again, great plugin, just what I needed ;)

  • I found it in /mod/blogextended/start.php. Look for the array:

    $options = array(

    You can edit these or add more - just remember to update the mod/blogextended/languages/en.php file with your changes.

  • hi Diego!

    i have a problem when i have more blog posts...when click on the link PREVIOUS, the pabe is white with only items of blogs

    thanks in advance

  • $options = array( "--"=>elgg_echo("blog:type:other"), "blog:type:news"=>elgg_echo("blog:type:news"), "blog:type:goodpractice"=>elgg_echo("blog:type:goodpractice"), "blog:type:event"=>elgg_echo("blog:type:event"), );


    this actually puts "blog:type:news" etc as a tag

  • Gotten the plugin working quite well but i found a bug.

    When I add a new post I cant use the new blog types. I you click on the blog type it just comes up with:

    Items with tags matching 'Good practice':

    Also is the any chance that you will make it into a something different than a Tag?

    Hoping for an update ;)

  • Is there support for adding blog comments to the river dashboard?

    For example, if a user posts a comment on a page or discussion group, the river dashboard includes a notice: "<user> has posted a new comment on this discussion topic | <topic title/link>."  It would be really nice to be able to do the same for comments on blog posts.


  • Great module but I found a little (big) bug a while back and I was wondering if it has been fixed. I discovered that if a user has attached a blog to a group and the group is deleted, the entire site will stop working until Blog Extended is disabled or the offending blog post is deleted from the database.

  • Thanks for the plugin.  I would like to see blog postings to groups get added to the river.  Right now if someone posts a blog to a group, there are no notifications sent out and it does not appear in the group's RSS feed.

  • I can confirm that the bug that Justin Hacker reported exists!  Here's a workaround that I am using:

    In mod/blogextended/views/default/object/blog.php line 63 and 64, protect them with:

      if (!empty($content_owner)) {
          $link = '<a href="'.$content_owner->getURL().'">'.$content_owner->name.'</a>';
          echo '<span class="content_owner_item">  ('.sprintf(elgg_echo("publish:for"),$link).')</span>';

    This seems to fix the breaking of the blog pages.

  • I wish you wonderful plugin creators would use zip files, instead of tar. I haven't found a source to open tar files for windows. Anyone know of such a FREE program? - Thanks


  • I don't use windows myself, but you could try this ( advice.

    no warranties - implied or otherwise :-)

  • 7 Zip works fine with tar files and many other kinds of compression files. It can be obtained at most reputable download sites and its home site is

  • hi Diego

    I wonder is there a fixed number of groups that you can "assign" blog posts to? On the assign drop-down I can only assing to 11 groups but I am the owner of about 20  Ch Bob

  • Hi - installed this neato mod, and notice that the widget on the groups page for Group Blogs is not consistant with the other widgest on the group pages when the group has no blogs.

    The other widgets have a div wrapping the contents empty message. They use a <div class="forum_latest"> - there may be a better class, but that is what they use.

    I fixed it by changing the file blogextended/views/default/groups/groupcontents.php file to look like this from line 22:

    else {

    echo '<div class="forum_latest">';

    echo elgg_echo("group:contents:empty");

    echo '</div>';


    Works for me :-)

    good mod.

  • I wonder is there a fixed number of groups that you can "assign" blog posts to? On the assign drop-down I can only assing to 11 groups but I am the owner of about 20  Ch Bob

    By default, the function that populates the dropdown list will only get 10 groups (plus My profile = 11).

    In the blogextended/views/default/groups/groupselector.php file, lin 29:

    $objects = get_entities_from_relationship("member",page_owner(),false,"group");

    can be changed to

    $objects = get_entities_from_relationship("member",page_owner(),false,"group","","","",100);

    to give 100 groups - which should be enough for anybody :-)

    Of course, you should change this in your theme.



  • Category: Misc
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 4721
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