Simple BlueWhite Theme v1.5

Release Notes

Updated theme to Elgg v1.5 ie. It requires Elgg version 1.5. If you are still running Elgg v1.2 please use the previous version of this theme.

It also includes css overrides for all the Elgg full-package plugins (blog, categories, custom_index, external pages, file, groups, members, notifications, profile, thewire, twitter etc.).

Once unzipped and copied to your /mod directory, log-in as Admin, go to Tool Administration, and use the controls to move the theme plugin to the bottom of the plugin list (so that it loads last). Making a change to the plugin list order will force the sites cache to be updated - so the new theme is displayed (or you can run upgrade.php to rebuild the sites cache).


simple elgg theme example

  • I don't even know why i have uploaded and enabled this shit plugin...usually I just change the sportlight manually....I guess i was becoming a litlle lazy ;-) ...and messed it up...hahahah!

  • @Pete Harris
    For some reason the Latest Activity doesnt show up on my site's front page, any help?

  • Maybe, the content posted on your site have the access level 'logged-in' ?

    Please, take a look at the version of Elgg on which the plugin was developed. It might be a compatiblity issue as well.

  • Dear Pete,

    I am a newbie here.

    I have installed your simple blue and white theme

    I want to do some changes, for exmaple : change site logo into my logo then add background to header ( the area which site logo and website name reside)

    Could you please kindly advice how to do that


    Many thanks in advance Pete


    Best Regards,





  • @fellowchirps To change your logo there should be a logo.png or similar named file in your mods/[THEME NAME] /views/default/graphics

    To change background colors you can look int he css.php file.

    I am not pete but that may help you


  • Like the theme. Very clean. Well done.

    However the css file refers to some background images that do not exist.

    Any idea?

    #owner_block {
         // background: url(<?php echo $vars['url']; ?>_graphics/owner_block_back.jpg) no-repeat left top;
        /* border-bottom:1px dashed #cccccc; */


  • Hello: I need help. I use this pluggin and I want remove the links below on the main page: pages, groups and files. Where is the css whit the links?

    Thank you


  • hello thanks for the great plugin!

    my question

    i have one problem with this plugin and Extandafriend 1.7.x Plugin can not display this functions. With default Theme its no problems. Thanks for your help. Edit friend in a friend profile can not open via Javascript void.

    Thanks for your help


  • for me its not coming good, no error in activating plugin but i donno site is looking like i deactivated it...any idea how can i get this plugin work for my site 

  • i like this theme, but it doesn't work at 1.8.16


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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