Group extended v2.5

Release Notes

This plugin provides the following features:

  • Extra type
  • Members management
  • Groups as members (aka subgroups)
  • Global feature enable/disable (forums, pages, files)
  • Handle group icon with the proportional resize against square icons.
  • Version 2.5
    • Compatibility with Elgg 1.5
    • Removed friend/picker.php in favor the default implementation.
  • Version 2.4
    • Added support for change the default square icons for groups
  • Version 2.3
    • Updated event hook to be complaint with the new events introduced in SVN
  • Version 2.2
    • Removes group profile as user profile views it will available in grouplayout plugin
  • Version 2.1
    • Updates for work with the new features added to groups in Elgg (2531)
    • Added global configuration for enable/disable:
      - Group forums
      - Group pages
      - Group files
    • Modified the invite friends page for let you invite groups as group members
    • Group membership management
  • Version 2.0
    • Bug fixing
    • Added the group as profile view to mimic the profile layout view README file for instructions
  • Version 1.0
    • Initial release
  • @Diego -- This is a great plugin, thanks for the extended functionality.  I'd like to implement ONLY the groups-as-members (subgroups) code.  Any suggestions on what changes I should make to the stock "groups" plugin to make that happen?

  • Your change notes suggest that you got rid of the friends/picker view, I assume in the invite friends & groups page. However, that page still uses the picker. Am I missing something here? I'd actually prefer a view other than the picker and had been wrestling with building my own different version of the page for awhile with no luck. Did I miss an update? I've downloaded the latest code...

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

  • What is this function: "Groups as members (aka subgroups)"? Does it mean that a group can be a member of a group ? But then how to add a group as member of a group ?

  • @tmc_angel: 'I just found problem with "Latest Discussion".'

    I am getting the same - after turning modules on and off and messing about - then I saw your post :-)

    I think the line:

    if(get_plugin_setting("enableforum","groupextended")=="yes" && $vars['entity']->forum_enable == 'yes')

    should be

     if(get_plugin_setting("forum_enable","groupextended")=="yes" && $vars['entity']->forum_enable == 'yes'){


  • @vandenprout: actually I'm also thinking about this. I guess, it the functionality to use the categories as I also did not find a way to create a group as a member of an existing group - which would be damn cool!

  • @Clemens:found a way to have a group as a member of an existing group: you have to Invite People to the group and there you can choose groups

  • Hi Diego,

    We are working with your plugin group extended for Elgg. We are building a researcher network where we have two sets of groups one is called initiatives and the other is called projects.

    We would like to have a flow where a user can click on initiative and be able to add an initiative and all the functionality associated with the initiaive(group) like discussion forum etc

    Simliarly when he clicks on Projects he should be able to see a menu called "Create a new project" and all the other functionality associated with project(group).

    Is there some way by which I can pass a variable "project" throughout, which when entered into the database as group type "project".

    Please help





  • I'm also working on Group Extended to extend group funcionalities further.

    I need different Group Types should have different fields, like Facebook does for pages.

    For example, "musicians" type has the filelds "genre", "city", "label", etc. The type "shops" has "address", "categories", "owner", "closing time" etc

    Our idea is to connect some fields to each type. Those fields are shown in the group creation/modification form dinamically when I select a type (via very simple javascript) and added to the group entity as metadata.

    If you have suggestions you're welcome.

  • when i create a group with group type network then its showing like this

    Test Network


    But i dont want the type to be shown below the group name. Can any one help me in this.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi,

    I think this plugin is exactly what I have been looking for.  In particular the subgroup function.  I would like to have admin create the groups, the users create subgroups.  That way my sports network can work with 'Types of Sport' as groups (eg groups 'Archery', 'Badminton', 'Cricket') - each created by Admin, and then users can create their 'Team/Club' subgroup (eg 'Cae Archers' under 'Archery' group etc)

    Is there a way of doing this?


  • does anyone know how i would go about adding a new field to the group profile?

    Thanks for your help!

  • look at the form - flexprofile plugin.

  • Having a headache here I hope somebody can shed  some light on it.


    My config.php is below, but every time I put it in place, it messes up my icons, not just the group image, but my user topbar image too :-\

          $options = array(

  • I tried this mod, but as other stated it removed my 'group discussion' and also broke my images from my izap video player.

    Is there an updated vs. to this?

    also: should it get fixed.. how do you get your new group to join an existing group?

    I"m trying to do for my church like this:

    1-church main group

    ----childrens ministries group

    ----men's ministries group

    ----women's ministries group

    So I am trying to create a group where a person who comes to it, can easily access all the 'child' groups on the same page.

    I currently use wordpress a lot and simply use categories for my groups there, so one website can easily cater to all of the church sub-groups, and it makes everything easy to find. I am even able to style each category totally different, mainly colors, so a person always knows what 'category' they are in within the blog.

    I'm trying to replicate this concept with elgg, but having zero luck so far.

  • hum, how would I go about making this so that I can create a group that is complete private, no one can see it or join it without the group creator inviting them to it?

  • there is a problem when deleting group members: if I don't click to choose any member and press the button "Remove from group", it will show a blank page. It is similar to the 'messages' plugin delete problem, hope you fix this.

  • hi Diego,

                   i am having only one radio button to create Groups called Program areas...

                    i want to checked or selected by default

                    how can i do this

                     what i have done is...

    function groupextended_fields($hook, $entity_type, $returnvalue, $params){

    $options = array(elgg_echo("groupextended:type:program area")=>groupextended:type:program area);

      //External configuration for now
        @require_once (dirname(__FILE__))."/config.php";
      $fields = array_merge(array('group_type'=>array("radio",$options)),$returnvalue);
      return $fields;

    It just showing without checked or selected.

    pls tell can i make this radio button default checked or selected...

    pls remember i have only one radio button.

    pls this is very urgent issue...pls help me...

    how to make is possible

    Thank you..








  • start.php line 200:

      ini_set('memory_limit', '1024M');

    Is this really needed??


  • Hi, I am starting to experiment with Elgg and really liked your plugin (esp the groups in groups feature). However, installing it on Elgg 1.6 seems to break the ability to create new groups - I get the error Form is missing __token or __ts fields when trying to create a new group and when I disable the plugin everything works fine.

    Is this a problem with my set-up or the plugin is just not yet compatible with 1.6? If the latter, are you planning on upgrading it?

  • Im using v1.6.1 get same error Form is missing __token or __ts fields 


  • Works for me with 1.6.1. At least member management. I placed it before the groups plugin. Hope that helps someone.

  • Hi - just looking at the module for elgg 1.6.1. When editing a group, I get Form is missing __token or __ts fields

    I have added:

    <?php echo elgg_view('input/securitytoken'); ?>

    to the the views/default/forms/groups/edit.php file in my theme, just below the the <form  tag. Seems to have fixed the problem for now .... time to start testing some more :-)


    <form action="<?php echo $vars['url']; ?>action/groups/edit" enctype="multipart/form-data" method="post">
    <?php echo elgg_view('input/securitytoken'); ?>


  • Works perfect for me,  edited groupextended/views/default/forms/groups/edit.php

    just as you suggested, and now it will work with elgg 1.6.1

    Great work Don, thanks again.


  • Hi

    i have created added groups extended to elgg 1.6.1 and applied the security token fix, but when i have created a group and go to the groups page and click on the link underneath the group name "organization" for example. i get the message "Items with tags matching 'Organization':" then no results are retuned, correct me if im wrong but i would have expected this to list all groups that have been created under the organization category.. if this is not the case how could i see a list of all groups under a particular category.



  • Private Groups - did not notice this in elgg 1.5, so may be 1.6.x specific ...

    The mod/groups/views/default/forms/groups/edit.php has from line 58:


        if (get_plugin_setting('hidden_groups', 'groups') == 'yes')

                <?php echo elgg_echo('groups:visibility'); ?><br />
                $this_owner = $vars['entity']->owner_guid;
                if (!$this_owner) $this_owner = get_loggedin_userid();
                $access = array(ACCESS_FRIENDS => elgg_echo("access:friends:label"), 1 => elgg_echo("LOGGED_IN"), 2 => elgg_echo("PUBLIC"));
                $collections = get_user_access_collections($this_owner);
                if (is_array($collections))
                    foreach ($collections as $c)
                        $access[$c->id] = $c->name;
                echo elgg_view('input/access', array('internalname' => 'vis', 'value' =>  ($vars['entity']->access_id ? $vars['entity']->access_id : ACCESS_PUBLIC), 'options' => $access));


    which is to enable private (invisible) groups. To add this option to the extended group, this needs to be added to the file mod/groups/views/default/forms/groups/edit.php. I added it at line 64 after the Public/private group select list:

                <?php echo elgg_echo('groups:membership'); ?><br />
                <?php echo elgg_view('input/access', array('internalname' => 'membership','value' => $vars['entity']->membership, 'options' => array( ACCESS_PRIVATE => elgg_echo('groups:access:private'), ACCESS_PUBLIC => elgg_echo('groups:access:public')))); ?>


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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