Group extended v2.5

Release Notes

This plugin provides the following features:

  • Extra type
  • Members management
  • Groups as members (aka subgroups)
  • Global feature enable/disable (forums, pages, files)
  • Handle group icon with the proportional resize against square icons.
  • Version 2.5
    • Compatibility with Elgg 1.5
    • Removed friend/picker.php in favor the default implementation.
  • Version 2.4
    • Added support for change the default square icons for groups
  • Version 2.3
    • Updated event hook to be complaint with the new events introduced in SVN
  • Version 2.2
    • Removes group profile as user profile views it will available in grouplayout plugin
  • Version 2.1
    • Updates for work with the new features added to groups in Elgg (2531)
    • Added global configuration for enable/disable:
      - Group forums
      - Group pages
      - Group files
    • Modified the invite friends page for let you invite groups as group members
    • Group membership management
  • Version 2.0
    • Bug fixing
    • Added the group as profile view to mimic the profile layout view README file for instructions
  • Version 1.0
    • Initial release
  • Just noticed that when I invite a member to a group they are automatically added. There doesn't seem to be any accept/decline procedure.

  • Hi Peder, you have a syntaxt error:

    Try with this:

      $options = array(


  • I am trying to display a list of groups in an extra tab on the 'Groups' home page using a tag created by the categories from this plugin ('Network').

    I've sorted the tab and just seem to be struggling to display the list of groups:

    // Get objects
        $context = get_context();
        if ($tag != "")
            $objects = list_entities_from_metadata('tags',$tag,'group',"","", $limit, false);
                case "newest":
                $objects = list_entities('group',"", 0, $limit, false);
                case "pop":
                $objects = list_entities_by_relationship_count('member');
                case "active":
                $objects = list_entities_from_annotations("object", "groupforumtopic", "group_topic_post", "", 40, 0, 0, false, true);
                case "network":
                $objects = list_entities_from_metadata('???????????????');
                case 'default':
                $objects = list_entities('group',"", 0, $limit, false);

    This is the bit I just can't figure out (????????????????):

    case "network":
                $objects = list_entities_from_metadata('???????????????');

  • Finding the fact that the Group Discussions don't show beneath the group profile a real problem.

    Also the ON/OFF button switched all my groups discussions OFF and I now have to go back and switch them all back on manually.


  • hi Diego, the plug-in is great, thankyou! Actually it solves a catgorization issue we have had. Just wish we could add more group types!!! /Peder

  • You can. Look back through this thread and it there's a really good example.

  • I have a small problem. When I select a group type e.g. 'Organisation', it shows up correctly in the list of groups, right below the group name, but on the group profile page it does not show up. I just get:

    Group type:

    All other fields on the profile page get populated correctly. The group extended plugin is listed after the groups plugin, tried to deactivate several other plugins but it did not help.

  • @Peder

    Actually, that wasn't the only syntax effor.  Missing some commas as well.  Try this instead:

      $options = array(



  • @Till: I have the same issue, do you also run into an error when you try to change the group settings?

    Does anybody else have the 2 problems I reported further up?

  • Change the language file as well (<snooty> just like Diego said earlier in the comments </snooty>)




  • This is a great plugin -- thanks so much for it, Diego.

    I'm wondering how it might be possible to combine this with Kevin Jardine's "Forms" plugin suite.  Right now I'm forced to choose and it's like trying to decide which child I love more!  :-)

  • Hi, can somebody explain in a few words what the difference is between the "Networks" and "Organizations" default groups in functionality?


  • @Dahaniel Changing the group settings works in my installation.

  • @db: don't know which changes you mean, I created a languagefile but still don't see the "Group type" field filled, like Till.

    @Till: I get the error when I try to enable pages etc. in the plugin settings, not in the group itself. I think I didn't make that clear.

    So I cant enable discussions,files or pages in the plugin settings. When I create a new group however the options appear...


    Allow group as group members? Ja Nein

    Crop group icon to an square? Ja Nein

    Enable group discussion Ja Nein

    Enable group files Ja Nein

    Enable group pages Ja Nein

  • sorry, when i copied the text it showed the select boxes with the right values. so the three "enable" options are all "Nein" or "No" and when i set them to yes I run into an error, the option is not saved.

  • Also latest discussions are not shown on groupprofile when I have the plugin enabled.

    Here I run into the error when saving changes in th plugin settings:


  • Hello at me a small question on a plug-in groups 1.5 and Group extended 2.5

    When you create group open for Join, then you create page with reading \writing only for this group -> all ок.

    But when you create Closed for Join group and you create page with access on reading/writing only for this group-> then all users of this group except the founder cannot view \edit this page.
    If to put on page access "Registered users" then it is possible without consisting in group will edit\view page (knowing the link to it)

  • Hi

    I just found problem with "Latest Discussion".

    If file forum_latest.php located in /mod/groupextended/views/default/groups/ 12-th string is

    if(get_plugin_setting("enableforum","groupextended")=="yes" && $vars['entity']->forum_enable == 'yes')


    This "get_plugin_setting("enableforum","groupextended")=="yes"" dont return any value.


    So, this is a problem.

    Now i have this string:

    if($vars['entity']->forum_enable == 'yes')

    And all work corrctly.

    P.S. Sorry for my English =)

  • If anyone still have problem with empty "Group type"

    Here is solution:

    In file /mod/group/views/default/groups/groupprofile.php add this code:


    echo elgg_view('output/tags', array('tags' => elgg_echo($vars['entity']->group_type),'object'=>'group'));



     echo "<p class=\"{$even_odd}\">";

    echo "<b>";

    echo elgg_echo("groups:{$shortname}");

    echo ": </b>";

    echo elgg_view("output/{$valtype}",array('value' => $vars['entity']->$shortname));


  • @ tmc_angel


    I can't find this location " /mod/group/views/default/groups/groupprofile.php" but I am able to find this location "/mod/groups/views/default/groups/groupprofile.php" but on this file there is no such code as you mention.

    2. How can I create sub-groups


    Thanks a lot

  • oops I am able to find the code in "/mod/groups/views/default/groups/groupprofile.php" and works as you said after modification but can you guide me how can i create sub-groups.


  • i m four post in the forum but it is not showing on the frontpage of the group ...

  • Hi there!

    Sorry for off-topic post, but i`m wondering, if someone could provide me with some hints, or even help, how I could create a custom group plugin. The problem, I'm facing, is, that I need to build a site with the standard group functionalities AND with customized group functionalities (more fields, customized  widgets, etc.) running side by side.  Though excellent work, the Group extendend Plugin and/or Flexgroupprofile are not giving me what is needed.  I even tried to play around with the core group.php (yes, I know, a no-go), in copying&customizing it, along with customizing the standard group plugin and adding a further entity to the database (again, a no-go), without any success.  Maybe someone is around here, who is able to pu me on the right track. Help is very much appreciated! Thanks in advance.

  • hi - i tried to install this plugin but am given the message: "GroupsExtended is a misconfigured plugin"

    anyone else run into this?

    or can anyone recommend how I can send a 2nd invite to a user for a group? - I can't seem to figure out how to get around the below:

    1. group owner invites user to group

    2. user loses email

    3. group owner tries to invite the user to group again

    4. message: "User has already been invited to the group" displays

    How do I invite the user again? Probably a little off topic.. but can't find any documenation on what to do when this happens - and I was hoping this plugin would help... but it doesn't want to work with my intall - 1.5


  • @brooklyntam - Check to be sure that the groupsextended files actually appear under /mod/groupsextended/{AllTheFiles}.  If you have a second groupsextended folder, like this: /mod/groupsextended/groupsextended/{AllTheFiles}, you'll get this very error.  This happens when you unzip the archive directly into the /mod folder.


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 9044
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