Tagcloud Plugin v1.5

  • Hay guys, I got Tag Cloud working on the dashboard! Go to ..



    add this code to the end of the file .. right at the end.

    <?php if(is_plugin_enabled('tagcloud')){ ?> <!-- display latest tags --> <div class="index_box"> <h2>Tag cloud</h2> <div class="contentWrapper") <?php echo frontpage_tagcloud(25);//this will display tags ?> </div> </div> <?php } ?>

    and now it shows up nicely on the river dashboard under members.



    I still cant get it to show properly on the members page .. just comes up blank. i STILL need help on why that could be happening.

  • Thats the RiverDashboard by the day.

  • I have the same situtation as Sim2K: I have the Tag Cloud on my River dashboard but it is empty of tags. 

    I have put this code at the bottom of newestmember.php (I know I should make a new view :)

            <!-- display latest tags -->
            <div class="sidebarBox">
                <div class="contentWrapper")
                    echo frontpage_tagcloud(25);//this will display tags
    <?php } ?>

    Am I missing something obvious?  I am new to elgg, totally digging it but bumping around in the dark a little still.

    Many thanks for any help!

  • Got it working - thanks for this plug-in!

    @Sim2k: my problem was that the tags were attached to content that was not properly visible.

  • @ HatHead

    No, tags for the whole site show up FINE for im custom_index and on my River Dashboard. Its individual tags that dont show up.


    @ CASH

    The code im using for individual user tags are   -  
    echo display_tagcloud(1, $num_items, 'tags', 'object', '', page_owner());
    If i change "1" to "0", i get some tags show up, but im sure i have more than 3 tags on objects set to public. Does it pull in tags from TidyPics?
    When a tag is clicked on the users page, does it only show up their content or for the whole site? Just their content would be great as im looking to see what the user has been up to on the site by clicking their tags.


    Great plugin though, looks great on the front page and the river dashboard.

  • Tags on images do not show up because the images are owned by the albums rather than the user. I think this will be changed in a future version of Tidypics.

  • @ CASH

    Thanks. But pics in TidyPics that are tagged show up if im running your tag plugin for the whole site but not when you run it for a individual pages.

    I love you rplugin though its a great way to see what people are putting up content about on your site and see what a person is interested in by the personal tag cloud on their page.

    I have the Tag search cloud working nicely, another plugin, and trying to get the Tag Autocomplete, another plugin to work then all will be fine.

  • That's correct - for the site every tag is shown regardless of owner (depending on permissions of course).

  • @cash Ok, I installed this plugin and I have 1 tag with a link displayed on the custom_index page of my elgg web site, when i visited the tag link i get the following message and nothing else, no list of items tagged with 'trainers'

    Items with tags matching 'trainers':

    I'm using Elgg 1.6.1 with Tagcloud 1.5


  • This plugin does not build the page. It only provides the link. It should provide the same page (more or less) as typing the tag into the search box.

    So far I haven't noticed any problems running on 1.6.1

  • Hi, am new to elgg and run elgg on v1.7 but I need to know how to install the plugins on to my site via http://www.katchee.com


  • works very well with "custom_index" :) thanks 

  • @cash  i try to display tags in random colors

    modified view/default/output/tagcloud.php   

    from line 46 <code>

    function random_color(){


        $c = '';


            $c .= sprintf("%02X", mt_rand(0, 255));


        return $c;


    foreach($vars['tagcloud'] as $tag) {

    if (!empty($cloud)) $cloud .= ", ";

    $size = round((log($tag->total) / log($max)) * 100) + 30;

    if ($size < 60) $size = 60;

    $cloud .= "<a href=\"" . $vars['url'] . "search/?tag=". urlencode($tag->tag) . $object . $subtype . "\" style=\"font-size: {$size}%; color: {random_color()}\" title=\"".addslashes($tag->tag)." ({$tag->total})\" style=\"text-decoration:none;\">" . htmlentities($tag->tag, ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8') . "</a>"; }

    echo $cloud;



    then my custom_index 
    $tagcloud = frontpage_tagcloud(70);
    echo("<br /><div style='border:5px;border-style:solid;border-color:black;width:380px;height:250px;background-color:white'><center><h3>Tags Cloud</h3></center><br />$tagcloud</div><br />");
    but still tagvloud display all tags in theme link color 
    could you help please ??
  • Can someone plz, in layman's terms, explain how to get tagcloud to work so that it's all 3d orbit-y and what not? Like this:


  • @mikejkelley - that is a different plugin - tag cumulus

  • Hello, thanks for this plugin.

    However, i've got a problem with my 1.7 version. I'm new with ELGG, and I don't know why, when I activate the plugin, it give the message "tagcloud is a non configured plugin"




  • Hi, 

    I'm getting some strange tags on the tag widget, like /var/www/html/elggdata/ElggDiskFilestore1031

    do you know why are this tags appearing? 

    thanks cash for all of your help!


  • What version of Elgg are you using?

  • @Vidou - very odd. No one has reported that before. I use an Elgg function to get a list of the tags so it sounds like Elgg is returning the wrong data. Now, I know that Elgg 1.5/1.6 had this really strange bug that could cause this and it was fixed in Elgg 1.7. 

    I would like you to try two things:

    • Make sure you have tagged something (create a blog post or something and add a tag to it)
    • Edit /engine/lib/metastrings.php
      • Around line 30
      • Find this code: $result = array_search($string, $METASTRINGS_CACHE);
      • Replace with this: $result = array_search($string, $METASTRINGS_CACHE, true);
  • @Cash

    I already tagged some pages, these tags are appearing, though I also get that other strange data.

    I tried editing the metastrings.php filem but after editing it my site won't load. 



  • sorry, the tag cloud won't work in the Index widgetization page. 

    But when I add the Tag cloud widget on my  desktop or my profile it works fine. I can't figure out why this is happening...



  • hi cash, i have some doubt in this tag cloud. i have just used this get tag function in my left sidebar manually(not using this plugin). its works fine. but it shows unwanted , , Html, , VisualBasic, Javascript, CssC, C++, Java, , ASP.NETMysql, Oracle, Microsoft Access, XMLSocial Learning, Social Media, Social Commerce, Social MarketingManual. how can i fix this issue


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