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Release Notes

This plugin was written for Elgg 1.2 and has not been tested in 1.5 (yet).

It is designed to encourage a user to complete their profile questions. In Elgg sites with custom profiles that may have a large number of fields (for demographic purposes or whatever), this plugin is particularly useful. If used in conjunction with the Default Widgets plugin, the profile nagger can appear on every user's page by default.

Installation is as typical for plugins in Elgg 1.2, just drop this in the /mod directory, then enable the plugin via the tool administration screen. If you have the 'Default Widgets' plugin installed, you can then set the nagger to be one of the defaults.

Feel free to modify and enhance. This plugin could probably be extended to do much more.

  • Sending emails to remind people they need to complete there profile

  • Thanks for the input, Ash. This plugin is just a start and kind of passive in its current form.

    It certainly could be made much more pesky. I thought about implementing an email mechanism but wasn't sure about the interval or how to manage that.

    Feel free to add functionality.

  • john: wonder if yr plugin can force the user to add an image to his profile too, or just for profile fields?



  • Cabaz88,

    At present, it only checks for the profile fields. Good point, though. I will look into somehow detecting if the user has put up a profile icon.

    I originally created this plug-in for a project I was working on so the spec was limited in its scope.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

  • I have test it with 1.5 - OK... is the best - no bug see :) Thank you

  • This is good plugin. Nagging is good. What could be better: restrict access to site content / sections, based on how much or what they complete. For instance, they cannot send messages to other users until they have a profile foto.  This is an alternate plugin, maybe.  But a nagger is a great start!  And thank you!  Look forward to new versions!!  We support your efforts!

  • Good Looking plugin' Too bad it will not show up on users who are already registered on the site

  • What happens when it it's 100% - will it go away?  I think it's a great start.

  • @jerome: Good to hear that it works in 1.5. I figured it probably would. However, I haven't got 1.5 running in my dev environment at work yet, so I hadn't verified that for myself. There isn't much to the nagger so I was optimistic.

    @Ukr Programmer: Awesome input! All good ideas. I've written a beefier version of this plugin, but it is very specific to the project it was concieved for. (For instance, It lets the user slide on some of my fields, i.e. Middle Initial, Suffix, State (for international users) etc.. )

    @the father: Thanks for positive feedback! I noticed the issue you mention in relation to the 'default widgets' plugin. That's actually a bug in that plugin, as opposed to my 'profile nagger'. It is annoying and I have explored some approaches to it, but haven't found anything conclusive yet. At the moment work has me busier than I'd like...

    @david moon: At the moment, the plugin just indicates that you have completed your profile. It should go away though, that is a good idea.  (@everyone) Any thoughts on how that might work from the community here?

    Thanks for all the input, everyone! -John

  • Just an FYI, I have uploaded a new version of this plugin to address a non-trivial bug I discovered in the widget view file. It seems the widget didn't function properly if viewed on a profile by a user other than the profile owner.

    This issue has been addressed in the newer version. For anyone that is already using this version in their site, please download the .zip of the new one and then replace the following file in your current install with the new one: mod/profile_nagger/views/default/widgets/profile_nagger/view.php..

    The change comprises just a few lines fo code, but sometimes that's all it takes!

  • @John: Nice plugin. I had a couple thoughts on this. First one is a link to the edit profile page right next to the progress bar.  I was also thinking of using a lightbox. That would slide out from the side of the page when a users logs in. Reminding them to finish their profile. 

  • Anyway to get it to show for existing users?

  • @ClubUgly: Unfortunately, if you are using profile nagger with the 'default widgets' plug-in, the widgets you set as defaults only show up for users who have created their accounts after you have made those changes. This is a flaw in the 'default widgets' plug-in, not my Profile Nagger. One work-around would be to alter the user details php file to include my nagger code in it.

    Also, I have a newer version of this plugin here Profile Nagger , so download that one if you haven't already.

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