Wall to Wall Messageboard Addon v1.5

  • Nice!!!  Works perfectly on  1.5 no problems so far.

  • thanks, a useful fuction.

    do you have an idea how to put messageboard in riverdashboard page? antifmradio proposed a new plugin, and it's a good idea...but not possible a little hack in riverdashboard plugin with a file that calls messageboard like it is for the wire and new members ?!?!?!

    thanks in advance for help if you can.

  • @lord55 - look at how the thewire was integrated with the riverdashboard and then use that as a model. I'm not sure what use integrating the messageboard will be though since the riverdashboard can only be viewed by its owner.

  • Cash this pluggin looks nice, I have one suggestion, we can have still the history link in the message board and another link to view your conversation which when clicked popups a new window like that for embeding file with tiny mce in new elgg. Orkut is using such a thing for their scrapbook. so that we can see other messages and our communications also.

  • Good stuff, works perfectly on 1.5.

  • Cash you seem to have your shit together!

  • This was exactly what I was looking for, Thanks. I have uploaded and seated it just below the message board and enabled it. So far I can not see any change to the board. Seems I am missing something. Will keep checking as I really need this.


  • @kipper - If you are using this on a test site that only has one user, you won't notice anything. The "wall to wall" link only displays when users have posted on other users' message boards.

  • Thanks Cash, thought I was going crazy. So you have to be invited by the user to post on their wall?

    I'll set up another user and play about. (It's so important to me to get this working as 300 of my potential users are already facebook users)


  • Got it. Forget last question.

    Only thing I can't work out is if the posted messages between two people can be seen by everyone.


    thanks, great plug in.

  • @kipper - It depends on how you define everyone. Elgg has four base permissions levels (private, friends only, logged in users, public). When you setup your site you selected a sitewide default permission level. Each user can override that by changing the permission on the messageboard widget. That should determine who can see what. When testing, I often have several different browsers open at once (IE, FF, Opera, etc) with one not logged in, one logged in but not a friend, another logged in and a friend of a particular user that I'm testing with.

  • Cash,

    Thanks for that. I had missed that site wide default setting - now on logged in users.

  • Once enabled, where does this show up?  I don't see it in the tools menu, or in the widget gallery? I'm probably missing something that should be obvious.


  • @pwb70: take a look at the messageboard widget and look for the words "wall to wall". ;)

  • @Dagorath Thats the pointer I needed. :-)

    Is there a widget here that will search for pwb70 so I can tell when someone has replyed to my comments :-)!!! (So many widgets to write, so little time.)

  • @pwb70 - unfortunately there is nothing like that yet. The easiest way to build this is to allow a user to register for comment threads they are interested in. This could be done through a relationship. When new comments are added, the notification code checks to see if anyone has established a "track" relationship on the entity.

  • can't get to show up, anything im missing?

  • there is an incompatibility with elgg 1.6.1

    The widget is not listed

    Can you help us ?


  • @Markshr and @enadri - You need to read the instructions at the top. This changes functionality of the messageboard plugin that comes with Elgg. If you don't have the messageboard plugin enabled, you won't see any changes. You need to have at least two users to see what it does with one commenting on the other person's messageboard. And yes, it works just fine with Elgg 1.6.1

  • Althought I have enabled the messageboard plugin, I can't find the message board on anyone's profile page at all.

  • I'm sorry, the message board is a widhet.

    But I can't find the difference between the walltowall enabled view/page and the walltowall disabled view/page.

  • I'm sorry, this is very important!

    You need to have at least two users to see what it does with one commenting on the other person's messageboard.



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