SimplePie RSS Feed Integrator v0.2

  • Unfortunately, I do not see the ietem on the widget-gallery when  try to update my profile layout after the installation!

  • hi! any updates to 1.7? I've tried it in 1.7 and when I add a feed the missing token error appears.





  • Hi superalex! I'm interested in your modifications, could you send them to me?



  • This plugin works for Elgg 1.7

  • thanks cash for the quick answer. any idea why I could be getting the  "Form is missing __token or __ts fields" error?



  • Elgg handles saving data for widgets. The plugin doesn't have to do anything. You should see the same problem with all your widgets then. Why is it happening? I'd guess something is wrong with your install or server. If you can get this error to occur on any other widgets, best to post this to the Technical Support Group.

  • @Peter Van Tienen , that is depricated and invalid code. jfyi. Besides, changing default browser behavior that users are used to is a rather bad thing. If _they_ want to open the link in a new win, then can hold down, ctrl, shift, right click or whatever their browsers i capable of. Cheers.

  • i tried it on 1.7 and it works fine .. i have some pointers .. 1- can you make the links open in new page instead of the same? 2- is there a way to let the user have the plugin in it's own page which is accessable from profile/dashboard page and the user can add lots of feeds and seperate them by site/category and each site can have more than just one feed .. like can have tabs for U.S , africa, world each tab with it's related feeds ... hope this ruff pic i made in mspaint explains what i mean  "i'm at net cafe and that's all i have now :)"



  • @Kareem - I've been thinking about the second option. It shouldn't be hard to do.

    For the first one, you could edit the code so that there is a target element in the link.

  • thanks for quick reply Cash .. I'm sure the first option can be fixed specially after i saw "Peter Van Tienen" solution but i was hoping you 'll implement it in next version :) .. as for the second one I'm happy to to know it won't be a problem for you cause i think it would be a great addition and also would give you more space so you can make it full featured " one that don't strip images or videos etc.." .. also if the user can choose privacy on the feeds page "private, friends, etc..." it would be great ...

  • also i wanted to mention that i implemented "@Peter Van Tienen" solotion but changed target from _new to _blank cause _new keeps opening any link in the same new page but _blank opens each link in it's own new page and i think users might wanna look at more than one news at a time..

    @Johan Bouveng after reading your post i was sad to know target was deprecated but after quick search i was happy to know it's No Longer deprecated in HTML5  w3schools and i just wanted to say if "changing default browser behavior that users are used to is a rather bad thing" was true then no one should use CSS ,javascript , Jquiry , or even images cause that is not what user's are used to or cause it was not a default browser years and years ago ...  and thinking that the user should use ctrl, shift, right click is assuming the user actually knows shortcuts .. first thing i learned as designer "always assume the user is a complete ignorate about computer and internet "

  • Hi Cash

    I'd like to give the user the ability to aggregate multiple rss-feeds (delicious, it own blog, Google Reader) and show them somehow on his page (in a sepearte widget, in activitystream, or on a page or in the spotlight).

    Is this possible with your plugin?

    Would you extend it if i would donate some money for this ?

  • @idiotter - this plugin currently only supports RSS feeds on a user's profile/dashboard or a single RSS feed that the site administrator can put anywhere. Users can put as many RSS feeds on their profile as they want.

    I do not do any freelance developing.

  • has anyone had issues with links posted within the blog extending past the box/window?  Wraps correctly in Firefox but extends past the box in IE and Chrome.

  • @Swamprich - that is a css issue for your theme. You'll want to set the overflow parameter on the widegt wrapper div (I don't remember the name offhand but you can find it using Firebug). If you're not familiar with the overflow parameter, W3 has a description of what it is and how to use it.

  • @Cash

    Thank you for your reply. So i can have as many RSS-Feeds as i want? Just dragging the widget there again and again?

    Is there also a possibility to rename the different RSS-Widgets? It doesn't make any sense if all are called Blog. 

  • @idiotter - yes, just keep adding it. I forgot that I haven't updated this plugin in a while. I have a new version where the title is RSS feed. Also, maybe in Elgg 1.7.2, widgets will be able to set their own titles. Until then, you can do it with some jQuery.

  • sadly I don't know jQuery ... anyone could help? 

  • Add simplepie RSS in dashbord group, is possíble. Is important! Thanks.

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