SimplePie RSS Feed Integrator v0.2

  • yay .. thx 4 this good work .. very nice

  • Cash this is working great, gives me what I need on my site. One question, I'd like my new members to already have a populated RSS feed example "green building news feed" using the default widgets.

    Said another way to make clear any new user who logs on has a Pie Feed already loaded with an RRS feed though he can then edit that if he/she likes.

    Any ideas?




  • @TahoeBilly - you could hack the defaultwidgets plugin to do this. It registers for the create user event. When that event is triggered, it adds widgets. You would have to find the SimplePie widget and set the widgets values (url and num_items). You could also write a plugin that runs after the default widgets plugin that does the same thing.

  • Great widget.

    It would be awesome if it could also add to the river. I'm trying to look into it but it's pretty byzantine so far.

    All the best.

  • @em, I don't think using SimplePie to push new blog entries to the activity river is the way to go. You could do it by associating a hash the latest entry title with the widget and every time that changes, push the new title to river. I think the better solution is to write a plugin that accepts pings from blogging platforms and pushes those to the river. See what I mean?

  • Hi Cash, I've got this working on my site perfectly. However, is there a way to place the administrator's newsfeed on the home page, not much of a programmer myself so some pointers will be really appreciated :) .

  • @tcherokee - I'll probably be adding that to the next version if you're willing to wait. Otherwise, you'll have to look at view code for the widget to figure this out.

  • Patience...... not one of my strong suits unfortunately ;) but I'll be patient. I will still take a look at the code just in case I get a eureka moment :) Cheers

  • Hi people,

    Could you tell me if this plugin could be used to deliver news feeds from BBC to my future site users?

    Take a look here... to see their information.

    I'd like to be able to give the feeds to our users from varying BBC categories and topics of news, as it helps to add much needed relevant content to our target users too.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.


  • @Rob - The SimplePie library provides an easy to use interface to RSS and atom feeds. I've used it to provide a simple widget that allows people to include these feeds on their profile. This plugin could be used as a basis for just about anything dealing with news feeds. Try it out.

  • Hi Chas,

    Thanks for the reply. I disabled the other rss plugin I was taking a look at, enabled this one, then cleared elgg settings cache, my own browsers cache, temp files etc and have even tried viewing my site with test accounts rather than my admin one but still can't see it anywhere, any ideas?


  • Orb, as the documentation says the widget is called Blog. You also shouldn't have to disable the other rss plugin. I can't think why they would conflict.

  • Cash I installed your reader and it really works well. I added the image and P tags back in so they would not be stripped and images show just fine. This is just what I have been looking for thanks.

  • Thanks, Terry - In my testing images show fine unless they are larger than widget. I haven't come up with a good solution for that.

  • Hi Cash,

    Appologies for the username typo above. ;)

    I now have both feeds enabled with the relevant google reader api key included and  also your simplepie plugin also enabled now.

    I am correct in thinking there is only the "Compatibility Test" & "Permissions Test for Cache" within admin settings for your plugin?

    Other than the above clarification, can we go back to my post above about how I can go about

    Could you tell me if this plugin could be used to deliver news feeds from BBC to my future site users?

    Take a look here... to see their information.

    I'd like to be able to give the feeds to our users from varying BBC categories and topics of news, as it helps to add much needed relevant content to our target users too.

    It is quite similar to what William was asking above in post #3, I just know where I want to get my rss feeds from, I just don't know how to do the above yet.


  • Rob, you are correct about the settings.

    Regarding your other question, there are many ways to accomplish this. Have you tried adding the widget to your profile and setting it up with one of the BBC feeds? I want to make sure you understand what it does out of the box.

    One idea is to rename the widget and call it "BBC News" and instead of allowing the user to enter in the feed url, offer a pull down list of BBC feeds.

    I think the short answer is that this plugin is probably a 80% solution for your application and you'll have to do some small customizations to make it do exactly what you want.

  • @Cash I wanted to know if you have seen this issue before - This feed comes back with "Feed not found. Check URL" -,LGA,EWR&mc=CAD.  Pasting the url into my browser works fine. Any thoughts?

  • @seunaw - maybe you pasted the link incorrectly? It works fine for me. Do other feeds work for you?

  • Yes the one from travelocity works just fine, I will check to make sure that I pasted it correctly

  • @cash

    Thank you for the detailed reply and whilst the ways around my requirement's are a little sketchy at present, I do understand in my lil brain what you mean and will give it a go and see how I get on.

    So I will take on board your widget renaming idea but whilst I want to use the BBC's feed's in general, I won't call it BBC Feeds just in case I come across other great resources of Ecology RSS Feeds. Then I just have to learn how to turn plugins in to widget's if they are not already done so, another learning curve but thanks. :)

    I suppose never having changed a widgets name before fills me with a little trepidation but then again I do need to do it, as their are other widgets I would like to rename from the standard names, like Kaltura Video's = Eco Share Media or something to that effect.


  • @Rob - the documentation tells you how to change the name of the widget.

  • I'm getting a "simplepie is a misconfigured plugin" error in Elgg 1.5


  • Scratch that! All the file's permissions were horribly wrong, have no idea why!

    Thanks again, Cash!


  • Got it Cash, en.php files, goes for all plugins but then as posted elsewhere I am learning more everyday about elgg and am about to try and create mirror copies of 70+ installed plugins, so any changes I make for the end users can be done in those mirroed copies of the pluigins but it future proofs my install to a degree whenever new updated versions of elgg / plugins come online.

    Thanks for the pointer, much appreciated... just wish me luck in me doing the above right lol!


  • cash this is a great plugin ... just a quick question is there anyway to limit the characters shown in the excerpt ?

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