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This theme is an example theme framework that can be used as a starting point for your own theme work. It requires Elgg version 1.5.

example themeIt includes overrides for all the graphics (default avatars, group icons, river icons, file type icons, widget-picker icons, friends-picker arrows, owner-block icons, avatar menu arrows, etc.).

It also includes css overrides for all the Elgg full-package plugins (blog, categories, custom_index, external pages, file, groups, members, notifications, profile, thewire, twitter etc.).

Once unzipped and copied to your /mod directory, log-in as Admin, go to Tool Administration, and use the controls to move the theme plugin to the bottom of the plugin list (so that it loads last). Making a change to the plugin list order will force the sites cache to be updated - so the new theme is displayed (or you can run upgrade.php to rebuild the sites cache).

If you are looking for a guide on how to upgrade your existing custom theme to v1.5 have a look at this documentation.

  • Look in it for username and password, then change it.

  • Thankyou Pete it works a treat

  • Okay I have started my idiots guide to changing the ELGG theme. Please note this is a work in progress and its designed for those with little knowledge of ELGG or PHP. Comments are welcome..


  • Good theme. But rounded corners not enabled on IE7. If this gets more browser friendly by default, it would be nice.

  • After upgrade to 1.5. I'm have incorrect navigation dispay. In default & theme_elgg_example themes. Look please.



    It's not in dropdown menu. How to fix it?

  • Thank you so much! I made my new elgg site http://cavysociety.com/society based on this, it was so much easier than getting into the core code myself!!

  • Everything seems to work fine except for a user that hasn't uploaded an avatar.  It just shows a white vertical bar.  Go to http://www.illinilounge.com/images/avatar_error.png to see a pic of it.

  • @Crusader: I too have this problem. It appears that in the absence of an uploaded avatar, the theme does not place the default avatar. My profile fields display no avatar either if the member has not uploaded one of their own.

  • @Rithy - error message means userid+password is invalid. are you on hosted server or on PC at home ?

    @Scott - can help you if you post more details re: what you want to do.

  • Hi to all, my 2nd day playing with elgg. Just trying to get my first little contribute:

    @Crusader, @Howard

    open mod/theme_elgg_example/views/default/icon/user/default/topbar.php

    there check if:

        echo $vars['url'] . "mod/theme_elgg_example/graphics/user_icons/defaulttopbar.gif";


    contains the right path, generally if you change the theme name you have to open almost all files to check the for those paths.

  • @rufuz : Many thanks, I missed those suckers, that works a treat. Welcome to Elgg.

  • New here and have a question.

    No idea where to post it exactly.

    While trying to iNSTALL elgg I get this error message.

    "Redirection limit for this URL exceeded. Unable to load the requested page.  This may be caused by cookies that are blocked"

    What does this mean? Can anyone help me?


  • check your htaccess...

    "... htaccess file, because that was supposed to add the "www" part of my domain address (otherwise it comes out as http://mysite.com for example)....:

  • Hi all..

    I've downloaded and enabled the theme.. still working on it.. Does anyone know how to disable the 'Green System Message Notification Bar' that appears after every action?


  • This framework is working really great for me! I have one question on how to edit the index page. I see that new_index.php is the file I want to edit, but it is not included with the theme. I can edit new_index.php in the mod folder, but I can't find a way to override the default.

    Any tips on how to edit the index and make it a perminent change to the theme? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

  • In Internet Explorer the corners of the page aren't rounded? In firefox they work fine....how do I fix this in Internet Explorer?

  • data directory setting Error

    How to resolve above conflict?

  • @thiswell - read the alert message - the data directory must be outside your install path, ie. in biologyp of higher up the directory structure.

    Anyhow, this kind of question has nothing to do with themes, it should be posted in the appropriate channels, and after reading the documentation http://docs.elgg.org/wiki/Installation or even doing a search on this site for 'data directory' would point you in the right direction.

  • Pete, I'm curious why you override all the CSS views instead of extending them via extend_view (actually, using extend_view you could put all overridden CSS settings into a single theme CSS file, which would be far easier to customize than dozens of view files).  For example:

    $background = #E9E9E9;
    // settings from core
    #elgg_topbar_panel { background-color: {$bgcolor} }
    // settings from mod/blog
    #blog_edit_panel { background-color: {$bgcolor} }
    // settings from mod/xyzzy
    #xyzzy_panel { background-color: {$bgcolor} }

    Ideally core would export some standardized variables that could be used by plugins in their CSS (bgcolor, shadow color, hover color, etc), which would obviate the need for any plugin-specific customizations in a new theme.  Alas, that remains a feature request.

  • @Timothy, I simply override all css views with separate files as this is an example theme framework - to be used as a learning / starting point. By having each plugin's theme css separate it makes enabling/disabling/adding additional plugins easy to understand for the beginner. It's the same way Drupal, Wordpress, et al work - although that's not to say it's the best way.

    Currently in Elgg the href link color, header colors, content box styles etc are contained in the main css file (hopefully the majority if not all), the plugins css is mainly specific to the layout of that plugin.

  • @Carlos - don't know if you have already found a way to disable the green message bar but I had the same issue and after a big headache of looking I went to elgg1.5/views/default/messages/messages and deleted both list.php and message.php.  This got rid of the bar.  Hopefully it doesn't cause any problems deleting it, but I created a backup just incase (I'd advise you do the same).  No problems so far though and it never comes up.

    Thought I'd post my findings incase anyone else has the same frustration I had.  Great theme btw!

  • @Sparksd.. Thank you for sharing.. I was still looking for a solution. I'll try give it a go. Thanks again.

  • I wanted to integrate a jpg in default/css body-tag but it isn't working. How can I integrate a background image?

  • Hi, i am new to elgg and I love this template -Thank you!!!  However instead of my website's name the top defaults to "Elgg", any chance to comment on how to change this?


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