Release Notes

*** FEATURES ***

v 0.5 (2009/03/02)

* Questions & Answers pagination (10 answers per page).
* New widget for Questions.

v 0.4 (2008/02/26)

* Activity added to the river. (Questions and answers)
* Ability to open/close questions to question owners or admins.
* The question is shown the first time it's answered.

v 0.3 (2009/02/18)

* One answer per question changed for a list of answers.
* Redirections are more comfortable now after actions.
* River is updated when questions and answers are added.
* Direct link to answers in viewanswers' page.
* Codifications improvements.
* Question's menu not shown any more in spotlight when no user is logged in.(Thanks to Greg Marine).

v 0.2 (2009/02/17)

* Edit questions and answers
* Design and content improvements.
* Email notification to question's owner when its answered.

v 0.1 (2009/02/12)

* Create and delete questions (admins and questions' owners only).
* Answer questions.
* View answers.
* Delete answers (admins and questions' owners only).
* Manage which type of users could access and answer the questions.

*** TO DO ***

* Rate Questions (1-5 or interesting or not).
* Rate Answers (1-5 or helpfull or not).
* Design improvements.
* Any suggestion of improvement or bug correction
  that come from mail or the Elgg Community.


* If installed, remove Question's previous version.
* Copy questions' folder inside mod's folder located in root's elgg installation
* Activate plugin from Tools Administration.


  • Looking good! What is the order of the questions? I have the impression that it is date order or user order (haven't played too much yet).

    Could this be made reverse date order or better yet, configurable?


  • Hi Mark!

    The items are ordered by time_created ascendent. Questions and answers.

    I will study how plugin configuration works, cause i want to make dynamic for admin's choice, items per page, may be the order as you want, and in the future...  with answer rate, it can order the answer from more helpful to less.

    I have a lot of things in mind.

    Thank you for your suggestion!

  • As usual it works like a charm The pagination was needed as we were missing some questions

    Is it possible to have when you list all the questions to have the order come out as the newest  first .Where would I hack this?

    One suggestion but it may be a big one is if there could be a search questions function I would think this plug in would be absolutely complete (so that people wouldn't keep asking the same question).

    Thank You so much for the work you are doing on this it is absolutely brilliant.

  • @df-digital

    sorting in any other order than elgg permits you requires that you retrieve the full array in memory and sort in with php usort where you define a custom sort compare function. I have seen this done in other mods but I can't remember for the moment by heart.

    See here for more info.



  • Can I download this pluin?

  • Got a problem:


    Only the graphics file does not have questions_20.png in the download?????

    Can you point me to or send me the file?

  • goofbucket,

    Hi, can you describe me the use case (step by step) when you had that problem?

    That image doesn't exist. The image-url is generated dynamically, and it looks that a parameter is missing.


  • Now at this moment.  I get a placeholder box with out the image.  I look at the source of the generated page and that is the location it is requesting the image from.

    <div class="questions_title">
       <div class="question_"><img src="http://xxxxxxxxx.xx/mod/questions/graphics/question_20.png" title="questions:status:question" align="left" style="padding-top:3px;" /></div>      Question     </div>
         <div class="clearfloat"></div>

    Now if the question is unlocked I do get openquestion.png just fine.

  • The question was made with previous version of the plugin?

    Old versions doesnt have that attribute, so I think the problem should be there.

    I will try to handle in the next version those problems.

    But does this happen to new questions?

  • I am running a testing website , feel free to test it online:


  • I was thinking the same thing....I will just copy rename openquestion.png and load it back to the graphics folder

    Thank you so much for your time.



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