Requirements Checker v0.5

Release Notes

Checks if your installation has common requirements for Elgg. Tested on elgg 1.2+ and svn rev2880

Works as standard plugin and standalone. Enabling the plugin is not mandatory ;)

Just copy to your plugin folder and go to

Optionally enable the plugin in tools administration.

Any feedback is welcome.


  • To be really useful, this needs to work outside of the Elgg core. The Elgg core requires php5 for example so trying to run this plugin on a server with php4 is not going to tell the user about the problem but give a white screen or incomprehensible error message.

    I recommend stripping the elgg code out and focusing on helping those installing. Maybe they copy the elgg source their server first. Then copy your requirements script into the base elgg directory. They run server/requirements.php and it

    • checks permissions on the elgg root to see if the .htaccess can be written
    • checks the permissions on /engine/ to see if the settings.php file can be opne
    • writes out its own test .htaccess for testing mod_rewrite rules (test using ajax would be best)
    • ajax based database credentials test
    • your current php modules test

    You should be able to do all of this in a single php file.

    Hope this was helpful.

  • Evenso, this is nice for users like me who haven't learned how to work in PHP yet and can't generate test scrips easily. Would've been great to have on my install. Thanks!

  • Cash, thanks for your comments. You are right, but i think that should be integrated into the installer.

    Jules, my main purpose is to help new users with this plugin ;)

    alfalive, elgg documentation does not point json module as optional →


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