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Release Notes

Use the PhpFreeChat in your Elgg installation. Note: v1.2.2 comes with a bunch of new features. This version fixes container handling. To view the full changelog please visit the project homepage.

Please note: There seems to be an issue in the current version: when you open the chat without saving the chat settings at least one time it won't work. I'll fix it sometime

  • After making a new installation I'm unable to activate the plugin.

    When I press "activate" I get a message saying chat plugin is activated, but it stays unactivated.

    It could be a conflict with another plugin (I'm using a few), but I can't see anything that should conflict.

    Anyone has any ideas?

  • My hoster tells me that chat plugin is trying to hang up the server due to high performance requests.

    The plugin works good and the trouble takes place when there are about 10-15 users online. 

    How can I solve this trouble? 

  • Any one know why for the chat page the tool bar at the top will no longer open to display the options?

  • hey I'm trying to use the elgg big brother plugin instead of the built in censor system, what should i do? the big brother plugin is here:

  • there is a problem how can i erease the messeages it's stored for ever it seems

  • how can i erase the messages left in the chat room,

    is they stored for ever?

    i want to get a clean room each time i go in

  • why the messages are left allways in the chat?

    how i can erase them?

  • Hi guys,

    sorry that I kept you waiting for so long, but I hat a lot of things to do at work and to learn for some exams.

    I'll publish a new version this summer (think september is realistic) where I'll try to satisfy the most of your whishes, fix few bugs (like IE8 issues or creating a default chatroom correctly) and finally make it compatible to Elgg 1.5 (there seems to be issues sometimes).. Some new features I could imagine:

    - "option to put the 'chat' link in the 'Tools' drop down menu rather than in the top bar itself" - jededitor ;)

    -  Enable this plugin to work with some censor systems

    - [maybe your idea, post it!]

    - ...

    To answer few questions:

    - I solely will provide Tarballs because this is available on (nearly) each unix like system and I guess Elgg usually runs on linux. Moreover there are a lot of applications for Windows that can handle tarballs.

    - Well, the chat causes high performance requests since it is an ajax chat and the clients have to request every few seconds if there is something changed.. to improve the performance is a matter of the pfc guys. However they plan quite cool things for pfc 2.0 [1]..

    - Screenshot: [2]

    - @aymen: see the chat commands [3]. By the way asking the same question over and over again isn't purposeful imo because thats not so annoying for me like for example in the rl..




  • how can i instal this Plugin? anyone help? and what should i do to make sure this plugin okay when i install..

  • Be careful should you not use this plugin. disable will also mean DB clean up is important.  cron and garbagecollect must be run should you remove this

  • Hi, I'm using Elgg v1.6. This plugin works fine for me. Just wanted to note that when using IE, if I select "open popup" in the settings and then click on the Chat link, the pop up window pops up, but I immediately get the broswer prompt of whether I want to OPEN or SAVE, lol, and then the window goes away. For now, the EMBED option works...I just can't select an option in my TOOLS topbar menu :)

  • Error: 'chat.js.tpl.php' could not be found, please check your themepath '/home/robertsc/public_html/robertscmc_myfriends/mod/chat/pfc/src/../themes' and your theme 'myFriendsTheme' are correct


    What's up? it was working not to long ago... with that theme

  • I'm having a problem pulling ElggData. When I add this to pfc/index.php I get a white screen ...

    $params["nickmeta"] = array(
            'Profile' => "<a href='{$user->getURL()}' target='_blank'>" . htmlentities($user->name) . '</a>', 'Username' => htmlentities($user->username)

    Also when I try to pull Elgg User Data in another location, I also have a problem. This time on the kick.class.php command. It sends me an e-mail when someone kicks someone but the email leaves out ALL of the elgg data (usernames of people). I don't know what's up with this but I can't re-install it because I've done a couple of mods. Also I can't really post any code here because a friend gave it to me and I'm not supposed to give it out. Just trying to figure out what's up with the Elgg User Data. Please e-mail me if you have any questions that are too big for here. Thanks :)

  • @felix &  @mommy -- HELP ME TOO!- WHAT DO I DO NEXT?
    I already took your earlier advice to see if that was the problempropably this is a new option in a new release (choosing the display name).. If you don't want to wait so long, you can do your change and remove the profile link by deleting line 1377 to 1392 in mod/chat/pfc/data/public/js/pfcclient.js
    phpFreeChat cannot be initialized, please correct these errors:    * 'theme' parameter must be a charatere string

  • Problem:

    phpFreeChat cannot be initialized, please correct these errors:

        * 'theme' parameter must be a charatere string

  • @Felix Stahlberg  been a while, wondering if your still actively developing this plugin?

    It's pretty awesome! Thank you!


  • @Blue you have to save chat settings in your admin tool panel


  • how can i choose the pluging language?

    english is the default but  i want to switch to french


  • Hi, thank you for the great plugin!

    It works perfect in Firefox but i always get a problem in Internetexplorer 8.

    'null' ist Null oder kein Object ('null' is null or not an object)

    This error appears every time I click on the "Chat"-Link in the Topbar. All I see is a box with "Chat loading... Please wait" and it stops at that point.

    I use elgg 1.6.1

    Tanks, Benji

  • As of 3/9/10 the current version 1.2.3 of this plug-in running in Elgg 1.6.2 fails with Internet Explorer 8.0 due to the bug described here:

    This bug primarily affects running the plug-in in Embed mode. If the plug-in author updates to the latest version of phpFreeChat the bug is fixed.

    Another bug is IE7 and IE8 will not automatically connect to the default chat when the pop-up window opens, as works correctly with Firefox. I haven't yet found what's causing that, I'm searching the phpFreeChat site at for more on that one.

  • thanks ,

    for ie8 it work better when embedded 

    work great in chrome but everything work in chrome :)

  • Hi All,

    does anyone know a way if its possible to chat 1 on 1? Better yet, somehow prompt another user if they want to "chat with them"?

    Thanks, -marcom

  • seems my chat log stays on, how do i delete it?  My test chat is on there from days ago, i want it to delete everytime you that possible?


  • Category: Third Party integrations
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 44371
  • Recommendations: 21

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