Chat Plugin v1.2.3

Release Notes

Use the PhpFreeChat in your Elgg installation. Note: v1.2.2 comes with a bunch of new features. This version fixes container handling. To view the full changelog please visit the project homepage.

Please note: There seems to be an issue in the current version: when you open the chat without saving the chat settings at least one time it won't work. I'll fix it sometime

  • Good evening, Felix!

    I'm sorry to say that, but with the activated script debugging the chat doesn't work, too. After some time it crashes. Anyone who has the same bug?? (IE 7)

  • Great work, Felix.

    I use your plugin with the pop-up window option and I have a minor suggestion: could the pop-up window be set to show the complete chat window. It currently is not wide-enough, at least on the latest releases of Firefox and Safari for Mac. Thanks

  • Hi Felix,

    thx for this great plugin! I found german language files in chat\pfc\i18n. Is there a simple way to change the language to german?

  • @ HiTo81

    You need to edit the file chat\pfc\index.php

    add after the line $params = array();  following variable:

    $params["language"] = "de_DE-formal";


    $params["language"] = "de_DE-informal";

    More parameters you can see here:

  • Felix - vous domaine ELGGER bonne personne!
    Un grand merci,
    mon ami
  • Hi Gleb L.,

    Thanks for your excellent advise!

  • i will improve the popup size and language stuff in next release.. hoping i fix this mystical ie bug as well

    au revoir

  • Felix, merci pour tout le travail. Tue est an bon elgger

  • Hi Felix,

    After I install the "Chat", click on "show Info" doesn't have any respond. The error "'theme' parameter must be a charatere string" still occur. Any where to edit the code manually?


  • hi max,

    its a little bug in the current version. please completely reinstall the plugin and save the plugin settings at least one time before you open the chat the first time..


  • Felix, how can we handle an elgg site that was migrated to a new server? When I migrate the DB and install Chat, I get an empty screen. I even tried whacking the table, but then after reinstalling Chat, no tables.



  • hi,

    it seems to be an caching issue. please try this:

    - deactivate the plugin and completly remove the mod/chat folder.. make sure that the chat isn't available in the admin interface anymore..

    - if its possible, drop the phpfreechat table in your db.

    - download and reinstall the chat again and try out both container types before you open the chat the first time.

    if that doesn't work you've got me there :) Maybe the new server is set up awkward for pfc?

    hope it helps..


  • is there a way to kick a user in a chat room ? or ban them ?

  • Felix, found the issue with Chat. I was migrating to a new server with Windows Server. Based on the notes for phpfreechat, you need "flock" enabled for PHP. Unfortunately flock will not run on NTFS file partions, looks like no chat on Windows :-( Total bummer.

  • Using the latest version under 1.5 I find that anything type in is not displayed on the main screen. Is this intentional?

  • Fixed it - you have to create a channel/room before starting...

  • Hello Felix!
    I have now tested the Chat with IE8. There is very often a problem with the line 336 pfcgui.js

    Could you check it, please?

  • Hi Felix


    Is there any chance this will get adapted to be more like facebook chat. So that even if your window is minimised your page title changes to new message and the minimised window flashes?

  • hello.....when the window of chat open, how i can delete the previous messages of users?

    every time i open it has the discussions of previous days.

  • Thanks, this is excellent!

  • @agus /ban {nickname} {reason}

    Check out for a list of commands.

    @everyone when I set the chat to use a popup window, users don't join the default channel but it works when it is embedded, any suggestions?

  • I am attempting to make auto-joining rooms based on an input variable in the URL automatic but it doesn't seem to work.

    I have tried:

    $room = get_input('roomname');
    $params['channels'] = array ( $room );

    That doesn't work, but if I hardcode the room name in text it does work, such as:

    $params['channels'] = array ( "someroom" );

    Any ideas?

  • Hi folks,

    I was on vacation :)


    Well, thats annoying. I will add a hint for this issue in next release


    Thanks for that info, i'll follow that up and finally hope to fix that nasty ie issues in next release..


    I don't know the facebook chat since I'm not registrated there. However you think on something like gtalk? Thats not possible with phpfreechat. However there already was a request to write a plugin integrating ajaxim (, but sadly its based on the javascript framework YUI instead of elgg's standard js framework jQuery. So if someone out there knows a chat application similar to ajaxim based on jquery let me know :)


    Typing /clear as admin should clear the old messages, /help gives you all available commands.


    What for a browser do you use? as I already said above I will try to provide stable ie>=6 support in next release..


    maybe some rewrite rules etc make trouble since the chat uses the elgg's page handler. You could simply debug it with var_dump($_GET); or var_dump($room); followed by die();. However auto-joning depending on the url is not such a bad idea, maybe i'll add it to v1.2.4.




  • Category: Third Party integrations
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 44661
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