Chat Plugin v1.2.3

Release Notes

Use the PhpFreeChat in your Elgg installation. Note: v1.2.2 comes with a bunch of new features. This version fixes container handling. To view the full changelog please visit the project homepage.

Please note: There seems to be an issue in the current version: when you open the chat without saving the chat settings at least one time it won't work. I'll fix it sometime

  • and it works again.... nice...thanks a lot...some more questions -

    1)is there an option for the chat window to initially ask people to enter their nickname and then when you(atleast admin)  hover over can see their profile name

    2)  can i try to change the container type to mysql and press /rehash or will i screw it up again

    3) also when i changed the theme and  pressed /rehash, it gave me a message that config was changed but the theme didn't change until i reloaded (refreshed) the page, so would be sweet if it reloads automatically

    4) is there any way to automatically delete pevious chat history and save specific chats...


    thanks once again...

  • one more would be nice..if the admin or even users can create new rooms from within the chat itself..

  • Felix,

    Excellent improvements! I really appreciate your work on this plugin. And you are quick too!!!

    One question for anyone: have you been able to get this to work in I.E.? I'm having trouble, but that might be because I'm currently on a dialup connection. Anyone else experiencing this?


  • to 1): If you choose "Lazy access" the users are  enabled to choose their nicks (by typing /nick foo).. not quite that what you want, but i will think about it for my next release..

    to 2): you will screw it up again, but it should'nt be a problem to adjust the setting afterwards and use the "File" container again.. However I would not try it if you're productive :)

    to 3): I will think about it, but thats a quite minor issue I think :)

    to 4): You can manually clear it by typing /clear. What do you mean with automatically? Something like once a week? Anyway there is no option to do that so far..

    to <thenextpost>): Try /join myroom! Even common user can do that..

    to IE): Well, I could not test it, but the phpfreechat should working with ie.. I've made some more modifications on the pfc code, maybe there is an issue. It would be nice if i get feedback from windows/ie users..

    greetings and thx for your lauds :)

  • Felix,

    I'll give I.E. another try once I get home and have a broadband connection.


  • I'm getting the following error.  How to fix?

    'theme' parameter must be a charatere string

  • What for a theme do you use? Please set another theme in the admin interface..

  • I tried changing my theme and still got this error message.  Could it be in the PHPFreeChat settings?

  • well, there is another bug.. try to reinstall this plugin and choose the theme before you open the chat the first time.. the only important thing is that you hit the "Save" button on plugins settings page before you open the chat.

    I'll fix it soon..

  • Hello Felix - thank you for this great update!

    I can run the chat perfect with firefox (except that the small symbol beside the "Chat" link on the topbar does not appear).

    With IE 7 I have problems. After opening the chat-page I am not automatically logged in. Well - no problem, I click on "connect" and can enter the chat. Then I write one post. After this one post I cannot write and read posts at all any more. I need to close (!) Internet Explorer and run it again to acces my site and/or chat. I noticed, that each time when I open my site after restarting the browser, I am logged out and need to log in again.

    The demo of the chat on runs without any problems... So I hope you will be able to find the bug :)


    PS: sorry for my english ;)

  • I don't seem to be having a problem with it except I'm getting a bit confused with all the releases.

    The new skins look good although I haven't tested them all out yet but it seems to be working fine I'm going to take it live on my site manana

    Thanks for all your work on this

  • Felix, thanks again for all the work. very nice plugin. Keep up the good work.


  • @IE: I've installed IE6 and he didn't connect automatically.. However after I connect manually it works fine.. It's very unusual that things working in IE6 don't run with IE7 except for code especially written for IE6, so there must be another reason.. could you activate "script debugging" and "show script errors" (or something like that) and post the error messages?

    @whysomanyreleases? well,there were two little stupid bugs which caused two new releases, althought only 1.2.1 -> 1.2.2 was a real feature update.. I will try to organize it better in the future.

    @skins: Theoretically you could even download new themes, unpack them in mod/chat/pfc/themes and use them.. unfortunately i didn't found any 3rd party themes for pfc after a short google session so i couldn't try it out..

  • Felix, do you think it is an over kill to have a way cliclk on a name in a chat and have it take you to the elgg profile page. This could be usfull for the admin and for the people on in the community

  • that should already work.. Clicking on a nick in the nicklist gives you a contextual menu. If its not your own nick you have the item "Profile", which opens the profile page in a new tab..

  • Hi Felix,
    I'm sorry, I'm new at elgg...where is the save button on the plugin settings page?  I have been enabling my plugins on the "tool administration" page.  Am I doing something wrong?  Thank you again for all of your help.

  • Hi Felix,

    I turned on debugging and I didn't get anything. It just doesn't work for me in I.E. for some reason. Not sure why, though. Thanks for your hard work! It is greatly appreciated!

  • Hello Felix!

    You have great ideas ;) With activated script debugging it seems to run well. Unfortunately i don't get any script errors. If I get IE to show me the scrip error, I will post it.

  • Hi Felix

    My users would be very sorry to chat with their login name, instead they want to use the name defined in Elgg.
    To accomplish that I changed the following line in mod/chat/pfc/index.php

    $params["nick"] = $_SESSION['user']->name;

    But if you try to view a users profil it fails because it uses name instead of username.
    Either I would like to disable the profil-link, or make the profile link use username if possible.

    Can you help me out here?

    PS: Great plugin


  • @mommyoftwins After enabling the plugin you can click on "more info" and you see a settings page with a 'Save' button ;)

    @slyhne: Propably this is a new option in a new release (choosing the display name).. If you don't want to wait so long, you can do your change and remove the profil link by deleting line 1377 to 1392 in mod/chat/pfc/data/public/js/pfcclient.js

  • Fantasic chat application,

    if i can add to the wish list.... embed video into the chat window? is it possible?


  • Felix, how can i change the border of the chat, right now it is grey , i would like it be blue. is that something i can download


  • Felix, thanks for this great pluggin.

    I have a suggestion, its taking too much time to load the chat pluggin, even in broadband connections. can you make it to load faster. :-)

  • @ash. Well, thats phpfreechat themes. If you find some themes you can download them (see my comment above), otherwise you have to write a bit CSS and modify an existing theme..

    @dennis there is no way for me to make it load faster because thats the matter of the phpfreechat. We could hope that this will be improved by further pfc versions.. Nevertheless I will try to improve the performance of the whole chat, surely there is potenzial.

    @adclose to fix that you need a few coding skills.. if you have them you have three choices.

    1) you change the styles of the topbarlink in mod/chat/views/default/chat/css.php

    2) you remove it from topbar and add it to the common menu all the time. To do this comment out line 17, 21 and 25 in mod/chat/start.php. if you use the chat in a popup window you have to comment out line 10 in as well.

    3.) wait until my next release, i will include a solution for this issue.


  • Category: Third Party integrations
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 44655
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