Default Widgets (with admin web interface) v2.02

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I've created a simple plugin to allow an Elgg administrator to define a default set of profile and dashboard widgets for new registered users.

The previous plugins I saw didn't allow this to be configured using a simple GUI interface, so I decided to write my own. Within the administration menu you will have two new options


  • Default profile widgets
  • Default dashboard widgets


Each of these pages uses a modified version of the widgets editor found on the profile and dashboard pages. Which I felt was the easiest and would a familiar interface for most users. I also used the idea from another default widgets plugin I found ( which registers an event with the create user methods to allow me to cleanly create widgets only for new users.

One thing to be aware of is that this plugin doesn't set default configurations for the widgets, just widget placements in the profile and dashboard pages.

Feel free to send any feedback you have!


2.01: Fixed a bug spotted by Elgg Developers. When an admin creates a user in the administrator interface then the admin user is logged in as the new user rather than staying as the admin user.

2.02: Bug fixes spotted by Cash: Added entity name (shown in the admin view). Also Firefox 3 issues have been fixed (not a css bug, but I wrapped my output in a layout view when it wasn't necessary)

  • well i require group admin .. its probably some conflict error .. i will wait till milan gets back to check it out...

  • ok looks like group admin has a whole load of bugs so im following suit getting rid of it...

  • Default Profile widget not working

    Please let me how to set default profile widget for all users.

    I have install elgg and i login as a admin and enable defualt widget plugin and set default profile widget for users but its not working.

    Please help me asap.


  • It would have served a more important purpose if it were a control_widgets plugin, so that users will see only see the widgets allocated for their use in Profile and Dashboard. This is critical if you consider the difference between the two.

    Profile: Right now, from here uses have access to widgtes that are relevant on Dashboard but absolutely pointless on the Profle page. Among the widgets that come by default with Elgg 1.5, there is only one that's relevant to Profile: The Message board.

    Dashboard: The admin team may want to reserve a certain widget for their exclusive use.

    This by no means is a criticsm. Default Widgets is a very useful plugin, and I use it at my site. I was only hinting at the possibilities.


  • Now if i create a new user then its showing default profile widgets for that user but if i modify the default widget page from admin then check other user then other users profile page is not updated according to profile page updated by admin. please let me knwo

  • Hi,

    Now if i creating new user the nits displaying default profile widget for new user but its not showing for users who are already registered. Please let mw know that, it will work for only new users who will register hereafter, not for ealier user?

  • Hi Milan,

    Your widget is giving great functionality.

    I am looking one more functionality. It is only for new users. can it be for existing users as well.

    Can you please guide me where we can edit the file so that it can do the default profile widget for current and new users both.

    you can add a check box that will show default widgets for new users/ existing users.

    Thanks for your help

  • When I click on either of the links

    Default profile widgets Default dashboard widgets

    I get a blank page.


    My version says...

    Version: 2.03
    Author: Milan Magudia & Curverider
    Copyright: HedgeHogs & Curverider Ltd
    Licence: GNU Public License version 2


    I'm running a new install of Elgg 1.6.1 and I disabled all my other plugins to try to troubleshoot the problem.  If you have some time, could you please help me?  Thanks :)

  • I somehow fixed it. I'm not sure what I did.

  • Sorry Guys, For some reason I wasn't getting emails for this site for a while. Glad you got things working, but remember the most current version of this plugin and any updates are now in the full Elgg release package. I'd ask for support at the Elgg Plugin Trac ...



  • Users who want to set default widgets in addition to their custom settings can check out my latest plugin Widgets Plus! Includes the ability to lock some down while allowing the user to add others around them.

  • Anyone has a modification for existing users?

    As I understand defaultwidgets_newusers() function must be modified.


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