phpBB3 Integration Plug-in v0.12

Release Notes

* Elgg phpBB Integration PlugIn
* @package ElggPhpBB
* @license GNU Public License version 2
* @author Sergio De Falco aka SGr33n <>
* @link


Hi People,

This my new phpBB Forum integration plugin for Elgg 1.2.

It make possible to use a phpBB forum in conjuction with Elgg.

It is at the beginning stage, it doesn't login automatically yet,
anyway if it is possible I'll do.

Read the installation guide and post your feedbacks on the plugin
page on

Feedbacks and ratings are really apreciated, the only thing
I ask in exchange :)


- Requesting password reset doesn't affect phpbb
- Unique login
- Holding the phpbb session active during Elgg navigation
- Holding the phpbb session active during phpBB navigation
- Elgg Topbar on phpBB (to have notifies, check messages etc.)
- Widgets to show last posts and forum statistics on your profile page and your dashboard


- phpBB

Install your phpBB in any directory on any domain (probably
in a future version I'll force to install it on the same directory
of Elgg, in order to deal with cookies).

Go on the phpBB administration panel and:

General > User registration settings > Account activation = Disable
Posting > Private message settings > Private messaging = no (you can
enable it if you want, but there is always the elgg messaging)
System > User Control Panel > Profile > Disable "Edit Profile" and
"Edit account settings"

- Elgg

Copy the phpbb_integration directory in your /mod and activate it.
On the same page, click on "more info" and insert your phpBB's
table prefix (sorry, now works just with phpbb_ prefix)

- Add-On

If you installed phpBB in some directory of your Elgg site, you
can replace your phpbb memberlist.php with the one provided in the
forum directory, in order to link phpBB usernames to their Elgg
profile Page.


If you're upgrading from =< 0.11 lease run this query on your mysql server
selecting the elgg database:

UPDATE phpbb_users SET username_clean = LOWER(username);

Please test the draft of the user synchro tool and make me know if
does it work. It should show all unsynchronized users.

That's all :)


phpBB Integration Plug-in 0.12
- Some fix
- memberlist.php for your phpBB forum
- a "draft" of the user synchro tool

phpBB Integration Plug-in 0.1
- First release

Sergio De Falco aka SGr33n

  • @Edward Do you know vanilla forum integration plugin from Kevin ? I think this plugin works the same as that, it will allow the phpBB3 use elgg user database (username & password) to access the phpbb forum.

  • I'm confused too... this plugin is compatible with elgg 1.61 or not?

  • @elHayaze,  Thank you for the note - Although, it 'doesn't' work as the vanilla forum does by a long shot.   I understand that the author reported much left to do,  it 'still' doesn't bridge, and even the 'synk' of users says, "doesn't work yet".  Along with the fact that it doesn't even put a link in the 'tools' to visit the forum,  or put anything in the activity stream, or even link back to the Elgg profile..    I'm wondering exactly what this plugin is good for at this point in time?

    I know, I don't see anyone else plugging the phpbb3 - elgg team, so I should just shut my pie-hole..


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    I am really thankful yo you for giving me such a nice platform during my browsing. Actually i want to migrate USA for job purposes and i want to search before my departure. But right now i am busy in my mcse and just after it i will be researching thoroughly. Once again thanks.

  • Dooone :D

    I made it !!!

    Full session sharing
    Full user table sharing
    Widgets for last topics and last topics by user

  • Hi. Is the new update for 1.7.1 ?

  • Yes, 1.7.1 but it's not public yet just private

  • @SGr33n,  what does, "not public yet just private" mean?


  • That for Now I'm not going to release it. It's not ready to work on standard elgg installations :(

  • when do you think this will be made available i have a new install of both if you would like any testing doing i realy need this plugin please

  • I dunno, it's been over a year since the last update, and it's still "Not ready" ??    Yet?    

  • @Edward

    Unfortunately this does not allow me to eat every day, my real job is another, if you hurry you could help with a donation.


  • @SGr33n,  Wow!..  Your plugin code just became, "Beggar Ware"

    I think you should pay me to 'test' your plugin instead of thinking it's worth something when you haven't 'delivered' much more than rhetoric, in what?  Over a year?!   I don't get paid for my ideas and dreams, but I do get paid for my consultation.  (If I give you even the slightest advice, I can bill you, it's my business)  And I don't beg my customers for donations 'before' I produce results or have a record of producing results.

     I order and buy thousands of dollars worth of software and hardware related items all the time.  Even when ordering out of a catalog I see that the item has worked for others, or at least has a picture, and has value before sending in any money to get the stuff.   You'd have me buying a cloud and hoping it has rain in it.    Better you show me the rain and have me 'feel' generous that you did.


  • This is a great idea! I could eat testing and using somebody else's work!

    Anyway I guess you misunderstood me. It's sure, you cannot make a donation until I will release a public version of my plugin. I meant after the first release you can help making a donation. It's not really kindly ask to hurry up for the release of a free plugin.

  • @SGr33n,   Well, lets take a look at from this angle,  "You have tied up the PHPBB3 to ELGG idea for over a year without producing a working (free or otherwise) plugin", or even releasing one that has bugs where others can help you work out.

    I take exception to your, "It's not really kindly .. "  remark..    I'll tell you right now, "It's terribly rude to promise something and over a year later not have it ready to go, and to tell people that donations would help,  nobody would be expecting 'results' unless you had promised them,  Free or othewise!"


  • @Edward,

    Give Serge a break ;-)  PhpBB integration for Elgg has been the best ever forum for Elgg ! There's no real necessity to slam the guy ;-) He is not beholden to give to me or anyone else any code.. It is his prerogative - what he does with his valuable time. let it be ;-)

  • Or else you or anyone else is free to code the intergration SGR33n does not hold any exclusive rights to integrate phpbb3 anyone and everyone is free to do it so quit itching

  • @Dhruva,   Well... tell me what his, uh.. plugin actually does, right now?  I think a year wait is quite enough, 'break'... 

    @Malaga Jack,   like telling someone who is not satisfied with their gas mileage to invent their own carburator eh?   You're very wise...  NOT!

    Personally, anyone who 'announces' they are creating something should produce within a reasonable time or simply hand it off to someone else.. Malaga Jack, just volunteered.

  • AND SO...


    "Edward".. has just volunteered to write code for $0-- lolz..   just anyone who 'announces' they are creating something should produce within a reasonable time or simply hand it off to someone else.. Malaga Jack, just volunteered.


  • Edward does have a point a year is a long time if you suposed to know what you are doing.I only wish i knew where to start and id try making it myself because it would be realy handy for me.Maybe i could have learnt in a year who knows

  • Well, "Dhruva" - I'll tell ya, if you have no skill at coding, but rely on it to 'eat' - you've picked the wrong horse to ride my friend.. You'll starve.    

    And if you upload a non-working plugin, and begin begging for donations,  well... I don't know too many people willing to bet on a promise.

    As for coding for money, I've done that.. Cobol, Fortran, a bit of Basic, HTML, and even some PHP.. but NEVER, ever intended those endeavors to feed me.   I've given away more 'art' than I've charged for too..  And fixed more problems (that were not mine) for absolutely free!

  • @Edward: You are apparently missing a common online idiom, and you are also acting like an entitled jerk.  SGr33n didn't beg for money; his remark is generally understood to mean "Please be patient, I don't have a lot of time to work on this because I have to do a job that pays my bills.  If you wanted to pay my bills instead, THEN I'd do this full time and 'hurry up'."  It is generally understood to be facetious, not an actual request.

    Further, the others are right: no one owes you anything, and certainly not for free.  Announcing that one is working on a plugin doesn't mean no one else can work on the same thing.  It doesn't put 'dibs' on the concept.  I figure this is also probably a tricky one to code, if so many people want it, yet no one's whipped one up in the "over a year" since SGr33n said he was working on it -- or before that.  If you're in such a big hurry, create the plugin yourself, and then either share it or don't as you see fit.  And no, I am certainly not volunteering to create one.  I don't even use phpBB3 at present.  I just find 'entitled' behaviour annoying.  

    I will repeat this in case you missed it before: No one here. Owes you. Anything.  Not immediately; not ever.

  • @TruthCake way-to-go buddy... I'm with your sentiments ;-)

    @Edward - I picked the "wrong horse" in 1972 when I coded my first program in Fortran on an ICL mainframe w/ George3 OS and I've been "starving ever since... LOLZ ;-)

  • Couldn't agree more with you guys.

    @Edward - Give the guy a break he didn't sign any contract to produce a plugin especially for you or anyone else. This is open source. Which is down to human compassion not captalism.

    You say you're a coder, then all that hot air coming out could be spent on building this plugin yourself. If you can't do it, stop whining that others don't do it for you for free and meet your schedule.

    You say you spend thousands of dollars on software/hardware on a continuous basis, so if you really need this plugin why not throw a few bucks at Serge to help him find the time to move this project along. It's not gonna cost thousands. A $50 donation wouldn't hurt your bank account or his.

  • Forgot to mention.

    @Truthcake - I owe him something. A swift kick up the ass for being so arrogant as to demand open source work.


  • Category: Third Party integrations
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 4672
  • Recommendations: 3

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