phpBB3 Integration Plug-in v0.12

Release Notes

* Elgg phpBB Integration PlugIn
* @package ElggPhpBB
* @license GNU Public License version 2
* @author Sergio De Falco aka SGr33n <>
* @link


Hi People,

This my new phpBB Forum integration plugin for Elgg 1.2.

It make possible to use a phpBB forum in conjuction with Elgg.

It is at the beginning stage, it doesn't login automatically yet,
anyway if it is possible I'll do.

Read the installation guide and post your feedbacks on the plugin
page on

Feedbacks and ratings are really apreciated, the only thing
I ask in exchange :)


- Requesting password reset doesn't affect phpbb
- Unique login
- Holding the phpbb session active during Elgg navigation
- Holding the phpbb session active during phpBB navigation
- Elgg Topbar on phpBB (to have notifies, check messages etc.)
- Widgets to show last posts and forum statistics on your profile page and your dashboard


- phpBB

Install your phpBB in any directory on any domain (probably
in a future version I'll force to install it on the same directory
of Elgg, in order to deal with cookies).

Go on the phpBB administration panel and:

General > User registration settings > Account activation = Disable
Posting > Private message settings > Private messaging = no (you can
enable it if you want, but there is always the elgg messaging)
System > User Control Panel > Profile > Disable "Edit Profile" and
"Edit account settings"

- Elgg

Copy the phpbb_integration directory in your /mod and activate it.
On the same page, click on "more info" and insert your phpBB's
table prefix (sorry, now works just with phpbb_ prefix)

- Add-On

If you installed phpBB in some directory of your Elgg site, you
can replace your phpbb memberlist.php with the one provided in the
forum directory, in order to link phpBB usernames to their Elgg
profile Page.


If you're upgrading from =< 0.11 lease run this query on your mysql server
selecting the elgg database:

UPDATE phpbb_users SET username_clean = LOWER(username);

Please test the draft of the user synchro tool and make me know if
does it work. It should show all unsynchronized users.

That's all :)


phpBB Integration Plug-in 0.12
- Some fix
- memberlist.php for your phpBB forum
- a "draft" of the user synchro tool

phpBB Integration Plug-in 0.1
- First release

Sergio De Falco aka SGr33n

  • Trajan ;-) u r also serious funny.. what free code can i do for you my frend ? send me email.. serious offer..

  • Juipo

    It never changes, there is always some "Yakity, Yak, Yakiv" that slams guy the who provides free code,  "Demends" free work but does not contribute a thing to the Community even though "He" claims that he can code (or did coding for money).

    Then he goes to say he spends thousands of dollars on software but can't support the cause with a donation ????  If I had thousands of dollars to spend and was "on a schedulle" I would "HIRE" a coder to code this for me and be done with it, there are many good ones here (Dhruva, Webgalli, Diego, Carlos, etc.).

    @Truthcake  ... You are right on the money;-)

  • @D -  I do need a little help with a plugin I'm trying to finish to release here. I'll send you a quick pm.

  • @Trajan, Only your opinon on anything is worth a hill of beans I suppose.. And then the implications that you'd toss a foot at me?

    @Juipo,  I'm voicing my opinion and you seem to think only YOURS is worth any text here..


    You kids kill me, where's your REAL face in all this, you make comments hiding behind phoney little Avatar icons and pictures.

    At 58 years old, I run my own company after 20 years active US Army, defending my right to voice an opinion,  you kids would have someone shut-up or threaten them with violence..  That's how things get done, right?..  

    As for being 'begged for a donation'.. check out this post.. 



    Unfortunately this does not allow me to eat every day, my real job is another, if you hurry you could help with a donation.

    Thanks,  SGr33n 18 days ago


      Now, if that doesn't 'look' like a panhandler sitting along the curb, with cup in hand, show me a better example of someone 'begging'.   Intelligently of course.. not with the threat of a foot up the butt or something!


  • @Juipo,  I 'demanded' nothing, you cannot force a lie to prove your point, and I have 'contributed' - there isn't a plug-in here that I've used that was worth a donation didn't get it..

      And I've made no PERSONAL attacks on anyone here,  you have... and a few more..  Proving without a doubt that you kids are incapable of intelligent discussion.    Grow up!



  • @Truthcake, @Juipo, @DhrupDeScoop, @Trajan,   Your comments "TO" me, fairly bleed of the idea that you think this site, this "COMMUNITY" belongs only to you,  instead of your just being another member

    If somehow you actually RUN this site, shame on you for allowing personal attacks on comments made here.  Double shame on you for thinking only YOUR opinion and comment are worth text.

      This plugin and quite a few more have "Promised" to deliver a feature, and have fallen way short of doing just that, for WHATEVER reason the author (community member) may give.   Lack of skill, lack of time, lack of interest, whatever.  (in this case, he mentioned MONEY, for food or whatever)

      Telling someone they're going to "Kick an Ass" and/or cheering them on..  appears childish, and certainly doesn't move forward the 'community' project - As neither does telling another "member" to code their own plugins if they aren't satisified.

       I challenge that, "If you boys are so 'brilliant' you'd pitch in and help this guy reach the finish line, so that he doesn't LOOK like he's incapable of delivering what he began over a year ago.

      There is talk now of sweeping out, DEAD or useless plugins in the approach of version 1.8 - I don't know what the cut-off for DEAD means.. but a YEAR in production without results might just fit.

  • Dear Edward, I wish to remember that this answer was a reply to your "hurry up!". I'm not bagging money, I didn't when I released the first uncomplete version for Elgg 1.2, and I didn't now, even if I'm sure that if this was a "paid project", now, it should be complete... this is the real meaning of my reply, don't read what you wanna read.

    Anyway, when I will release the plugin, reading what you wrote, the first donation I will expect is from you, otherwise you're not welcome anymore.


  • More than enough has been said on the subject of release timelines, what can be expected in an OSS environment and donations.  Kindly restrain all further discussion to the the plugin itself and drop the personal attacks.

  • First of all I thank all of you for your work, I know it is not a cake walk.

    I would like to add that what I am about to say is based on my imagination, I would not know where to start as far as this project goes.

    That being said, I have seen this attempted now I think three times around the net, each time there seems to be something that kills the project.

    I think maybe a solution would be a dumbing down of the projuct.

    Maybe leaving the two in their original state, and just adding a negotiator's between the two.

    Something strictley 3rd party.

    My thought is this, someone can just make 4 separate engines, one engine that pulls all users from one data base and loads them into the other, then set it to cycel evey hour or so, and a 2nd that does the same from the other end.

    And a 3rd that cycles the who's on line every five minutes or so from one, and loads that info into the other database.

    Then a 4th that again does the same from the other end.

    This would let the two programs stand alone, but from the users view be one and the same.

    Like I said to start, just my limited imagination, so if I'm off base then just ignore me.

    Thanks for your time.






  • Is there a plugin that will integrate mybb?

  • I install ur plugin and see the "Synch phpBB users" page in elgg admin.In that page only elgg users are display.i clik the Sinchronize link.But it throws "not working yet".How do i integrate the elgg users to login on phbb...there is no members yet in phbb3...i can use login my elgg a/c... but no use.......plz note it and reply... :)

  • Good project ! Lot of people need it. Please release it soon ... Thanks DEV ...

  • 1 year and ten months into development and this is still version 0.12 and still does not work

    Can we just accept that this is never going to get delivered and hand the idea over to someone else please?

  • Hi SGr33n,

    as I could really use your plugin in the upcoming month. Did you already have time to produce an installable package of your recent version?


    Regards Felix


  • Category: Third Party integrations
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 4663
  • Recommendations: 3

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