Feed Reader remixed again (v1.03) v1.03

Release Notes

This version of the Feed Reader plugin corrects a few very minor issues in munkee's remix of the original Feed Reader plugin:

  • Removed an "&" character from the manifest file which impeded viewing of the "more info" link of "feeds" in the Tool Administration page.
  • Removed a prepended "/" character from the call to the "delete" action, so that it actually deletes the feed (as well as removing the page entry).


This version also adds new functionality:

  • The Google API Key can now be entered in the Tool Administration page rather than having to edit the file. After all, not every Elgg Administrator is also the website administrator ;-) (BTW - this code was lifted lock, stock and 2 smoking barrels from the Google Map plugin)


  • Cheers, for the corrections - the manifest file part  did my head in, as to why it wasnt displaying :)

    What was the issue with the delete call ?  I see where I went wrong, although on testing the new addition its seems to be doing the same thing the old one was, at least on my installation.  Is it meant to be refreshing the screen so the existing feed that is displayed is removed and it then show 'your feeds' minus the entry thats just been deleted ?


  • Hi Munkee

    Previously, when the delete button was pressed, the associated feed would disappear from the feed list. However, upon refreshing the page (or reverting to after other activity), the feed would reappear. When I first looked at the code, I couldn't immediately see why this was happening, since there were code fragments both to delete the information from the database and then update the UI.

    After a lot of head scratching, and comparison with the Add code, it finally struck me; the delete action code wasn't actually being called because the given path was wrong. Somehow the prepended "/" in the path "/action/feeds/delete" caused Elgg (or PHP?) problems. Once it was removed it was all tickety-boo!

    Cheers, Philip

  • hello!

    I have tried to get your plugin unto my elgg but once I gave the google api needed, I couldn't find my way to insert that widget into my index.

    I'm running elgg 1.7.2 and I also have the plugin custom_index_widget.

    Thank a lot for your ideas.


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