Tidypics Photo Gallery Plugin v1.08.2

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Tidypics Photo Gallery

For Elgg 1.2+

Tidypics Photo Gallery is an Elgg plug-in that provides a very simple to use photo gallery.  It provides photo albums for both users and groups.  If you would like to see this plug-in in action, visit: http://oakpages.com.


Your contributions are always welcome!!!  If you wish to contribute to this plug-in, please release all your changes under a GPL-compatible license, upload your plug-in to the Tidypics group, and update the contributions.txt file with your changes.


Version 1.08.2 Change List
Release Date: 02/13/2008
  * Gabriel Monge-Franco (http://gabriel.mongefranco.com)
* Fixed bug introduced in v1.08.1 that broke the picture upload (thanks to Karsten Schulze).
* Fixed empty variables in several files that were supposed to send the user back to the previous page, but didn't.
* Cleaned up change log (contributions.txt).
* Finally fixed the Polish language file!!! Yay!! :)

* TODO: Work around large image (high resolution) limit when creating thumbnails (an Elgg limitation... can probably be fixed by using PHP GD functions directly or ImageMagic if available)
  - The problem is with get_resized_image_from_existing_file().  Submitted a ticket to the Elgg tracking bug system.
  - Edit actions/upload.php when done. There is a dirty hack in place for now that needs to be removed once the above bug is fixed.
* TODO: disable public by default (input/accessRead.php) -- add setting to admin page that lets the site admin decide whether pictures can be public or not.
* TODO: allow group members to add pictures to group photo albums
* TODO: implement photo anotations
* TODO: look into replacing individual image views with lightbox2 or jQuery lightbox album views.
* TODO: create a new widget to show pictures (in slideshow) in a user's profile.
* TODO: add settings for group albums so that the group owner can select the number of albums to show.
* TODO: implement a way to move pictures from one album to another (should be pretty easy).
* TODO: add an "Add Photos" option to the user widget similar to the one in the group widget.
* TODO: implement automagic file resizing to meet the admin's maximum resolution and file size.

* OF NOTE: It is currently not possible to allow group members to edit an album created by another group member.  This is a bug with group permissions and it will probably not be fixed until [at least] Elgg v1.5 comes out.

Gabriel Monge-Franco

Gabriel Monge-Franco is an open source developer, hacker, poet, musician and robotics experimenter.


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