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Tidypics Photo Gallery

For Elgg 1.2+

Tidypics Photo Gallery is an Elgg plug-in that provides a very simple to use photo gallery.  It provides photo albums for both users and groups.  If you would like to see this plug-in in action, visit: http://oakpages.com.


Your contributions are always welcome!!!  If you wish to contribute to this plug-in, please release all your changes under a GPL-compatible license, upload your plug-in to the Tidypics group, and update the contributions.txt file with your changes.


Version 1.08.2 Change List
Release Date: 02/13/2008
  * Gabriel Monge-Franco (http://gabriel.mongefranco.com)
* Fixed bug introduced in v1.08.1 that broke the picture upload (thanks to Karsten Schulze).
* Fixed empty variables in several files that were supposed to send the user back to the previous page, but didn't.
* Cleaned up change log (contributions.txt).
* Finally fixed the Polish language file!!! Yay!! :)

* TODO: Work around large image (high resolution) limit when creating thumbnails (an Elgg limitation... can probably be fixed by using PHP GD functions directly or ImageMagic if available)
  - The problem is with get_resized_image_from_existing_file().  Submitted a ticket to the Elgg tracking bug system.
  - Edit actions/upload.php when done. There is a dirty hack in place for now that needs to be removed once the above bug is fixed.
* TODO: disable public by default (input/accessRead.php) -- add setting to admin page that lets the site admin decide whether pictures can be public or not.
* TODO: allow group members to add pictures to group photo albums
* TODO: implement photo anotations
* TODO: look into replacing individual image views with lightbox2 or jQuery lightbox album views.
* TODO: create a new widget to show pictures (in slideshow) in a user's profile.
* TODO: add settings for group albums so that the group owner can select the number of albums to show.
* TODO: implement a way to move pictures from one album to another (should be pretty easy).
* TODO: add an "Add Photos" option to the user widget similar to the one in the group widget.
* TODO: implement automagic file resizing to meet the admin's maximum resolution and file size.

* OF NOTE: It is currently not possible to allow group members to edit an album created by another group member.  This is a bug with group permissions and it will probably not be fixed until [at least] Elgg v1.5 comes out.

  • Hi everyone!

         I created a Google Code project for Tidypics.  This will provide us an SVN repository to check code in/out, commit changes, and contribute code to future releases.


         If you are interested in collaborating, please sign up for a Google Code account and join the project.


  • Gabriele,

    How do I join? I have a google account.

  • @ Gabriel Monge-Franco we are having that permission problem with this pluggin also which parek pointed out. Can you please fix it, and upload the new version.

  • All is working fine with you plugin, I thinks this is one of the best on ELGG :-)

    Can you document the upload section as I have a few ideas I would like to implement and beta test before releasing on the community!

    I am trying ot understand the process of where the files are stored and how you are assigning the filenames, dircetories etc!

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Or better still can u put into one script all that is required to upload jpgs from the temp directory into the users album?

    I would like to run the script to load 100's of photos directly on the server.

    Ideally I would like to create a directory called the user name, dump all photos into that directory, then run a script to upload the photos to the users elgg account.

    ANy help would be great, I have 1000' of photos to upload for users and it will take forever to do via web portal.

  • Hallo, finde die Gallery toll.... nur kann man als Admin auch Einstellen wieviel Fotos ein User Hochladen darf? Und ein Möglichkeit das der Admin einen Link zum neuen Bild als Email erhält zum Freischalten des Bildes. Und vor dem Upload ein Hinweiß darauf das der User nur seine eigenen Werke oder Freie Bilder ohne Linzenzen hochlädt


    Hi, find the gallery toll .... only as an admin you can also set how many pictures a user can upload? And a possibility that the admin a link to your new image as an email is to unlock the image. And before upload notice that the user only his own works or Free upload images without license (Translate by Google)

  • * TODO: create a new widget to show pictures (in slideshow) in a user's profile

    Oh yes this is huge! If the pics AND text anotations could "slide show" with settings for how long between slides...

    Then if this could be sized larger than the initial one column "box" in ELGG, which is quite small actually.I don't know yet if ELGG plugins "boxes" can be larger, two column or two column with one side twice as big as the other side.

    For many people wanting to use ELGG, pics and galleries will be the biggest draw, I beleive. This allows us ELGG site managers a way to give our users a quick "visual" website for their business, while getting connected at the same time, versus a Facebook copy, which isn't very businessy is it.  Bill



  • Hi All, I am trying to debug the widgets/plugins on ELGG. Is there a 'Best Practice' method of debuging? I spend hours and hours looking through code only to find there is a " inserted instead of a ' which is anoying. I use Eclipse mainly, are there hints within ELGG that can help :-)

  • I notice a broken upload everytime when using firefox 3.0.7 in Vista. It randomly complete few upload and fail few upload and show pic of "camera". But upload using Chrome and IE works well, even firefox in other PC works well too..

    what is the possibilities that cause by firefox in Vista??


  • I notice uploading 2MB size file is not working for every browser in my PC(Vista).

  • Hi guys -- sorry, I've been busy with midterms.  I'll start testing against Elgg 1.5 this weekend and will fix the bugs reported.

    By the way, if you want to join the developer group, send me or Cash your gmail address so we can add you as a member.

  • Not only 1M size files, I tried uploading 970kb files also broken...


  • So sorry that i've posted so many confusing issue about tidypics, i've finally identify the real issue. The uploading of the files are just fine, but the thumbnail creation and the picture show in "/pg/photos/view/192" is "img_error.jpg", but when clicked on "Download Image", it open a new window and show the original photo.

    So the issue should be on the thumbnail creation.

  • ***Note Of Interest***

    I have this version installed on Elgg 1.5rc1 and all works fine except for this:

    1) No Activity posted on The River

    2) Thumbnails have the top 1/2 of the picture chopped off but when you open the thumbnail the picture shows up fine in full size.

    3) Uploads of 10 pics at a time still results in at least 1 of the 10 selected pics failing.

    Other then that all works fine on 1.5rc1

  • i have change the size to 2mb just like as follow, and the thumbnail and picture not match problem solve.

    if (filesize($file->getFilenameOnFilestore())

  • Gallery view is messed up in Firefox.

  • @Leonidas - that bug report is not useful. We need details (what Elgg version, how is it messed up,...)

  • @ cash

    Would you happen to have any info on an update for this plug in? It's been a while since anyone has said anything. I'm no programmer, but I'm setting up a development site and wouldn't mind help testing, if it helps. 

  • @skotmiller, the google code project for this is here: http://code.google.com/p/tidypics/

    I've finally finished moving all of my plugins to Elgg 1.5 so tidypics is my next task. Gabriel has been busy lately which is why not much has happened yet.

  • I don't know where you find the time cash but |I'm glad you do.

    Thanks for picking this up.

    I'm going to get the svn and test it.


  • I'm not picking it up as in leading the development. Just helping out. Gabriel is still the lead on this.

  • Hi Nice plugin, but the Activity doesn't seem to display in the River Dashboard? How do you go about this?

  • The new version will add to the activity.

  • when will that be released?

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