Profile - Age and Gender v0.41

Release Notes

* Elgg profile plugin - Age and Gender add-on
* @package ElggProfile Modified by SGr33n
* @license GNU Public License version 2
* @author Curverider Ltd <>
* @modified by SGr33n <>
* @link


Hi People,

This the new Elgg "Profile - Age and Gender" plug-in by SGr33n.

There is a user age calculation based on the date of birth. There is a new
input type, I named "Date": there are 3 pulldowns (day/month/year), and there is a javascript
that recognize uncorrect dates (like 30 february).

The style is not perfect, but I know you will not use the default theme, so
you can style it as you want.

Anyway more to come ;)


Replace the original Profile Plug-in with this one

If you have Elgg 1.2, not updated to the last SVN, look at the directoty profile_for_Elgg_1.2_base.

Please post your comments on the elgg community:

Cya ;)


Profile Age And Gender Plugin 0.1
- First release

Profile Age And Gender Plugin 0.2
- Added compatibility to Elgg 1.2

Profile Age And Gender Plugin 0.3
- Added some files to correct Elgg 1.2 base compatibility

Profile Age And Gender Plugin 0.4
- Fixed: Time ZOne Issue

Profile Age And Gender Plugin 0.41
- start.php updated to the latest SVN

Sergio De Falco aka SGr33n


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 5712
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