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* Elgg profile plugin - Age and Gender add-on
* @package ElggProfile Modified by SGr33n
* @license GNU Public License version 2
* @author Curverider Ltd <>
* @modified by SGr33n <>
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Hi People,

This the new Elgg "Profile - Age and Gender" plug-in by SGr33n.

There is a user age calculation based on the date of birth. There is a new
input type, I named "Date": there are 3 pulldowns (day/month/year), and there is a javascript
that recognize uncorrect dates (like 30 february).

The style is not perfect, but I know you will not use the default theme, so
you can style it as you want.

Anyway more to come ;)


Replace the original Profile Plug-in with this one

If you have Elgg 1.2, not updated to the last SVN, look at the directoty profile_for_Elgg_1.2_base.

Please post your comments on the elgg community:

Feedbacks very apreciated.

Cya ;)


Profile Age And Gender Plugin 0.1
- First release

Profile Age And Gender Plugin 0.2
- Added: compatibility to Elgg 1.2

Profile Age And Gender Plugin 0.3
- Added: more files to correct Elgg 1.2 base compatibility

Sergio De Falco aka SGr33n

  • Thank you! This seems to work good.


  • In Elg 1.2 I get message that the plug-in is misconfigured and I'm guessing it's because I don't understand what this means:  If you have Elgg 1.2, not updated to the last SVN, look at the directoty profile_for_Elgg_1.2_base.

    Can someone break it down for me? Thanks.

  • In this archive there are 2 folders: profile and profile_for_Elgg_1.2_base. If your Elgg is not updated to the last SVN, look into the second folder, there is a README.txt file with the instructions to use it on the stable 1.2.

  • I need someone to make me a plugin similar to this that allows the profile to be a business name-address-telephone-email and then also to develop a zip code searchable database to to bring up the closest businesses to the searcher. Are you for hire for something like this? William

  • Sergio,

    Thanks for your efforts. I installed the Elgg_1.2 version.

    Two issues I saw:

    1. DOBs before epoch time would not calculate an age in the details page. In userdetails.php, there is a check for birthdate < 0 that seems to prevent this. Once removed, it seems to do fine.

    2. Over here in the US Eastern Time zone, the date of birth stored by the script was always one day less than that entered. Specifically, when I saved my DOB, then re-entered the Edit Profile page, it read one less day. I believe that this is related to the humanTime function in date.php which calculates a UTC date, but then calculates local seconds from it using getTime. Correcting this value using gettimezoneOffset seems to address this problem.

    Thanks again for your contribution!

  • Hi ;)

    1) It's just a check I forget to remove, I tried some formats of date before use timestamp. By the way I will probably change timestamp to date, in order to support birthdays.

    2) It's due to the fuse, I will fix this asap.

  • Fixed on the 0.4.

    Thanks for the report :)


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