Aaudio Mp3 Audio Player Widget v0.2

Release Notes

Simply (and lean) MP3 Player Widget.

Original Flash player from: http://flash-mp3-player.net/
Just unzip to your mod folder and activate the plugin.
It became avaliable as a widget from the user panel.
It search for any

  • Fixed Html code thanks to Vinko. Now it works correctly with opera, ff and so.


  • somehow it doesn't work, i get the player and i get -1... uploaded music.. no response, anyone knows how to fix it?

  • Hi, I'd like to work on the skin of this player. How could I do that?

  • This plugin does not work. Have tried everything I know and still cannot add files to it. Worthless!

  • The GYPSY, Just enable the files plugin under tool admin, and upload your mp3 files. aaudio will automatically see them. Then just click and play.

    Definitely NOT worthless. Cool little plugin.

    Astharoth, what app did you create this with?

  • I see where you got the player. Thanks again for the plugin! Guess I'll see what I can do about skinning it.

  • Well. I was a C/C++/Asm system developer (NT Kernel and so).. now i'm a luck of boss/investigator/technical lead... but i wrote this for a friend on a hurry (just one hour on friday afternoon) ... and i use only a xampp instalation (just to check if it works) with elgg and notepad.

    Do wathever u want with the widget :) and if i can, i'll help a bit.

    Cheers from Spain!

  • What would be a good approach to re- skin the player, to give it a different look?

  • Does anyone know where the mp3's have to be? I've tried moving some around and the player does not find any (locally I have a tonne)


  • this plug in did work for me and now it does not.  is it maybe another plug in I'm running?

  • I figured out the proble (I think).  alot of people use WMA files and not just straight MP3.  I think the player needs a straight MP3 to play and not a WMA MP3. is there any way to make this player play and WMA file?

  • It still only seems to work sometimes for me.  I must be missing something easy and obvious

  • Hi,

    Elgg 1.5.

    I've uploaded and activated the plugin via the tools menu.

    The plugin shows up with a black area and a 1-, nothing plays, I've made sure the only file is a proper mp3, any ideas...


  • I is lazi..

    but have fixed code

    will upload sometime after my coffee's

  • Hey all, I am having a difficult time getting this to work for me. The player shows just fine and shows the name of the song.

    But the file is not being upload properly. For some reason the file size always shows as 0.

    I have set the php.ini settings (located in the public_html directory) as follows:

    ; Resource Limits ;
    file_uploads = On
    max_execution_time = 300  
    upload_max_filesize = 20M
    max_input_time = 600
    memory_limit = 128M
    post_max_size = 8M


    Does this look correct? Also, will these settings be overridden with the htaccess settings?

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • just for the record, works fine with 1.6!

  • Elgg 1.5

    I also have the same issue of it just show a black screen with a 1- and nothing else. My MP3s are uploaded via the files tool, but nothing shows.

  • Not sure if this is the same problem issue but I found the Firefox is uploading some/all mps wityh the wrong mime type. Elgg file/zaudio/aaudio plusins expect the mime type to be "audio/mpeg" but FF is uploading as "audio/mpg".

    For aaudio edit this file: /mod/aaudio/views/default/widgets/aaudio/view.php

    At about line 24:

         //display in list mode
         foreach($files as $f)
             $mime = $f->mimetype;
             if (($mime == "audio/mpeg") or
                 ($mime == "audio/mpg")

               if ($playlist)
    This worked for me.

    If you have the same problem in the file list of the audio player not appearing you can hacke the mime type here:

    /mod/file/views/default/object/file.php ( line 25)

        $mime = $file->mimetype;

        # added by JMH to fix problem with FF uploading mpeg files with wrong MIME type
        if ( strcmp($mime,"audio/mpg") == 0) {
            $mime = "audio/mpeg";

    Again the worked for me so I hope it helps someone else.

  • Sorry about the typos! Also I am using elgg1.6.1 so not sure if this will all work in 1.5

  • 1


    Some library users are not on the whole widget as shown in the picture, how to fix it? "I noticed that there is in the file view.php, a code value =" mp3 = <? Php echo $ playlist;?> & Title = <? Php echo $ titles;?> remove <? php echo $ titles;?>, the player revealed to the whole widget, but then deputy titles links to files, please help!

  • great plugin !!

    just if haow can i make it read the mp3 friends file ???

    it read just my mp3 files !!


    it's the best plug

  • i tried this

        $owner = get_user($vars['entity']->owner_guid);

        $num =3;//just 3 friends

        // Get the users friends
        $friends = $owner->getFriends("", $num, $offset = 0);
    if (is_array($friends) && sizeof($friends) > 0) {
            foreach($friends as $friend) {
         $files .= get_user_objects($friend->guid, "file", $number, 0);

    but doesn t work


  • no its ok for me ^^

    i hacked yr plugin :D to share mp3 between friends

    thank y for this nice pluig


    i hacked yr plugin :D to share mp3 between friends

    thank y for this nice pluig


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