Aaudio Mp3 Audio Player Widget v0.1

Release Notes

Simply (and lean) MP3 Player Widget.

Original Flash player from: http://flash-mp3-player.net/
Just unzip to your mod folder and activate the plugin.
It became avaliable as a widget from the user panel.
It search for any "audio/mpeg" file avaliable at user files and creates a playlist for.

Obviously, it needs file plugin activated. Music upload is done trough the file plugin.

For additional info on customizing the flash player, see http://flash-mp3-player.net/

  • Well, Nice Idea but didn't work for me. It is not picking up my mp3s. Just shows an empty widget.

  • Yep, it's not working for me either. Pity as it sounds great. If it helps I'm on Elgg 1.2 and have uploaded two mp3 files using the files plugin. In Firefox 3 the widget is blank. In IE 7 the audio player appears but there is nothing in the playlist.

  • Its very strange because uses the same code of files plugin to get the files of the user and compose one string with those files with mime type "audio/mpeg" just to use as a param in the flash player. As i told its a very simple plugin.

    This code is at the end of view.php

    <param name="FlashVars" value="mp3=<?php echo $playlist; ?>&amp;title=<?php echo $titles; ?>&amp;height=200&amp;width=300" />

    Can you put a <?php echo $playlist; ?> around the end code on view.php? Just to see the playlist and ensure u can use those links to download the song.


  • I haven't looked at the plugin, but I do know that mp3's can get one of a few different mime types depending on browser and the actual file. Don't know if this is causing the issue described above. 

  • Hey, I just tried this plugin and it won't work for me either. But it seems like a very good concept, so I really hope you will keep working on it!

    Som information I hope will help:

    * Uploaded one mp3 file with files plugin.
    * Added aaudio widget - only displays empty box (FF3)
    * Added your suggested code from above, now the player widget shows the URL of the file: <domain>/elgg1.2/action/file/download?file_guid=9

    Hope this helps!

  • Yeah, i see. works okey on IE 6, but doesn't on FF or Opera. I'll fix it this week, so , wait for my spare time and a 0.2 revision.

    @adclose: first i'll get it working on every browser.. next.. demands :)

  • The problem is a space on line 41 of view.php, the line is:
    "...ars['url']; ?> mod/aaudio/audioplayer/...",

    but it should be:
    "...ars['url']; ?>mod/aaudio/audioplayer/..."

  • This plug-in works like a charm and looks very good just implement the code correction by vinko

    tested on elgg v1,2

  • Plug-in works great for me.  But I have an issue.  Does anyone know of a way to not allow the downloading of mp3's?  Some of my users are artist who would like to allow their music to be played on my site but not downloaded.

  • Version 0.2 With fix avaliable, thanks to Vinko.


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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