Super Notify v0.5.0

Release Notes

Super Notify is a general purpose, inter-site notifications system.  It can be used by
any application to send any user notifications, complete with multiple links used for
user choices.

When a new notification is created, the user gets a notification on the top bar.  When they

click on this, the top_bar notification disappears, and they get sent to a notifications listing page.

Individual notifications can be deleted manually (through the delete link on each notification), or
are deleted when the user makes a choice of one of the links (mimicking Facebook behaviour, ish).

Also, a 'Notifications' menu item gets added to the user's 'Tools' menu.

There are advanced options for specifying multiple links (denoting choices) and application name.

Soon, my friends request plugin will use this behavior.

  • Another one that I cannot wait to run home and try.

  • Hi thanks for your work on this plugin it is ver much needed.

    Everything went as described except when I went to see the notification I got a blank screen. I installed this on my elgg v 1.2 test site and made some comments and when I signed back in under my account (administrator) that the comments where made to I got the notification word in the top bar but when I clicked it all I got was a blank screen is there something else I need to configure? I want this one to work, it will be a big hit, and thanks for your work on this. It is much appreciated

  • @Malaga Jack

    Hm, I went through my code and nothing is obvious.  Would you be willing to run a version with a bunch of debug statements in it, and email me back the error log?  Maybe we could find it that way...



  • No problem  let me know how to do it  and I will

  • OK, maybe it's been a long day ... but how do you create a notification?

  • I just made a comment on someones picture it then showed up in their account as a notification

  • P.S. Don't forget site notifications need to be enabled by the user in their settings their is a new radio button for it

  • David Moon Did you get it working right let us know maybe their is someting wrond with my test account or maybe I have anther plugin that's conflicting with it

  • It did work ...  sort of.  The links were not properly formatted on the notification page. 

  • does it use the maier to senda notification via email to the user?

  • can this be added to it? This is something that is drastically needed..

  • Nice one!

    two points of improvement: 

    For comments on files, pages, blogs, etc: currently, e-mails get sent as text with the URL. The mail client is smart enough to create hyperlinks out of these. Can super_notify do this as well? Currently I can see my notification but it is difficult to get to the comments.

    When a user selects to be notified by super_notify and not by e-mail, I would still want to have a configurable daily e-mail when there are notifications. It should be possible to know how many notifications per type of notification.


    From: Your Elgg System
    To: Elgg User
    Dear <username>
    You currently have the following notifications:
     - 5 blog comments
     - 3 file comments
     - 2 application xyz message
     - 1 system message
    Click here to view them: http://your.elgg.system/

    All the best and thank you for the mod!



  • tetrode, that would be perfect.


    THough I am confused. None of my members recieve any email notifications..

  • Ciaphas is right, there is no current functionality in Elgg or any plugins for notifying users by email of new content. As I understand that, this plugin here does not do that either.

    User opt-in/out email notification for reply threads, comments on their content, (etc.) is badly needed in Elgg. It is the key to developing a cohesive, functioning online community.

    Email has always been THE social network. Can't believe Cureveride forgot that.

  • Ok, 

    Not sure, what happened, but i disabled the plugin now my site is wacked. Everytime someone sends a message, comment, aything that the notify plugin notified on they ge an error "No handle for "super_notify"" i have tried everything, but it just wont stop. 

    Any suggestions?

  • Sounds like a "DO NOT INSTALL" situation for this plugin except on test sites where your goal is to debug the plugin. 


  • Hm, OK.  I think it's because the handler is not de-registered upon disable.  Can you restart your server?  Is that an option?  If not, I will update the plugin today/tomorrow with an uninstall script.

    If you're a coder, making a page that calls the notification de-registration handler (whatever it is) would probably do it.  Really sorry.  Try rebooting the server with the tool disabled.

  • No, Server restart did not fix it, at all. I restarted the apache server system then i restarted our core servers, still nothing. 

  • I had to go in and delete the string in the db..... an uninstall script would much appreciated.

  • @zak...

    Can you maybe send comment here what you did in more detail?  I think I found the same thing, but want to verify?

    Part of the problem is there IS no real nice way to perform actions when a plugin is disabled, plus there is no way to 'unregister' a notification.

    I will include a file that replicates what you did in my uninstall script, but that's only a temporary solution.

    I have a TRAC ticket out, so we will see...

  • I would really like to see an email notification when a discussion has been replied to.  This is a really important and badly needed feature.  How does one keep track of discussions they have started, posted, replied to?

  • @Sandy - Sadly, this plugin is not the place to implement that great idea.  All this does is *handle* notifications, it doesn't really create new ones.  Sounds like more of a core thing?  Unless there are events to hook into.  But still, different plugin.  Thanks!

    @Et al, thanks for ALL these comments.  There are some really great ideas here, and I hope to fix the uninstall issue this weekend.  Been swamped but really appreciate everyone grinning and bearing with it.


  • Hi can anyone help me i enable the notifications but for some reason it doesnt save it as enabled it still shows the "no" radio button checked is this maybe a permissions problem not sure!



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