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 Licence: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3

This plugin creates 'sticky widgets' for Elgg.  This means that the user doesn't have the
option to configure plugin layout, but you (any admin) do.  You can set widgets for both
the dashboard and the profile, as well as user subtypes (for advanced users).  This is all done
via a GUI from the Administration Page.

The benefits are that you get to control layout, and can change/upgrade widgets at any
time and everyone sees the change right away.

This is an actually functioning version of the previous versions, but most definitely still in BETA.  Please use with care and let me know of any issues!



Developers!  We not have a GIT repository at git://  Get it while it's hot! :)

0.6.4 : 2 Feb 2009 :
    * Fixed a problem where titles of widgets weren't showing up due to an honoring of the widget's
      context restrictions.
    * Fixed some misplaced HTML tags that will hopefully make the edit panel work correctly for people.

  • Anyone having more luck with this?  I fixed a few things that should help immensely!  It's hard to test when my browsers seem to like what I had in the first place :)

  • no. i have the same problem, the widgets gallery is empty. Try deleting your cache or temporary files.

  • I know the value of this plug-in Can be greatly enhanced If we could have a version that is not so sticky What I mean is it would be great to be able to make a default profile populated with default widgets but with the ability of the users to add or remove them The problem I see with having a completely sticky widget system is that you cannot foresee what some people don't want so you would have to install all your available widgets which would make the users profile a little crowded This is a great plug-in and I hope to see a gummy version of it one day

    Keep up the good work

  • Malaga Jack is exactly right, and I thought I posted the same thing here earlier. ???

  • There is a plug-in for that already.  What would be nice is if that plug-in could use a configuration screen like the one this plug-in uses.

    On the other hand, having "sticky" widgets might be good for certain sites.  Having the option to make default widgets, without being sticky, would be best.

  • Thanks for the suggestions, seriously, I agree it would be useful.  It's on the to-do list!  In the meantime, if anyone wants to take a shot (developers?) the code is up on a git repo (see the summary above...)

    I welcome all help.  Otherwise, it's on the list and will hopefully be done soon-ish.

  • Well done suppe 'great work', i too am looking forward to a gummy version

  • i have a question

    what happens when i disable sticky widgets? do profiles/dashboards revert back to default? (for users already registered)?

    Another idea (but probably very difficult) have an option where groups have different sticky widgets) actually multisite would probably resolve that problem for me. each communtiy would have there own set of widgets.

    ho-hum it's hard being a genius lol

  • I want to try this - I hope it won't mess up my site. lol. The other plugin for default widgets installed okay, but users can't register.

  • thanks so much for the update.  you resolved my some of my issues with the gallery

  • @Bloggista - I hope it doesn't mess up your site either.  Try it on your devel server before going live!


    @drkelso - Glad to hear it, thanks!

  • Getting a blank edit.php page when I click on the "Sticky Widgets" link on the Admin page.



  • Well, I have tried many times but this widget is BROKEN. I'm just getting a blank widgets list. Tried it on a fresh install of Elgg :(



    ........... :(

  • @peadar: Did you make sure to enable internal notifications for the user you are trying to notify?  You can do it in account settings...

  • Hii ssuppe.. thx for your plugin

    Btw i tried to uninstall this plugin and when i see in the Tool Administration this plugin still enable.. so i disable this manually and then i tried to enable it again, but i'm still getting the blank too, i'm using elgg1.2.


  • @Ervan : Sorry, I was unclear in the docs.  You have to run the uninstall command just to clear the DB of any objects I created, it still needs to be manually disabled.  I will try to fix that.


    For the blank notifications, if it COMPLETELY blank, or just not showing any notifications?  If it's the latter, then did you enable notifications for the user in his personal settings?  Usually the default is just email, super notify has to be turned on for each user.

  • @wayne : If you disable Sticky_Widgets, it doesn't revert, but everyone stays with whatever Sticky Widgets last specified, until they change it themselves.

    Hope that helps...

  • Hold on.. How to running command to clear the DB?

    Sure the notification has been enabled.
    Check this preview


  • @Ervan - Oooops, sorry!  I thought this was the Super Notify Plugin we were talking about.  Forget about what I said - I will look into this this weekend and get back to you in the next day or two...what browser are you using?

  • Ohh.. Its Ok. No probs ssuppe.. Btw i'm using FF 3.0.4

  • 'Sup ssuppe? Sorry forgot to update you that the issues that I was having b4 have been resolved with the new version.

    Headings for my other widgets are now showing and the problem I had with the blank edit.phppage was resolved after I deleted the older version of sticky widgets.

    Thank you for your important work.

  • How do you uninstall a plugin?

    From previous comments it looks like disabling through admin interface is not enough because db needs to be cleaned up. So, how do I run uninstall command?

  • Sorry, never mind - just saw 'uninstall' in admin user ui for this plugin

  • Hi, My widget gallery is blank as well...any help for this?


  • Works perfect on 1.5, thank god I've been looking for this forever!


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