Solution for default_widgets bug in admin area vpatch for default_widgets version 1.1

Release Notes

I found a bug in default_widgets and I do two patch for solution this bug.

The bug explanation:

When you create a new user in admin interface ,the plugin break the program flow and the entity don't be mark as admin created.


You can see a dirty solution posted as patch "default_widgets_1_1.patch". (Only add admin_created metadata).

And the other patch "default_widgets_1_1_load_on_login.patch", is more clean and change the event handler function form create user event, to login user event.

After this change the plugin load default widgets disposition in login time, only when user don't have any widget loaded (allways in first login).

You can select only one patch, and remember, the default_widgets_1_1_load_on_login patch, is more clean, but do a hard change in plugin functionality.

Elgg - Release - 1.2, Version - 2008120901
Default_widgets, Version 1.1

Sorry for my bad english :-)



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