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Release Notes

This plugin generates test users for your Elgg installation. Depending on options provided by theadministrator, generated users will have custom profile icons, friend relationships, messages sentto each others, blogs, uploaded contents, and comments on blog entries and uploaded content.

This plugin should never, under any circumstances, be used on a live site alreadyhaving real users and an active community. If anything goes wrong during user generation,there can – and probably will – be inconsistencies in the Elgg database (not to mention that youprobably don’t want fake users mixed with your real ones in a single installation). Worst casescenario, you might have to drop the whole database and install a new, empty Elggdatabase from scratch. You’ve been warned.

New features: 

* Fixed bug reported by elgg_noob (see below)* Added support for Elgg 1.5* Added progress tracking for user generation and deletion.* Added faster method for user deletion (based on database backup and restore)* Changed tabbed inteface to use jqueries javascript library* Updated documentation


Before enabling and using this plugin on your site, please please please read the enclosed manual (docs/manual.pdf).  Especially the "Warnings" and the "Direct database manipulation" sections.

Any questions that have not been answered in the manual are welcome.

Anyone who tries to use this plugin with Elgg 1.6+, will run into some problems. Please read the comments below for resolutions.

  • Hi, this is a bug fix for the problem known as broken progress bars in a subdirectory setup, reported here. Thanks for elgg_noob for taking the time and helping me fix this issue.

    The other problem (mysqldump and mysql command line utilities has to be included in the path, in order to "fast deletion" option to work) was not addressed in this bug fix, and probably wil not be addressed in the future. Simply include the mentioned executables' directory in your path, and you're good to go.

    Please let me know here, if you have any further problems.

  • Hi antifmradio, I'm sorry but this plugin does not support groups at the moment. I suggest to take a look at Aaron Saray's group generator plugin available here, maybea combination of these two plugins can achieve what you need.

    Thanks for your offer for a thorough test, I'm waiting for the result.

  • Hi antifmradio, thanks for your test. Regarding your question, most of the answers you can find in the documentation (docs/manual.pdf), nonetheless here they are.

    Can we add more icons to this folder? Yes, see manual page 13 for details.
    If so, do they need to be ABOVE a specific dimention. No, you can use any size you'd like to.
    Does the file name we save the images as, have to NOT include any specific charactures in hte file name? Not that I'm aware of. As far as it is a valid filename in the file system, it should work.
    We are limited to any file types? jpg, gif, tiff, png, psd, and so on. Yes, only jpeg files having a ".jpg" extensions are used. See manual page 13 for details.


    I have in use on my site then FLEX PROFILE mod
    This lets us create for example
    more form fields that users can fill out to add more content to their profiles

    Name | Age | Sex | Location | Username | Name they want to be known as | BIogrphy | and so on and so on including DATE

    Some of these items can show up as a LINK ( TAG )
    and some can simply show as TEXT

    is there a method of editing this script to also generate that information too?

    Sorry, no. If you change the database structure, this script will fail to run. See "Direct database manipulation" section of the manual. Or, if you are willing to dig into my source code and experiment with it, you should try to rewrite the actions/generate.php script to include your fields.

  • Hello,

    Sounds great, this test for building up a sns and testing it. But I am a real noob, and have 1 question.

    max_execution_time set to 0 in your php.ini file, at least for the time while users are
    being generated or deleted

    where do I find that file? :s

    Thank you in advance!

  • Hi, the location of you php.ini file is usually in your php installation or config directory. On a Windows system this would be something like "C:\Program Files\PHP\" or in a Linux system "/etc/php5/apache2".

    Alternatively, you can set this value in your site root's ".htaccess" file. You should enter the following line into your .htaccess:

    php_value max_execution_time 0


  • generating testuser is a geat idea, but i have a problem to run this plugin.

    im using the new engine elgg1.6.

    -installation works great,
    - aktivating also.

    but when i want to send my setting (number of to generating user a.s.o.) their is a

    "fatal error: Call to undefined function json_encode()"

    is it posible to post a simple sql-dumb of a clean elgg-system with a number of user?

    maybe there should be testuser in the installationscript of a new elggsystem (but thats just an idea)

    sorrry for this english.



  • @SohnDesMogh - did you think about typing that error into google? You really should try that when you run into problems

  • @cash - yes of course the first step of "bugging by myself" is googlesearch. but did you tried it by yourselfe befor you post this comment? there is nothing helpfull to find at googlesearch. you can find somthing about errorcodes for json_encode() or buggs in elgg, but i did not found anny combination of both.

    especially there is nothing with this plugin.

    please post helpfull links if you got some.




  • hello! i´ve tested the plugin and its run perfect, but now i will delet the generatet users but the button dont take effect :(


    can anyone help me?

  • Hi Delike, what version of Elgg core are you running? I haven't tested this plugin with 1.6+, so there might be a problem. Which method did you select for user deletion (database restore based "fast", or delete statement based "slow")? Do you see any kind of activity on the screen (progress bars) when trying to delete your users? Please post a screenshot and your logfile as well.

  • Hi an thanks for your answer! a have elgg Release - 1.6.1, Version - 2009072201, but in any other post i have read that this plugin runs at release 1.6.1. ...

    where can i select the method for deleting users??

    when i go an generate users, i have three buttons: generated users, jmeter... and delete generated users.

    after this there is the list of the generated users and at the bottom is the configuration for the jmeter.

  • ... there is no activity when i click on the button.. where can i find the log-file?


    the screenshoot can you see at

    there ara two shoots without the userslist ;)

  • Hi, I can see from the screenshot that the screen layout is broken - that is most probably due to conflicing javascript libraries. My plugin uses jquery. For example, if one of your other plugins uses the mootools framework, then there is a strong chance that those two plugins will have a confliction.

    I suggest that you disable all plugins except for the basic ones necessary for user generation (messages, blogs, files, hu_skawa genusers). Then go to the Generate User admin panel, click on the "Delete generated users" button. Hopefully that will help. Let me know.

  • thanks! i tests this and let you now it ;)



  • so.. i have disable all tools, than i have activate the user generator and the crontrigger plugin.

    the button nevertheless will dont have any effect :(


    ps: sorry for m y bad english :P

  • Hmm... to bad. There is a log file in hu_skawa_genusers/log directory. Please post it to my private e-mail address (check my profile for that)

  • Hello Everyone,

    we have debugged this issue reported by Delike above, and here is what causes the problem.

    The bug is confirmed (the tabbed user interface is broken, and you'll not be able to delete your generated users due to the lack of "Delete users" button) in Elgg 1.6+

    This is due to a jquery incompatibility issue. Elgg 1.6+ ships with a new version of jquery library, and the tabbed user interface I used in my plugin, does not work with the new jquery version. (As a remark, I specifically stated in the docs that the plugin is only compatible up to Elgg 1.5.) None the less, if you'd like to use this plugin with Elgg 1.6, here is what you need to do:

    1. Make a backup of this file: /views/default/page_elements/header.php
    2. Modify the header.php as follows:
    2.a search for "jquery-1.3.2.min.js" in the file, and replace it with "jquery-1.2.6.pack.js"
    2.b search for "jquery-ui-1.7.2.custom.min.js" and replace it with "jquery-ui-personalized-1.5.3.packed.js"
    3. Search for these older jquery files on the net, or ask for them directly either from me here, in the forum, or from Delike (contact above)
    4. Put these jquery files in your /vendors/jquery/ directory. Reload your admin panel, the "Generate Users" plugin should render correctly now.
    5. Do you "User generation" related functions - create new users, create a JMeter test scenario, or delete generated users
    6. After you're done with user generation related functions, restore the original jquery include statements by replacing header.php with your backed up version

    Hope this helps. I'll try to update the plugin to work with Elgg 1.6, but I can't give you a time estimate for this yet.

  • @SohnDesMogh - Hi, sorry for the very late answer, I just realized that I haven't got back to you regarding your issue.

    The json_encode function is built into PHP from version 5.2.0 and upwards. So my guess is that you use an eralier version of PHP. Please upgrade to 5.2+

  • Can I run thsi version on Elgg 1.7?


  • @Hekolo: I haven't tried yet and would not recommend doing so. It seems I just couldn't find the time to update this plugin to v1.6 and v1.7, sorry about that. I'll get my ass down to it as soon as I finish my current project, and that's a promise. Thanks for you patience, everyone.


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