Generate users v0.95beta

Release Notes

This plugin generates test users for your Elgg installation. Depending on options provided by the
administrator, generated users will have custom profile icons, friend relationships, messages sent
to each others, blogs, uploaded contents, and comments on blog entries and uploaded content.

This plugin should never, under any circumstances, be used on a live site already
having real users and an active community. If anything goes wrong during user generation,
there can – and probably will – be inconsistencies in the Elgg database (not to mention that you
probably don’t want fake users mixed with your real ones in a single installation). Worst case
scenario, you might have to drop the whole database
and install a new, empty Elgg
database from scratch. You’ve been warned.

New features: 

* Fixed bug reported by elgg_noob (see below)
* Added support for Elgg 1.5
* Added progress tracking for user generation and deletion.
* Added faster method for user deletion (based on database backup and restore)
* Changed tabbed inteface to use jqueries javascript library
* Updated documentation


Before enabling and using this plugin on your site, please please please read the enclosed manual (docs/manual.pdf).  Especially the "Warnings" and the "Direct database manipulation" sections.

Any questions that have not been answered in the manual are welcome.

  • Thank You Andras!

    Testing it now.

  • imageAndress the progress report tab doesn't change/update.  There is no indication that it has finished.  I had to refresh the page, while generating users.  When u delete the page refreshes and provides a link to continue but progress/status never changes on display see below

    progress tab

    Also, after deleting generated users the click here to continue (http://localhost/pg/genusers) doesn't work for me since my install is in a subfolder (http://localhost/elgg15/pg/genusers).  The link defaults to a root install.

    Fast deletion option did not work for me all users, blogs, files, and messages where still in database. However, the files were actually deleted from the harddrive.

    Slow deletion works! :-)


  • Hi, can we try to resolve this over skype chat? Seems like there are several issues, would be more efficient to have some interaction. My id is szepeshazi, I'm online now.

  • Hi everyone, we have identified the above problems with elgg_noob, there are two known issues at the moment with this plugin:

    1. In order for the database backup / fast deletion feature to work, "mysqldump" has to be included the path.

    2. If your Elgg site is installed in a subdirectory (like ""), the links used by the progress feature will be broken, and the progress bars will not be visible.

    I'm trying to issue a fix in the next couple of days. Meanwhile, please report any further bugs you encounter here, in the forum.

  • I've used your plugin in live site before that I checked if it is working.

    I generated 1000 extra users without blogs and comments(becouse of language) but i litle changed list name and surname listing i think your plugin works great.

    my site :

  • Fantastic work Andras!  The patch works beautifully!

    I'm running in a test env on my xp machine with wamp.

    Only adjustments I had to make were, adding mysqldump to path and either removing the -p from the mysqldump cli or adding a password to mysql :-)  option 2 is probably smarter.


  • Hi guys, 

    I'm having the same problem with the script as @elgg_noob. Could you give a bit more detail as to the fix? For example which path must I add the "mysqldump" to? 

    Thanks in advance. 

    My elgg site: GemGfx Community

  • Hi everyone,

    the bug fix is available here. Thanks for your patience, and please don't forget to report any further issues you encounter.


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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