Release Notes

In addition to providing protection against spam-bots, this plugin adds
a way of immediately validating, enabling, and logging in new user accounts
without the need for email verification.

Uncaptcha uses a reverse captcha to protect against spam bots by inserting a
"trick" form element into the registration page, but hiding it from users.
If the honey-pot form element has a value, we know a bot is posting the information
and will deny registration to that request.

        * Unzip the file to the elgg/mods/ directory.
        * Go to your Elgg tools administration section, find the uncaptcha tool, and
          enable it.
        * Customize the settings if desired.

If you plan to use Uncaptcha as a bot-guard only, simply enable the plugin and
it will work automatically--No need to enable validation, enable user, or login
user.  In this case, leave uservalidationbyemail enabled, too.

If you plan to use Uncaptcha to validate, enable, or log in users, you must
DISABLE uservalidationbyemail.  Note that users cannot be logged in without
being validated and enabled.

        * Added forwarding options after user registration.
        * Major re-working of how users are verified.  Instead of hooking into the
                validate user even, we check in the actual registration action.
        * Added a plugin hook "uncaptcha_register_user" where users are enabled and
                logged in.
        * Code simplification.

        * Changed from checkboxes to pulldown menus for admin settings to get around
                oddity in Elgg Core's handling of plugin settings.
        * Added more explicit installation instructions to README.

  • It should be hidden.  Be sure that you have entered a name for the "trick field."  Also, you might have to shift+reload your page to clear the CSS cache.

  • I also got the same problem as Dave, getting an addtional un-named on line field under the register button, but I got a way to fix it:

    1. Go to uncaptcha setting, click on the "Trick field name" (no need to modify)
    2. click save
    3. disable uncaptcha
    4. enable uncaptcha
    Then the field will gone. I am not sure if step 1 and 2 is neccessary, I just too lazy to verify it, hope these help!!
    BTW, I like this plugin very much!!


  • Probably a stupid question or I've overlooked something. But when using this plugin, my system doesn't send a "Welcome email". So I have getting users asking me for their usernames, since they forget them without a welcome email to refer back to.

    How can I get a welcome email to be sent?


    (Thanks for the great plugin!)

  • @malloc-You are correct.  The welcome email is generated by the uservalidationbyemail plugin, which you should disable to use uncaptcha.  I will add the ability to send a welcome email to the next version.

  • Thank you. I've worked around the problem by installing the request_password plugin, so at least people can recover their username with their email address. Still I'd love to be able to mail out the welcome too.

  • Hi Brett i get the following error when registering a member "Unable to verify registration code.  Please make sure Javascript is enabled!" not sure why  all java is enabled! Please help Thanks!

  • i think that will be very userful -for private installation - that the new registration will be manually enable by admins.

    in our non profit association this will be very, very useful.

  • Very powerfull plugin thank you.

  • Hello,

    I enabled this plugin and tested it in Firefox and it did not activate or create the users account and it took me to a different login page. 

    Has anyone had sucess with this plugin yet?


  • Brett -> You Rock. Seriously. You Rock.


  • Too few mods on elgg work so beautifully after install.  Thank you!

  • @Brett - I appear to have this same issue with this plugin redirecting to the search string.  It appears to have something to do with having other forms on the same page.  My custom theme is enabling the search form to be visible whether logged in or not.  When I turn this off, your plugin works.  Turn it back on and it breaks.  I haven't looked at it too closely but is is possible your javascript is linking into the search form on submit instead of the register form?

  • Does this work on 1.6.1. I have tried it on two different installation and it does not work. The user is never created.

  • Must be conflicts with other PlugIns.. ;-) UnCaptcha by itself is quite very simple. V.1.6.1 should nit cause difficulties.. perhaps v1.7. UnCaptcha was a workin PlugIn some 40 days or so ago. Please post details of the problems, symptoms. other PlugIns enables... I will look into this.

  • Thanks DhrupDeScoop,

    I will first disable a lot of plugins and see if that solves the problem.





  • Any timeline for the next upgrade,this works great for elggbots,the only bug I'm finding in 1.7.1 is the return page.I have to set it to my home page.I would like to set it to the profile feilds page,but I get a missing token error

  • I need this plgun please update it to work for 1.7.1

  • I've got it running on a live site,1.7.1,but I must set the login page to the main site or it will not work(specified profile not found).Also running it on 1.7.2b,same problem but it has added an extra empty field at the bottom of the page.

  • Hi there,

    I'm using Elgg 1.7.1 and always get this message: Unable to verify registration code. Please make sure Javascript is enabled!

    Mhhh. my Javascript is enabeld...ani ideas?


  • Hi there,

    I'm using Elgg 1.7.1 and always get this message: Unable to verify registration code. Please make sure Javascript is enabled!

    Mhhh. my Javascript is enabeld...ani ideas?


  • Is this working for 1.7 yet? I'm getting a number of spam bots registering and posting and need help stopping them.

    I may try to edit the code to make it work, but checking here first.



  • I don't know if you've got it working yet,but you need to disable the captcha  plugin,and you can only set it to homepage for it to work on 1.7.1,set the invisable field to mom_address.

  • Using 1.7.4, I can't get this plugin to work. I tried both options (bot guard only and using Uncaptcha to validate, enable, and log in users). I disabled the plugins related to users - profile mgr, both captchas, Westor.

    The plugin does not cause an error message. It simply does not create the user. In any approach, no validation emails are sent.

  • Does not seem to work on 1.7.5.  When logged in it tells the user that profile does not exist.  However, it is creating the profile.  Not sure why it would give that message.  Going back to site access until I can figure out what is going on.



  • This is running on the community site without problems. If you're having problems, try setting it to redirect to the dashboard.


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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