Release Notes

In addition to providing protection against spam-bots, this plugin adds
a way of immediately validating, enabling, and logging in new user accounts
without the need for email verification.

Uncaptcha uses a reverse captcha to protect against spam bots by inserting a
"trick" form element into the registration page, but hiding it from users.
If the honey-pot form element has a value, we know a bot is posting the information
and will deny registration to that request.

        * Unzip the file to the elgg/mods/ directory.
        * Go to your Elgg tools administration section, find the uncaptcha tool, and
          enable it.
        * Customize the settings if desired.

If you plan to use Uncaptcha as a bot-guard only, simply enable the plugin and
it will work automatically--No need to enable validation, enable user, or login
user.  In this case, leave uservalidationbyemail enabled, too.

If you plan to use Uncaptcha to validate, enable, or log in users, you must
DISABLE uservalidationbyemail.  Note that users cannot be logged in without
being validated and enabled.

        * Added forwarding options after user registration.
        * Major re-working of how users are verified.  Instead of hooking into the
                validate user even, we check in the actual registration action.
        * Added a plugin hook "uncaptcha_register_user" where users are enabled and
                logged in.
        * Code simplification.

        * Changed from checkboxes to pulldown menus for admin settings to get around
                oddity in Elgg Core's handling of plugin settings.
        * Added more explicit installation instructions to README.

  • Hmm, 

    I have had the same problem for a while but am just now noticing the actual effects it is having on my site. 

    For some reason users using Internet Explorer can not register. I tested it on many diferent machines, connections and scenerios with firefox and other browsers but, IE just wont work. 

    After the user fills in their information then clicks register it takes them to a search page. Not sure why but that's all it does.

  • Zak,

    I can't reproduce this problem under IE 7 or 6.  Please provide details about your uncaptcha settings and which browser versions you are having problems with and  I'll see if I can look into this.  One thing--Make sure to shift+reload after updating the plugin or the plugin settings...

  • Ok, well here is the url it goes to ONLY in IE 7.





    As you can see that is completely wrong. It should be posting the information not sending it GET. It only happens in IE 7 so far. I have not tested IE 6 but I have tested it on google chrome and firefox and both worked fine. 

  • Zak,

    Please include a list of enabled plugins and the settings for uncaptcha.

  • Uncaptcha settings:

    rd to this page. Dashboard

    Enabled plugins:


    That's, it, lol. A lot i must say. 


  • I am sorry, it copied wierd. Anyway, all the settings are set YES for the login user, validate, activate, and redirect is set to dashboard.

  • Ok the trick field needs to be enabled for uncaptcha to work correctly.  I imagine this is just a problem with cut and paste.

    What actual values are in those fields?

  • I am sorry, it copied wierd. Anyway, all the settings are set YES for the login user, validate, activate, and redirect is set to dashboard.

  • yes, it is empty, there are actually double. IDK if you saw the URL i posted it shows double fields for that. 

  • I am going to try and just manually edit the form, cause it is odviously an issue with the JS and IE7. I did a full server restart to let everything settle in, i also tracked it viewed source, everything points to the right place till it submits, only in IE. 

  • well, it's not working like i planed, but anyway, anythoughts on fixing the url issue?


  • Something you have installed is adding to the JS for the form.  I cannot duplicate your problem under IE 7 and don't know which plugin it is that's doing it.  I thought it might be an issue with the Forms plugin so I installed it, but it didn't seem to be.  Try disabling it if you want. At this point I'd recommend disabling plugins one at a time until you find the one that is doing it.  Since this has been tested with the core plugins, there's no reason to disable those.

    Also, the trick field cannot be empty in the uncaptcha config.  Unless you have a reason to change it, keep it as email_address.

    Let me know how it goes...


  • What a fantastic plugin. Absolutely perfect for what I've been looking for. I've had over 100 people register, but either fail to validate or fail to personalise their profile.

    I've now got my users directed straight to the profile edit page from registration. Hopefully will persuade them to fill it in.

    Fabulous plugin. Wish I could write 'em!!!!!


  • I just found a similar problem to above.

    Everything was working fine until I installed the form plugin. Now Uncaptcha won't log my users in following registration.

  • Sorry. Don't want to lead anyone up a garden path. It appears it wasn't the Form plugin which caused the IE6 and 7 problem with my installation. The problem above was there before I installed the Form plugin.

  • Mick,

    Was Uncaptcha working at any point?  If so, what changed between when it was and when it wasn't?  Can you provide a link to you installation if it's live?  I'd like to see the registration page...


  • Hi Brett

    Sorry, but I now believe that I forgot to test in IE when I first installed the plugin. Works perfectly in Firefox, but I don't think it's ever worked with IE.


  • I just had a thought!!!!

    I'm no programmer (unfortunately), but I do have some problem solving skills.

    Could the login problem with this plugin be associated with the the Login Quirk that many are experiencing with IE?


  • Mick,

    Please contact me at brett[dot]profitt[at]eschoolconsultants[dot]com.  Please include either the URL of your site or the HTML of the register page.


  • I am also getting the same error in google chrome and ff. ie redirecting to the search page. any idea?

    in addition to above pluggins i am using the site access pluggin. But i am not using the form pluggin.

    This is a usefulpluggin which i was looking for. can u please fix this.

  • Prem,

    Please email me the full list of the plugins you have in the order they appear on the tools admin page and I will look into this.  Also, what version of Elgg are you using?  The site access plugin looks like it's meant for what will become 1.5...



  • I'm geting an additional un-named one line field under the register button - is that supposed to be hidden?


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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