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A simple rate plugin. Just install the plugin and add to the object view (blog view for example):

elgg_view('rate/rate', array('entity'=> $vars['entity']));


Enjoy it!

And report feedback please :)






  • for elgg 1.5 its important to use:

    echo elgg_view('rate/rate', array('entity'=> $vars['entity']));

    than it should work without troubles again.

  • I found the whole line to work much better:

    <?php echo elgg_view('rate/rate', array('entity'=> $vars['entity'])); ?>
  • I just used this so users can rate pages .. (Looks good but yet to test)

    here is the exact code o dropped in ..

    <div class="contentWrapper"> <!-- ### This line below is my text ### --> <?php echo elgg_view('rate/rate', array('entity'=> $vars['entity'])); ?> </div>

    The page i placed it on was ...


    I place that code right at the bottom of the page, there is nothing below this code.

    Hope this helps, and i cant understand why no one else could of said this as thats hat most people were asking.

    Now you know how to get this ona page, if you get it working on blogs or pictures or a profile or what ever, dont just say "I got it working" actually tell us what you did.


  • .. by the way it was done in elgg 1.5 latest downlod.

  • Can someone place a link to see what the rating system would look like

  • Whenever I enable this plugin it disables "public" users access to pages.  Anyone else had that problem?  It sends the users back to my login page.  I want to still show the rating but show something like, login to rate this page...


  • Commenting gatekeeper(); out in rate.php fixed my problem - sort of.   Enough for now anyway...

  • Hey, great plugin btw.  Thank you.  But I was wondering if there's a way to get the rated value of an object outside of that view?  for example, if you rate the initial post in a thread, is it possible to display that rating next to the thread name?

  • ooh, nm, i found the answer to my own question.  turns out it's as simple as changing:

    array('entity'=> $vars['entity'])


    array('entity'=> $entity)

    Where $entity is the entity of the actual forum post and not the local listing.  Thanks.

  • Wondering if it would be possible to extend the owner block via:


    And then creating a file named view.php in the views/default/rate folder with the standard view code:

    echo elgg_view('rate/rate', array('entity'=> $vars['entity']));

    I want all of my objects rate-able so why not, right? Only problem is I'm not getting it to work. Any suggestions?


  • Is this compatible with Izap_Videos? I'm kindda interesting.

    Thanks and buen aporte Miguel ;)

  • the radio buttons and the stars above are a bit much, would be great if the user could vote by clicking on a star like http://www.visualjquery.com/rating/rating_redux.html

  • This works fine with Elgg 1.6.1 to allow blogs to be rated (needs default blog to be enabled ;):

    1. Amended the blog display code in ./mod/blog/views/default/object/blog.php as follows:


              <!-- display the actual blog post -->
                                echo elgg_view('output/longtext',array('value' => $vars['entity']->description));
                                echo elgg_view('rate/rate', array('entity'=> $vars['entity']));


    2. Commented out gatekeeper() call in ./mod/rate/views/default/rate/rate.php to allow non-authenticated users to view public blogs.

    Nice job!

  • Hi

    This code disables members that are not  FRIENDs to vote ( Please check this corrections because i am quite new to programing with elgg)

    In start.php


    if (isloggedin()){

    put this code:

    if ($entity->owner_guid ==0){
             // I have to check if the entity is a user or not, to check if is friend of 
        else {          
        if  (!$entityOwner->isfriend()){
                // Here you have to put a message through the translation file or directly

                system_message("You are not a friend. I can´t vote");
                return false;


  • I am using this plugin, but I have problems with thumbs for izap_videos plugin does not display them, someone happened ?

  • Compatibel with 1.6 or 1.7?

  • This sounds like a great plugin. I'd like to integrate it on my site as I would have real use for it for rating files that users upload.

    Can anyone point me to which file I would need to modify w/Miguel's code to get it to display ratings for File download pages?


  • Ok, I found the answer to my own question - to modify this for files, you'd have to edit:


  • and possible to vote only other user and if not only same?

  • it is compatible with elgg 1.7 ?...can i put this rate plugin in messageboard n how should i do it ?

  • how to display rates in the  riverdashboard ??

  • Any way of adding a review to the rating?

  • am having some problem...after clicking in the rate mysql is automaticaaly stopping and i cannot access to my site. am using elgg 1.6.2. How can i solve this problem.Somebody help...

  • Have had some looking around.

    This branch is abandoned BUT

    This plug-in is now being updated at:

    rate-entities by Desiron


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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