get_multimedia v0.5 beta release

Release Notes

Please read the README.txt in the plugin directory carefully before attempting to install this plugin.

It requires several other software packages before you can use it, including ffmpeg, munpack and ImageMagick.

Implementing this plugin requires a dedicated Linux server and considerable technical expertise.

I am supplying this code as is because several people have asked me for it. It works for me. Unlike my other plugins, I am not supporting this one, so please do not send me questions. If you can't figure it out by reading the source and the README.txt, it is not for you! Use some other plugin instead.

The Elgg 1.x get_multimedia plugin gets video clips from a variety of sources, transcodes them to the Flash video (flv) format, displays them on a video wall and allows your site visitors to recommend them, comment on them, send them to friends, and report problems.
Site administrators can edit the title and tags associated with a video, delete them, and set their priority status. Priority videos are more likely to be displayed on the video wall, giving admins the ability to promote higher quality videos.
get_multimedia depends upon ffmpeg ( to transcode the videos to Flash format and the Imagemagick convert utility ( to produce video thumbnails.

Compiling ffmpeg to properly support mobile phone or other video and audio formats is a complex subject and will not be dealt with here. You may need to get support from ffmpeg sites (not Elgg sites) to do this.

Videos can be uploaded using a web form or extracted from attachments to email messages sent to an mbox format email box.

Note that the get_email.php routine currently supports only mbox email box formats. Other formats are not currently supported.

Interfaces to various MMS providers are also under development.

Thank you to Rene Kanzler from for funding the conversion of this plugin to Elgg 1.x.

Kevin Jardine

Elgg plugin developer


  • Category: Media
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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