Plugin UserValidation v0.5

Release Notes

This is a replace- and enhacement for the uservalidationbyemail plugin

Features :

  • Choose the validation-method in plugin-setting
    • none - no validation
    • bymail -validation by mail
    • byadmin - validation by admin
  • Pendingusers screen to view all registered but not validated users (or banned users) and activate or delete them
  • Setup admin-notification for user-registrations (to site-email only)
  • Auto-delete un-activated users after x-days

Special Features :

  • Load of admin-functions only if an admin logged in
  • Load of admin-translations only if an admin logged in

Changes to Release 0.4 :

  • Auto-delete only runs if an admin logged in
  • Fixed the admin-link behavior
  • General code-cleanup


  • Ro

    thank you! ...this is already GREAT! but I wonder, will there be a way for the person who's registering to give more information about themselves or for the mod to give the admin more about them, so that it will be much easier to determine whether or not to approve them? ...for nitch sites, it's important to be able to know if they fit the site or not. ...things like affiliations, etc. ...for instance, you have a social network for German immigrants who eat American apple pie and you want to make sure that they fit that before you approve them. If they said, "Yes" to eat American apple pie and then had to fill out if they were German or Italian and they say that they are Italian, well then you know that they don't fit your site, because it's all about German immigrants who eat American apple pie. ...Funny example, maybe, but just trying to get the point across. :-)

  • Awesome thank you!

    You are a great coder. ;-)

  • AND! I also want the same as Ro, I hope someone could figure out how to make it, since I don't have a clue.. Yet.. ;o)

  • Ro

    Ralf, I am interested to know why you changed:

    return md5($user_guid . $email_address . $CONFIG->site->url);

    to the following:

    return sha1($user_guid . $email_address . $CONFIG->site->url);

    I have read that sha1 is better than md5, but how does that fit into the whole scheme of code for Elgg? Can you respond soon? How will this affect other things?

  • Ro

    I guess if it is "return"ing, then it doesn't affect any input into the system, yes? I guess that's why and it probably doesn't affect anything. I am still curious though. I love to learn why people chose what they chose.

  • I have 1 question. I cannot find the "plugin settings" page. Where is it?

  • You can manage your plugin-settings in Administration/Tool-Administration.
    Just click on "more info" at the plugin-tab.

  • Ralf, I just installed your plugin, it is great!
    here is the problem, when I click the "Pending registration(s)" page, I got a blank page.

    before installing your plugin, I manually delete some users (which I used for test purpose) in "users_entity" table using PHPMyAdmin, I think that's the reason why the "Pending registration(s)" page won't work, do you think that's fixable?

    Thanks a lot!

  • The plugin is not sending any mails on my 1.2 install. Can anybody confirm that?

  • Hi, I have the same problem. On my ELGG 1.2 don't send any emails, I've searched in the log file with debug mode and there is no notify_user messages. Anybody knows what's going on?

  • @Dahaniel I've found it! In start.php at line 30:
    original: register_elgg_event_handler('user', 'validate', 'uservalidation_' . $validationMethod . '_validation');
    fixed: register_elgg_event_handler('validate', 'user', 'uservalidation_' . $validationMethod . '_validation');

    Now it works fine on ELGG 1.2

    @Ralf Fuhrmann thanks! The plugin it's very nice ;)


  • Hi Ralf, I have a revision of your plugin here:

    With the bug of validate event fixed, autodelete works with cron and Spanish translation.


  • hey can u plz help me with wht do if...
    if i want the user to be validated by him clicking on a email which is auto sent...
    and the admin need not have to click activate users everytime...

    thanks is advance

  • No, this plugin does not work. it does not send emails, it defaults to admin approval of new users only. It also does not indicate to new users after registration that they must wait to be validated.

    (The core/default uservalidationbyemail plugin should be disabled if this one is used, right?)

    Miguel, does your plugin fix this?

  • I've been testing this plugin with Elgg 1.5 (pre-release). I wouldn't recommend it for production sites. It has some nice features but they don't always work and sometimes no feedback is given to the user as to why they failed. I don't think it would take too much work to fix its issues.

  • This plugin did not work with 1.5rc1. Example: Installed plugin, configure to manually approve each user. New user registered, Nothing shows on pending users page. No way to validate the user and the user did not get an email.

  • Any plans on updating this to work with Elgg 1.5?

  • i think this feature is a very important one for Elgg 1.5, immediately. imagine if a new user registered.
    unfortunately for him, at the same time without him knowing, he has a problem with his email server. or just never receive any emails, or accidentally deleted?

    there's no way for him to re-request a validation email to be sent or even an admin to manually approve his registration.

    or is there already such feature that i didn't know of?


  • @Miguel Montes Gracias por la revisión. Me descargue la tuya hice un Merge con la versión anterior y me funciona perfecto, ahora por fin me envía mails y el link funciona!
    Un saludo!

  • Hi

    I have just installed this and I don't seem to be able to delete, or approve users...

    Form is missing __token or __ts fields

    Any ideas?


  • Hi
    I have installed this plugin in elgg1.7 and getting "Form is missing __token or __ts fields" error when I deleting or approveing users............
    Please help me.

  • I ran into the same thing - here's the fix:

    Modify: mod/uservalidation/views/default/uservalidation/pendingusers.php

    add action tokens to the action URLs in the hrefs for activate and delete:

    My fixed file looks like this:

    * User validation plugin.
    * @package pluginUserValidation
    * @license GNU Public License version 2
    * @author Ralf Fuhrmann, Euskirchen, Germany
    * @copyright 2008 Ralf Fuhrmann, Euskirchen, Germany
    * @link

    $friendlytime = friendly_time($vars['entity']->time_created);
    if (empty($vars['entity']->prev_last_action)) {

    $status = elgg_echo('uservalidation:waiting');

    } else {

    $status = elgg_echo('uservalidation:banned');

    $info .= "

    {$status}: {$vars['entity']->name} ({$vars['entity']->username})

    $info .= "

    " . elgg_echo('uservalidation:registered') . ": {$friendlytime}

    $info .= "

    \n"; //EJK add action tokens to url $url=elgg_add_action_tokens_to_url("{$CONFIG->site->url}action/uservalidation/deleteuser?u={$vars['entity']->guid}"); $info .= "" . elgg_echo('uservalidation:delete') . "\n"; $info .= '  '; //EJK add action tokens to url $url=elgg_add_action_tokens_to_url("{$CONFIG->site->url}action/uservalidation/activateuser?u={$vars['entity']->guid}"); $info .= "" . elgg_echo('uservalidation:activate') . "\n"; $info .= "

    $icon = elgg_view("graphics/icon", array('size' => 'small', 'entity' => $vars['entity']));
    echo elgg_view_listing($icon, $info);



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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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